Sunday, April 14, 2013

My apology

During Whole30, I've subjected my loyal blog readers to a lot of rants and a lot of weird, questionable looking food. The rants are far from over, but this weekend I was able to eat something so magical that I knew presenting pictures of it would redeem me at least a little bit.

Friday night was girls night with my BFFs, and what better way is there to accomplish female bonding than to attend a food truck rally? 

Sorry people I just put on the internet stuffing their faces.
The gorgeous view
I figured there would be nothing I could eat, so I packed some spaghetti squash, other veggies, and grilled chicken to eat at Carolyn's house after my friends enjoyed fancy truck food. But lo and behold: there was something for me. And it was something freaking EPIC.

A chicken taco, with pico and guacamole. 

Doesn't sound epic? 

How about if I told you the taco shell was made entirely of BACON?

Heaven in a little cardboard tray
I cannot even describe the joy I felt here.
I had to hold it up, to attempt to show just how much bacon there was.
If you were wondering, the normal rules of etiquette don't apply while you are eating a bacon taco, because it's too good to adhere to them. After the pictures, I scarfed it down before my friends' food was even ready and sort of tried to pretend like I was following the conversation but was really just listening to a monologue of "BACONBACONBACONBACON" in my own head.

The food truck rally also had some sort of fire performance, and a dj, and people dancing. Interesting.

I love to watch fire juggling as I eat bacon.
The only downside was that, as you can see, there was cheese on it. I tried to pick it all off, but it's pretty likely I ingested that a few shreds anyway, so I'll have to start Whole30 all over again. Oh, and the fact that my friends got gourmet cupcakes for dessert, and I had to settle for some of my spaghetti squash and black decaf coffee.

Saturday morning was fantastic, due to Mother Nature. We are at that point (at least this weekend) where it's warm enough to enjoy running in a tshirt and shorts, yet not necessary to hit the pavement prior to 6am to avoid melting in the heat. So I slept in until I felt like moving, relaxed with some coffee, and headed out for my long run at the late hour of 11am. 

RLRF said to do 15 miles at 9:23, I did 15 miles at 9:13. I felt great, and was so into the run I just zoned out to Pandora, and didn't feel like listening to my audiobook as a distraction, even though it's really good.

Sunday was one of my rest days, but it was slightly less than restful. I did Kari's "Proof You Didn't Peak in High School" mile challenge. The last time I did it, I waited until the very last day of the month, and then was in rough shape due to a late night drinking on a pirate ship, and forced to suffer through a hot, horribly hungover run. I ran the mile in 7:18. I ran the last mile of my recent ten miler in 7:14, so I had high hopes I could do better.

I had a secret goal of sub 7, and despite starting out way too fast, I knocked it out in 6:46.

Awkward selfie at the track
Delightfully sweaty proof
After that picture, I barely had time to change my shirt and shoes before we needed to head to football. We had no girl subs, so I played the entire time and it was quite a workout! Another loss in the books. 

What's something you've eaten or would like to eat that's just off the charts ridiculous and amazing like my bacon taco? One time we saw a donut bacon burger on Man vs. Food and immediately went to the store to recreate it for Eric to eat. By the way, we are totally doing that again after Whole30.

Did my little joke about starting over give you a chuckle? Ha, no way in hell. I have 2.5 days left and not a moment more.


  1. Yum, that taco was like heaven I bet! A 6:46 mile?! In case I don't say it often enough, you are so fast.

  2. Replies
    1. Is this a joke? There's like a cup's worth.

  3. Thank goodness you took a self portrait after you ran that mile. I wouldn't have believed it happened otherwise.

  4. There is an ice cream place in Philly that has a "Maple Bacon Breakfast" ice cream concoction on their menu. They mix vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, graham crackers, and bacon bits. My husband thinks its the best thing ever invented. It kind of makes my gag, but I applaud their inventiveness.

    PS. Did you even taste the chicken in that taco or was it basically like bacon with a side of lettuce?

  5. Um that taco is amazing. I want guacamole now. Thanks.

  6. Can you mail me a bacon taco? Please?

  7. You know how I feel about bacon so I am kinda having a hard time thinking of that taco..bleh! :) I ate some steak at dinner last night (per Will's suggestion since it was something I never make for myself) and got so sick afterwards! I guess that's what happens when you go a couple of months in between red meat consumption, but I thought this Whole30 thing was supposed to make me want it more!

    How's that for a random answer that really doesn't address your post questions at all?!

  8. I just died. Please get that to the post office STAT! WANT!


  9. I'm 99% certain that you have the same internal monologue as my dog. He also zones out and drools around bacon.

  10. That bacon taco looks so freaking good, I am having bacon for breakfast.

    Stellar job on the mile! I might attempt mine today, if the weather cooperates.

  11. Did the BACONBACONBACONBACON chant have a tune? I think I just sang it in my head and now it'll be stuck there for the rest of the day. Well done.

  12. At the Jefferson County Fair, Dave and I got cheese-stuffed, deep fried burgers. Pretty epic. Now all I want is that bacon taco though!

  13. How in the world do they form the bacon into a taco? Do they put all the pieces really close together or was it a giant slab of bacon?

    I read on a Whole30 blogging adventure that bacon chips and guacamole dip make a fabulous snack. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

    And a sub-7 mile? What would your gym teacher say now? Amazing.


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