Friday, April 19, 2013

Racing to work

I spent the past two days on the exciting project of reintroducing dairy to my life. I'm not sure yogurt ever tasted so good, my overpriced fancy $6 cheese was 100% worth the cost, and so far my only stomach pain is from the ab portion of Body Pump last night.

After you reintroduce a food, you are supposed to go back to Whole30 style eating before you reintroduce the next one. So today I'm back to basics, and the #1 thing on my to do list after work is "buy bread" for tomorrow. 

I'm feeling like this is the only time I'll actually revert back to Whole30 style eating. I plan to speed up the reintroduction process significantly. In two weeks, I'm going to alumni weekend at my alma mater. My sister and I have big plans for alumni weekend, and they mainly center around significant amounts of eating and drinking, and I don't mean eating steamed broccoli and lean ground turkey. I'm not taking any chances, and want my stomach to have a little time to get used to grease, sugar, and most importantly, alcohol before then. 

Last night in Body Pump (a weight lifting class), the class voted off the lunge portion and decided on extra abs instead. I've been going for like 7 years and I've never experienced an instructor who allowed this sort of democracy, and I was kind of pissed at first, but then I came around. I could barely run for 3 days due to the lunges after the last time I went. I never, ever do abs on my own, and I have this little thing coming up exactly 2 months from today called my 30TH BIRTHDAY, so maybe a little extra work getting little in the middle couldn't hurt.

Photo: lmao!!!  *T.D*
My husband and I don't communicate during the work day,
but he does post things like this on my Facebook page.

Today is another cross training day, so I went to spin class this morning. Tomorrow is my last 20 miler before the Delaware marathon, which I just realized is only 3 weeks away?!

Tomorrow should be an interesting experience. Our running store puts on a 10k that's a huge deal and really popular. I'm going to get an early start on the first 14 miles, and then run the race. Normally, I'd probably take it easy and just do the race as a way to mix up my long run a bit, but I can't. The race is at 9, and I am working at 10. So I'll have some motivation to push it. The race ends pretty much right outside the store, so I'll literally run past the finish line, run inside, and get on the register. Unless I somehow magically develop the ability to run a 40 minute 10k, which is especially likely at the end of a 20 miler. Everyone in the store will have just run the race though, so I'll fit right in being all sweaty.

What type of exercise would you vote out of your life? What would you double up to make up for it?


  1. Burpees. Atrocious. Although yesterday we did burpee pull-ups at CrossFit, and I learned there was something I could hate more. Burpees are hard, burpee pull-ups are a curse on humanity.

  2. You are going to be so smelly at work. I LIKE IT!

    I went to Body Pump for years and that never happened. I hate the abs section, so I definitely would not have been ok with that.

  3. Nice to hear you haven't had any trouble reintroducing dairy. Hopefully you won't have any trouble reintroducing anything and your tummy will be ready to go for alumni weekend.

  4. I really want a job where it's cool if I have 20 miles of stink on me.


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