Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Idiot's 100k - check: Now what's next?

For possibly the first time since I created my "upcoming races" sidebar, there's nothing listed there.
I could actually go back and check, but that's too much work.

Endless Summer 6 was the last race I had scheduled, and now that it's over, I'm free and clear!

Not that I don't have anything in mind. I have a few thoughts for my fall race schedule, but I'm not sure I want to commit to anything yet. Kari recently posted about feeling a little burnt out from training and wanting to sort of step back and just run for fun before trolling active.com and committing. For the same reasons, I'll be doing the same. 

In the immediate future, I'll be taking a serious break from running. And exercise of any sort. This weekend, Eric and I will be in NY to celebrate my BFF/love of my life/cutest person on earth's first birthday.

If you think this picture is cute, check out some naked baby pictures that my sister just posted on her blog.

We'll get back late Sunday, and then we are leaving on Wednesday for a few days in Orlando, followed by our long awaited cruise vacation! This summer is my 30th birthday and our 5 year anniversary, so some extra special celebration is necessary. 

Exercise is extremely low on the priority scale until we return from Florida on the 18th. I do plan to pack my running shoes, because we are flying southwest. Really the main reason for bringing them is because there's a track on the deck and I want to wear my Garmin and then have the little map show that I was running in the ocean. Other than that, my only goal is to have soft serve a minimum of once per day on the ship and spend 95% of my time laying in the sun.

My post race recovery seems to have followed the same pattern as last week. On Sunday, I did the half mile walk to get a bagel, and that was it. I worked at the running store for 6 hours, so I figured that would keep me moving just enough to prevent soreness, and I felt great during my shift.

It's that second day after the race that things go to hell. The first day is a complete tease. Monday, I didn't really feel too sore, which was surprising - I thought things would be worse since ES6 is entirely on pavement. I just felt that tasks like showering required way too much energy to even consider. Luckily, although I didn't realize it at the time, I "planned" the Idiots 100k perfectly. Grad school is over now (and I got an A in my summer class, FYI), so after work I was free to not move for approximately 8 hours, at which time I moved from the couch to the bed. I had that "I should feel guilty but I really, really don't" mentality the whole time. 

Today I'm not feeling too energetic (I really never do) but I managed to resume riding my bike to work.

Yesterday, I got home from work to this. 

He's on a rope tied between two trees right outside our front door.

Yeah, no clue.

Do you exercise on vacation? I have in the past, but this time....not really feeling it. 

Ever taken a break from racing for no clear reason (injury, school, etc)?


  1. I'm glad you explained the picture because at first I thought he was just walking funny.

    I usually exercise on vacation, but it's definitely a scaled back version of normal running.

    I'm so jealous of your next couple of weeks!

  2. I think this is a good idea...a break is awesome! I don't exercise on vacation unless I'm training for a big goal race or something. Otherwise, vacation is for sleeping, tanning, drinking, and playing. Not for exercising.

    I took a break from racing all winter. After a lot of summer/fall races and stress about training and the new job, I was just sort of over it. So I took all winter off. I ran and yoga-d, but not on any sort of plan and it was so nice. Plus I was really excited to start training this spring!

  3. Oh darlin', he's slacklining! Do y'all not do that there?!

  4. Brian does that slack lining shit too. It's all the rage with rock climber types. It's just a cheap circus trick, but it makes them feel cool I guess.

    I already had a long break from racing and training so I'm not feeling burnt out at all but I totally get why you want a break. You've been going hard the whole time I've been slacking off.

    I don't think I could run on a treadmill on a boat. I feel sick just thinking about that.

  5. Congrats on your Idiots 100k and well-deserved upcoming break and vacations! I've been on sabbatical for what, almost a year now? Breaks are nice...once I got my mind over the hump of feeling incredibly unproductive with my free time.

  6. A break is an excellent idea, aren't you supposed to have the same number of rest days as miles run? So you can go ahead and take off the rest of the summer. My incredibly inexperienced runners life says you'll be fine!

  7. A break is an excellent idea, aren't you supposed to have the same number of rest days as miles run? So you can go ahead and take off the rest of the summer. My incredibly inexperienced runners life says you'll be fine!

  8. Enjoy the break! Have a great time with your family and enjoy the cruise!

  9. I forgot the cruise is next week! Too much excitement over the big birthday bash.

  10. He's doing it wrong wearing sneakers. He should be barefoot, shirtless, hookah or bong nearby. Slacklining is all over the beach areas out here (Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Ventura). They sneak up on the clymb and gearup and those other active flash sale sites.

    Where's your cruise stopping? Have a great time seeing your fam and the open seas. Post your garmin map from the cruise ship track!!!


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