Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cliff's notes: Good at procrastination, bad at football

Kari's post this morning reminded me that we are somehow less than two weeks out from the Delaware marathon. That certainly happened fast.

I probably forgot because it doesn't exactly seem like we are in a taper. A taper is supposed to be easy, but not on Run Less Run Faster, apparently. The runs are getting shorter, but they still cause me to run screaming from my phone when I finally get up the courage to check my calendar to see what's next.

Saturday was supposed to be 13 miles at goal marathon pace, 8:53. Ok actually that one is pretty easy, I'll come back with some examples of tough stuff in another post. Still, even though I wasn't hungover after my wild Friday night, I didn't exactly feel like king of the world on Saturday. Back when you're 22, going to bed at 3am is no big deal, because you can easily sleep in till noon, but with 30 around the corner, I think it's safe to say those days are gone. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning = this princess doesn't get her precious 8 hours. 

So I was a little tired, and more to the point, horribly unmotivated. I procrastinated until around 1pm and then finally just cried uncle on the run and wrote a paper and baked banana bread instead. Obviously I would have had to write the paper anyway, but without the run I had the proper time to check Facebook every 4 minutes and make the writing take approximately triple the time it should have.

No worries on the run, the weekend wasn't over. I set my alarm nice and early Sunday morning so I could run before work. When it went off, I immediately nixed that plan and reset it for two hours later. My bed always feels amazing, but sometimes it's just extra fabulous. I barely made it up in time to throw on some running clothes in time to get to work, and when I did finally wake up I was just super pissed that I wasn't in bed any more. Does this happen to anyone else, or just me?

 After work, I had to rush home to pick up Eric, just to turn right back around and go to our football game which was in the same area. Apparently whatever is wrong with my car requires more slave labor than they thought to fix, and it's still in the shop. But that's fine, who doesn't love an extra hour in the car on Sunday to help you relax?

We had a super close game, although we eventually lost. There were no girl subs, so that meant I spent the entire 40 minutes of playing time doing repeated sprints, yet somehow not touching the ball or helping the team at all. Once our loss was official, I dropped Eric off at Starbucks, and finally started my run somewhere around 4:30 pm. Surprisingly enough, all those sprints didn't seem to help my run in the slightest. Although I did end up with an 8:53 pace exactly, so who knows?

After the run, we met our friends for dinner. You know you have good friends when they still want to eat with you if you show up dripping in sweat. Not only that, but they didn't judge me for cleaning my plate and devouring a metric ton of frozen yogurt, and even let me finish off their dinner. 

Somehow I've gotten into some sort of weird pattern where I'm behind in blogging. I feel like I should talk about this week, since it's already Tuesday night, but this post is already kind of long and has no pictures, so I think it's a wrap. Plus I'm sure we all want something to look forward to. 

Since there's no pictures, here's the cliff's notes if you skipped this post: reasons I need procrastinators anonymous and how to make your long run suck by doing sprints immediately prior. Imagine me laying on the couch and not catching a football.

What's your favorite procrastination tool? I can go with blogs, words with friends, Facebook, baking, and I'll even turn to cleaning if I get truly desperate.


  1. My brain can't process this post with no pictures. I feel like you could have at least used that car GIF I sent you. For shame.

    1. Dammit that would have been perfect!

  2. Hm. My longest MP runs were, I think, something like 10, 12, and 15. I didn't consider any of them easy. If you did 13 MP and it was easy, that sounds pretty promising.

    1. Well I wouldn't call it easy, but it didn't make me run screaming.

  3. With all of that procrastinating and football, you beat my pace by 2 seconds per mile. Damn you!

  4. Facebook is obviously the greatest procrastination tool, followed closely by reading blogs, and Pinterest.

  5. Social media, for sure! If I'm all over twitter and FB all of a sudden, you can be sure that I'm avoiding something....kinda like right now. I don't wanna pack!


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