Thursday, April 11, 2013

The best bill I've ever received

I was glad to hear I didn't put anyone off eating for life with my WIAW Whole30 post yesterday. I had a lot of people ask about the cauliflower "rice" and to be honest, it's good but don't bother. It's a good way to cut calories I guess but it takes forever and makes a mess. Just either eat the rice or the cauliflower as is.

Speaking of Whole30, we have FIVE DAYS LEFT. I just bought yogurt and cheese for my triumphant return to dairy on Wednesday!

So far, this week has been a major RLRF success, knock on wood. This is my first week on the plan while actually working full time, and I was nervous. 

Tuesday, the workout was 3x1600 at 7:27 with 400 RI. Aka run to the track, run a mile in 7:27, walk around the track once, repeat 2 more times, run home. I hadn't run in the early dark mornings in so long I had almost forgotten about my knuckle lights! My 3 fast miles ended up being 7:40, 7:27, and 7:30, so pretty close to what I needed them to be. They felt gruesome, but I guess that's the whole point.

Other than the cauliflower rice, people commented on the fact that I did speedwork without eating first. I've been just getting up and running in the morning for so long I normally don't even think about stopping for a snack, and I'm obviously not hungry that early. But, those comments solidified my idea to try something crazy before my next early run - getting up even earlier to sit and eat. 

My next run was 10 miles at GMP (goal marathon pace) and I had been fretting about it for like 2 days, because I knew it would be tough. While GMP might not be much of a challenge later in the day, ten minutes after waking up it usually feels like an all out sprint. This training cycle is all about not doing the same crap that hasn't worked, and so far whining about how I'm always slow in the morning has got me nowhere. 

So here's how that broke down. First of all, I got home and ate dinner at about 10pm Wednesday night, because I work in a running store, which I mainly do to fund my races and because I like to talk about....running. Then I set my alarm extra early (4:45am) for Thursday morning, so I could give up more sleep to get up, sit on the couch, and drink coffee and eat half a banana with almond butter when I wasn't hungry, to fuel my running. Sometimes I wonder about myself and my choice of hobbies.

But it was worth it, I ran the 10 miles at an average 8:43 pace. It was 62 degrees with 83% humidity when I started, which felt more like 90 degrees since last week I barely got to run in temperatures above freezing. The pace felt comfortably hard, and not at all like a death march until the last mile.

So far, the high and low point of my week have been the same moment - picking up my beloved Civic from the repair shop. Low because paying for it sucked. High because I got my car back, and more importantly, the bill, while expensive, was the best bill I've ever received. 

Yep, I paid good money for slave labor this week. 

What was the high and low point of your week so far? 


  1. How did Eric feel about your bill? Or was that your marriage certificate?


  2. What in the heck was wrong with your car?! And also, cauliflower rice took me half the time it takes me to make regular rice...what did I do wrong?!

    PS Way to go on the 4:45 wake up call. That makes you beastly and insane, all at once!

  3. I love cauliflower rice, but it is a pain to make sometimes.
    Slave labor! who knew that was still around, what an expose!

  4. Before morning runs, I almost always get up an hour earlier to eat breakfast even if I'm not hungry. Otherwise I'll get stomach cramps during the run. Plus, I feel like the lounging in the morning helps me not hate the run so much.

  5. High point: I'm gonna pretend it's still last week and go with Wicked. Low point: It's a toss up between getting sick, and reading your WIAT :)

  6. Low points: working 12 hours on Tuesday, eating 2 giant desserts in lieu of meals on Wednesday. High Point hasn't happened yet but we are going to ski at Mammoth this weekend.

  7. I never pay for slave labor, I get it for free because I have kids.

  8. I want that bill. Well, I don't want to pay it, just show it off.

  9. That bill is Hilarious. Maybe they typed it out with old T9 word and it is supposed to be plate labor?

    Low point of the week: being up putting away laundry at 11:30 lat night

    High point: Scoring 2 brand-new w/ tags on them capris at GoodWill for $2.75 each.

  10. haha, maybe they do that on purpose to make people question it. Do you know what the part is that's called, "Slave?"

  11. I have been avoiding taking my car in because I really don't want to pay for it. I've gone about 6 weeks without my car since I can easily walk to work. The worst part is asking people for rides to the store. At this point, I need to stop being a brat and simply get my car fixed!
    As one of the readers who commented on lack of food before your run - I'm impressed with your early wake-up call! I probably would have eaten it on the run for just a few more minutes of sleep!

  12. the RLRF is working out well for you! nice mile repeats and GMP run.

    lots of lows this week but that's what alcohol is for!

  13. Can't believe your 30 days is almost up. It's been a fast month for me I guess. My high point for this week is definitely the birth of another nephew today and the low point is being subpoenaed for court next month.


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