Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I didn't even have to scream f-bombs!

Hopefully I won't jinx myself, but week 2 of Run Less, Run Faster is off to a great start. 

I was a little concerned, because the weather here in Ohio is pretty cold. Of course, the weather in my home city of Baltimore has been pretty cold too, but I have the safe option of wimping out on the treadmill there now.

I was planning to do my interval workout Monday, for no other reason than I get anxiety about it and I like to get it out of the way. But my weak, noodly, non running leg muscles were still pathetically sore from doing Body Pump on Sunday. So I decided it was a cross training day. Since we're out of town, I didn't really have any good cross training options, so I did an easy 4.1 mile run (9:41 pace), and lots of stretching. I waited until like 1pm for the temperature to get out of the 20s, and then had Eric document all my winter attire, even though it was April. 

Eric takes his job as blog photographer very seriously, and usually takes approximately 17 pictures each time I ask him to take one.

Outtake. With the dog.
Looking good.
I'll say that I'm not really totally sold on this Whole30 thing yet, but it was nice to run the day after Easter not feeling like absolute crap from a candy/wine/mac & cheese hangover. 

I had tea for dessert. Even typing that makes me feel like a dirty traitor.

After an exciting day of doing grad work in compression shorts/socks, by this morning I was as ready as I'd ever be for this speedwork. 

The plan called for a 10-20 minute warm up, followed by: 1k at 7:17, 2k at 7:33, 1k at 7:17, 1k at 7:17 (400 meter rest interval in between each) and a 10 minute cooldown. I took a look at it sometime over the weekend and had a major WTF moment - K? As in kilometer? Look, I signed on to this plan prepared to get my ass kicked to hopefully become a faster runner, but I didn't sign on for some crazy math drill on top of that.

I figured out that I could adjust my Garmin to show my distance in kms, but then it would also show my pace in kms, so I wouldn't know if I was running the right speed or not. So I was forced to rely on the knowledge that .62 miles = 1km and do my best. 

The good news is that my in laws live in a nice, quiet cul-de-sac, and the midwest is nothing if not flat as hell, so I had a perfect "track" right outside the front door. I measured out 1km during my warmup and then went for it. 

Here's how it went down. 2 mile warm up, 1k at 7:10 pace, 2k at 7:30 pace, 1k at 7:12, 1k at 7:04, 1.25 mile cool down. I was supposed to do a 400m rest interval in between each one, but I just kept walking/easy jogging until I hit the next mile, because again, math is hard.

For non runners even though most people have probably stopped reading by now, that means I hit all the paces, and was even slightly below every time. THIS IS HUGE.

On every speed workout so far, I've had to adjust things to be slower and still just stared as the seconds ticked down, feeling like I was about to puke, literally screaming fbombs (sorry Mom) at times. This workout was hard, especially with the 20mph winds, but that was it. It was hard. Not soul-crushingly devastatingly difficult. For those keeping track, that's two good runs "in a row" (Friday's 15 and now today).

While the workouts continue to terrify me, especially once this paradise of spring break is over and I have to do them before sunrise, there may just be hope that I will survive.

What's your favorite/least favorite type of workout (doesn't have to be running related)? My favorite might be the long run, and tempo runs make me want to cry. I also hate really lame Zumba classes where everyone is just sashaying their hips and not even sweating.


  1. ahh, when are you going back to actually having desserts like the Alyssa I know? Is the 30 day challenge helping? I'd be curious to hear what you think.

  2. ahh, when are going back to eating true desserts like the Alyssa I know so well....or so I thought! I'd be curious to hear how you think the 30 day challenge helped. John is interested in something, but maybe not as extreme. It seems tough, but I'm impressed with how well you guys are doing.

  3. Agh, I was supposed to have my first speed workout in forever this afternoon, but after working outside all day in the 40 degree rain, I am so cold and tired. Fail. I think it's getting bumped!

  4. I would have called it a day the moment I saw "kilometer." Good grief. Looks like you are getting into your groove! Now, you just need to bring back chocolate. This blog is seriously lacking in chocolate.

  5. Is that tea any good? I'm a sucker for good tea.

    My least favorite work out is the tempo runs. I don't hate intervals. I feel like they make the time go faster because I really don't want those 400's to stop and I am running faster than normal for the other distance.

  6. I hate tempo runs, I don't think I EVER run them at the proper paces, makes me so cranky.

    I want that tea!! YUM

    If it makes you feel better about being all bundled up I just ran in a tank top and skirt. 64 degrees!

  7. I could never do this plan because math is awful.

    Chocolate tea sounds like the most vile thing on the planet, especially since I know you didn't sweeten it all.


  8. I came here expecting a recap of chocolate consumed and I get tea?? ...who are you is right!

  9. And does chocolate tea taste like chocolate? I could never do this plan. The thought of drinking black coffee terrifies me. Other than that, I might be able to do it...but probably not. I mean, let's get real.

  10. Wait, the plan gives you distance in K and pace in miles? That's stupid.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the tea.

  11. I love that C & E have a Ravens balloon still rockin' in the living room :)

    The km over miles thing would have gotten me so confused. I must admit - I suck at training and actually did my first real interval run yesterday. I downloaded some songs with built in timing and what sounded like an anger German man yelling at me to "WORK!!" or "REST!!"

    Tea for dessert....such will power

  12. Least favorite: track distances > 400m; Long tempo runs. But necessary.
    I hate the RLRF workouts with 1k. There's a couple others where you have varying distances too, which is a pain. Easiest in an actual track or treadmill but then it involves math.

    How has no one noted you are pictured with a DOG!?
    Dog, tea, no easter chocolate. Crazy.

  13. My best friend drinks decaf coffee for dessert so I can see having tea for dessert. Great job on your speed work!


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