Monday, April 1, 2013

Ooooooo we're halfway there

Name that tune or we are not friends.

Ok, I know this is only exciting to me, and most people hate hearing about this, but I'm saying it anyway. Eric and I are officially halfway through Whole30, and completely through what I anticipated as our biggest hurdle - an 8 hour car trip, and Easter at my in laws in Ohio. 

Since I got my long run done on Friday, thanks to spring break, I had a "free" weekend. Saturday, I did 24 minutes on the elliptical, then went to Body Pump (weight lifting to pop music) for the first time in forever. OUCH. 

Before the trip, I reunited with an old friend. 

It had been so long! I did 32 minutes of intense intervals, sweated out a gallon of water, then showered, put on sweatpants, and headed up to the Buckeye State. 

We actually made the car trip a little faster since we didn't have to stop to order food anywhere! And something I NEVER imagined seeing in my lifetime occurred. My beloved husband formed a glorious union with my beloved black coffee.

That. is. hot.
This whole trip was a little nerve wracking, since obviously it's easy to follow this diet secluded in our little apartment with only safe foods. I may crave chocolate, but the craving has never been anywhere close to strong enough to make me change out of pajamas and actually go get some. 

Now, we are at my in laws, which is pretty much like staying in Willy Wonka's factory, plus extra Easter candy. I suspect that it just seems shocking to me because they are actually able to keep candy in their house, and not just eat it all the day they buy it (unlike myself). I have been in numerous other homes where this is the case, so there's strong evidence that they are the normal ones. There are like 17 Reese's eggs laying around, plus one of the GIANT Reese's eggs, and if you know my husband, the fact that he is resisting is nothing short of an Easter miracle.

Just a tiny piece of what we're dealing with.

Luckily, my MIL is amazing and bought us enough vegetables, eggs, sweet potatoes, and meat to feed a small country, and we even got to pretend it was spring and grill veggies and salmon outside. Of course, now it's noon and the outside temperature feels like 29 degrees, so my run should be interesting!

After some family time, it was finally the moment I'd been impatiently waiting for (for like 6 months). And it was totally worth the wait.

Season 3 - I expected CGI to remove his nose
in each episode.

As much as Eric loved hearing "that's NOT how it happened in the book" 84 times while we watched, I was super excited to nerd out and gchat with Kara about the book/show discrepancies this morning. And by this morning, I mean after I woke up at 10am. I love spring break.

Make me jealous and tell me about all the delicious Easter candy and foods you ate. My MIL also made to die for Mac and Cheese (I've had it before) and cornbread. We must be insane.


  1. I literally ate half my bunny yesterday because I knew it was staying there after I left. It was pretty traumatic.

  2. I haven't had one Reese's egg either, which is pretty amazing. However, we unfortunately have all of the following in the house so I've been lively solely off sugar and butter: carrot cake cheesecake, lemon bars, pistachio cookies, PB cookies, molasses cookies, cinnamon raisin bread, 2 enormous peanut butter meltaway eggs, a cappuccino meltaway egg, choc. covered pretzels and more chocolate bunnies than I can count.

  3. I have gotten pretty used to being dairy free but this holiday is the worst for that. I wanted to eat all of Faith's milk chocolate eggs. All she wanted to do is PLAY with them. Obviously she needed me to help.

  4. I think I've decided this must be an elaborate well-planned April Fool's joke because Easter with no chocolate is just wrong. And yes, I ate chocolate and lots of cookies along with two types of pig, baby sheep, and scalloped potatoes.

  5. Livin' on a Prayer! Don't worry, I've seen Bon Jovi in concert three times. Be jealous :).

    I think all of your candy restraint fueled my candy binging this weekend. I felt physically ill at the end of the day yesterday and ended up having to drink a bunch of green tea and water to settle my stomach. Today, I hid the rest of the candy so we wouldn't have a repeat.

  6. woooaahhh Livin' on a Prayer! Great song...I run to that all the time :) I ate so much candy yesterday that I felt I'm actually jealous of your self control :)

  7. Cookie makes delicious cornbread?! I am crying out of jealously. Oh wait, you can't eat it either.

  8. I opened a bag of jelly beans my parents sent and I ate the whole thing within 2-3 days of opening it. Dan might have had one little handful. Good/bad news, I tried to replace the bag that I shamefully finished off but neither the grocery store or Target has the same kind. While hunting for jelly beans, I picked up 2 bags of Reese's snack sized pb eggs on sale.

  9. You like your husbands like you like your coffee...and now your husband likes his coffee like he likes himself!


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