Friday, March 29, 2013

First RLRF/Whole30 long run

I'm getting concerned that maybe I'm falling down the rabbit hole of the whole30 cult. I told my sister that I didn't understand her comment of "is this title a joke?" on my post asking readers to weigh in on if I was eating weirdo food or not. Her response was something like "uh, you can't eat any dairy, grains, or sugar, you can't have a single Pioneer Woman recipe, why would you even have to ask if you are eating like a weirdo?".

Point taken. I was just trying to say that we are eating some meals that aren't any different than we would normally eat. Sure, they would probably be accompanied by bread and followed up by ice cream, but....the main substance is the same. Sort of. But I would like to note that we have now made it to day 12, which is longer than either Eric or I nor anyone who knows our McFlurry loving ways anticipated. The first two weeks are kind of supposed to suck, and then it's supposed to get good, and we are so close. And if it doesn't get good, and I end the 30 days thinking it was stupid - well, then we didn't eat sugar for 30 days. No big loss.

So to celebrate day 1 of spring break, I did something wild. Something I haven't done in a LONG time.

Ran outside. First time since the marathon on March 10. Yes, I know I'm pathetic.

To follow that line of reasoning, I have a confession. I normally run in cotton socks, like the kind that come in a ten pack. Runners everywhere are recoiling in horror. So, I decided to use my employee discount to treat myself to some new fancy socks.

Look at these fancy bitches! Also try not to be too jealous of
our amazing gorgeous apartment dweller bathroom tile.
When you are "treating yourself" to socks, and then blogging about them, you know you have really succeeded in life.

Since Espresso Love Gu was out, I had to get a little more creative with my fueling. 
Dried apricots and salted almonds.
The plan called for 15 miles at a 9:13 pace. I banged out 15 miles at an average 9:05 pace (yeah, too fast, whatever, it's hard to get it exact, and I was too slow last time anyway), and felt fantastic. That was huge for me, because pretty much every run since the marathon has felt like a death march, and paces that should feel relatively easy feel like sprints. I have high hopes that I am finally returning to normal.

For posterity, I will record here that I ate 2 apricots and 4 almonds at mile 5, and then ate a banana when I stopped home for a bathroom break at mile 10.

After my run, I had about 20 minutes before my friend Kristin picked me up for The Host (which was amazing), and I devoured like half a pound of deli turkey and plantain chips in the movie theater like a total non-weirdo.

Even though I'm about to leave for work, I'll still give spring break 5 stars so far.

Anyone else have any shocking confessions to get off their chest?


  1. brought deli meat to a movie? In your purse? You ate purse meat?


    1. HAHAHAHA beats anything I could have said. but I might try it sometime

    2. Ditto. I seriously can't come up with a better response :)

  2. Hey, is that meat in your purse or did you just not shower?

  3. I just can't even stress enough that you are not allowed to continue this diet past the 30 days. The upcoming event that we discuss every single day needs your consumption of alcohol.

  4. PURSE MEAT sounds like it should be the name of a heavy metal band.

  5. I hardly ran outside at all in March. I am just so tired of being cold, then sweaty, then freezing, then battling the wind,...I am done with shivering! ^^Kara cracks me up^^

  6. I had a roommate in college that used to bring snap peas and other weird things to the movies. I made fun of her relentlessly. You're walking a fine line.

  7. Never mind the meat, what about the Host? Ok, never mind that either, I'll just go see it myself!

  8. Which is worse, pouch meat or purse meat? I love Feetures, they're my favorite running sock. Different type- something like "no show" because they are cut lower. And a boring white. Great job on the long run! I wouldn't worry about being <:10/mile faster, I'd call that a success.

  9. Your songs look really great with that bathroom tile. Also, now I want some dried apricots.


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