Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 things

Pictures from LPM are in. I had high hopes that even if the race was a bust, the pictures would be good, since my current blog header is from the race last year.

Not the case.

These pictures prove three things.

1. I wasn't half assing it during the race
2. I didn't see the cameras
3. I don't have a future in running modeling


My turn to share a story, apparently.

Fast forward to the finish - I still had delusional hopes at this point.
I "sprinted ahead" of Kari thinking I could PR - as you can see that got me pretty far.
Seeing the clock about this point....

As an apology for assaulting your eyes with my misery, here's a picture of our view during the first mile.
To continue the theme of lists of three, here are three positive things about today.

1. I'm really not sore at all from the race
2. I returned to Bikram (super hot intense yoga) after a LONG absence, and to make it even better, it was with a groupon for a new studio only a mile away from our apartment. I was dreading the workout all day and then it turned out to be glorious.
3. My BFF Casi started an awesome blog, and you should read it, because she gave me this epic coffee, and if you are her friend maybe she'll give you fabulous gifts too (I didn't run that last part by her, but fingers crossed).

I made it into Pioneer Woman iced coffee - WOW.

As a further apology for forcing you to look at those hideous pictures as proof I didn't phone it in, here are three things that were emailed to me recently that made me laugh out loud, so maybe they will make you laugh out loud too.

1. My stepfather sent this to me, and it pretty much sums up every morning in my life.

2. Kara shared this gem, and I challenge everyone to find me a woman who doesn't love it. 

3. My BFF Nicole sent me this, which should help Games of Thrones fans make it through the next 19 days until season 3 begins!

Extra bonus - check out Kari's recap of our race - she actually PR'd so hers is way more upbeat and better all around!

Let's all be touchy feely and self-helpy - can you name three awesome things about your day? 


  1. Nice push at the end, way to really kick Kari's butt after running with her the whole way. Your pictures are pretty good really, you look focused, except for when you don't ;). Great job

    1. Yeah I'm pretty much a total bitch at the end of marathons, but to be fair Kari did threaten to kill me and leave me in a ditch at mile 24.

  2. I think your blog post was the first awesome thing about my day. The second, the thing Kara shared about the NOtebook, which I've never even seen but now have to. Fave one: You would NEVER let him sit all depressed in your douchey living room.

    And number three, the Yogurtland fro-yo I am scarfing down even as we speak.

  3. I love how sweaty you guys look while everyone else is all decked out in fleece.

    That pic of your face when you see the clock? Frame that one and just point to it when Eric does something wrong.

  4. HAHA! I love the pic from Vince! Glad you liked the coffee - I can't believe you switched to iced already!

    1. Not at all - hot coffee all the way! The iced coffee is part of my intricate "don't pee my pants during state testing" plan.

  5. Holy hell, DYING over that photo of when you saw the clock!! Literally has me laughing!!!

    Three awesome things about today:
    1) We got a random snowstorm that every single meteorologist failed to see coming...until it was already here.
    2) Previously mentioned snowstorm canceled work for my employees so I had a stress-free day of catch-up
    3) That photo of you looking at the clock again. Still dying.

  6. I second Kara on the clock photo, except I think you should hang it in your classroom and point to it when your students are misbehaving. Get a big old portrait Chariman Mao style and put it near the entrance.

  7. The good news is that in the pictures without the arm sleeves, you look JACKED! I need to try that coffee! I'm not gonna lie- I didn't click any of the links (except for Casi's blog). I have approximately 15 minutes until Harrison wakes up from his nap, and in that time I need to finish reading my blogs, eat breakfast, and drink my coffee. Gotta go bye

  8. I heard a local runner tell me that some of the serious races can race TWO of those 5K marathons in one weekend sometime. Did you think about racing two of them?

  9. I think you're being a little hard on yourself, girl! Your pics looks fab! You're out there working your tail off, PR or no PR! You rock!



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