Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to the grind

Spring break is over, and it's back to the working girl life for me. I love my kids, but I'm not sure I love anything more than not setting an alarm clock. It went off at 5:30am again today, and I experienced a notable lack of Tiger Blood energy, again.

But apparently Tiger Blood is not complete BS, because I saw it with my own eyes this morning. My car is in the shop, having horribly expensive repairs that we are not even going to talk about. So Eric had to take me to work, and we agreed to leave at 7. I did 32 minutes of intervals on the bike trainer, then went back into the bedroom to get ready to shower at 6:30, expecting Eric just to be waking up, and here's what I see.

Fully dressed, and ready to go 30 minutes early. Apparently he woke up at six and was just wide awake and raring to go.

After I explained what Tiger Blood was

I'd like to live in the past, and recap this past weekend. Not that it was particularly unique, but weekends are just so much better than Mondays. Friday night we met friends out to go to a comedy club. The opening comedian was hilarious, but the main guy apparently hadn't gotten the memo that just telling random stories about your life with a minimum of 3 f bombs in every sentence isn't the height of comedy. But, a really drunk girl got up on stage and tried to fight him, so there was that. 

Saturday was a big day. I attended my first google hangout, with some of my favorite people, my sister, two aunts, and of course my nephew. Have you ever done this? Because it's basically the best thing ever. The various options for playing dress up are really what sold me, especially since I'd just woken up (to my car being towed) and looked homeless. 

But then I got concerned that Harrison wouldn't recognize me without my crown and mustache when I see him next month so I went au natural from there on out.

The rest of the weekend was less exciting yet more busy. Saturday night I went to work. Sunday I ran the Cherry Pit Ten Miler, did schoolwork at Starbucks, went to work, then my friend came in and covered me so I could leave and play in our football game (which we lost, but we were winning for like 7 minutes, so I got to see what it felt like at least), rushed back to work, then rushed home so Eric could take the car for some sort of boys who love watching grown men covered in oil touch each other (WWE) playdate.

If you could do a google hangout with any two people, who would you choose? Celebrities are allowed, deceased people are not. 

PS - Check out this new picture of my nephew that I can't stop staring at on my sister's blog, and her first ever blog interview!


  1. What happened to your car?

    Also do you realize you tapped into the way to end a racial stereotype? Whole30: makes black people punctual!

  2. Which comedian did you see? I work at a comedy club so it always intrigues me to see who sucks...and if I know them. Haha. OH EM GEE I totally forgot to tell you that I got that Cocoa Mint Tea the other day. It's the best tea I have honestly ever had. I love it to death.

  3. Eric's tiger blood is FIERCE!

    I feel like I have tiger blood recently, but it's mostly because it's not dark at 6:30 am anymore and the sun wakes me up naturally.

  4. Haha as you know, I was hysterical at the pictures of Eric's Tiger blood. Those are some sweet snapshots from the Hangout.

  5. My favorite part of this post? The fact that Eric is wearing a purple shirt.

  6. Harrison is such a cutie! I know you are excited to get to see him again. My sister is already asking when I'm going to visit again and keeps reminding me how fast Aiden is growing.


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