Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another glorious snow day

Much like the fact that I used to be a vegetarian, it's hard to believe there was ever a time when I hated the treadmill. I'm also having a hard time figuring out how the hell I ran through 10+ previous winters, exclusively outside.

Granted, running on the treadmill has come a long way. The invention of Netflix and tablets coupled with the purchase of our own treadmill so I can actually use those things makes it significantly more palatable. When we got it, I couldn't imagine a time it would actually be more appealing than running outside - I assumed it would be a last resort sort of thing, or maybe for speedwork. But now, I really look forward to my treadmill runs. Even more so since I figured out how to play all the seasons of Game of Thrones on my tablet.

And even more so when the weather is this.

About halfway through yesterday's winter storm

Polar vortex #2
Yesterday was sort of a snow day (it was a teacher workday, so students were already off, but they closed schools even for us) and today is an official snow day.
Sleeping in is obviously my number one favorite part of snow days, but a close second is having the time to actually cook a nice dinner, not throwing the fastest thing together when I walk through the door because I'm about to eat my own hand.
When I got my cast iron skillet for Christmas, my parents lent me their special cast iron cookbook.
Once I was finally able to admit to myself that the skillet could be used for things other than cornbread, I branched out. So far all the recipes have been winners. I made two last night, and they were amazing. Plus, cooking the old fashioned way (recipes from a book, not the internet!) has the added bonus of not having to constantly wipe my hands to touch my tablet or phone after it goes to sleep.


Kind of wish I'd realized this required two hours of just cooking time (aside from prep) before I began, but it was worth the wait.

As usual, not photogenic, but delicious.
Although my glorious weekend with my college girlfriends has come to an end, it has had lasting effects on my life.

I think we watched The Little Mermaid 3 times.
 That's right. Starting Friday, I will officially own my own crochet supplies.

Would you rather run in extreme cold or extreme heat? I guess extreme cold, at least you can bundle up. Thank god with the treadmill I never have to make that tough choice again.



  1. It's hard to judge how much you like a treadmill when your experience is usually running on ones beaten to hell at the gym. The in-home treadmill is a whole new level of luxury. I'm so glad you've come over to the dark side.

  2. I'm also tempted to buy crochet tools, but without Nikki patiently sitting next to me, I'm not sure how far I'll get....

  3. Cold! I run in heat all the time and it doesn't bother There were times last summer where the "feels like" would be 105 at 5am, because of the humidity. I am a wimp when it comes to cold.

  4. I use my kids as an excuse to avoid the extremes. "Oh, I'd totally run outside today, but I have to think of the children..."

  5. I ran this morning on some trails I live near. I was fantastic, as for a solid mile I was plowing fresh snow with just animal tracks ahead of me.

    Obviously things break down at the extremes, but I'd rather run in the cold than in the heat.

  6. Well, after reading your blog lately I'm convinced I need a cast iron skillet. All I want to eat is cornbread! (And I want a snow day!)

    My college roomie taught me how to crochet (when we were in college) and once I made 2 or 3 scarves for everyone I knew, I stopped doing it. Apparently I wasn't ready to branch our from the ease of scarf making.

  7. Hey, I think I might have to get that cookbook!

  8. I think I need that cookbook, I have a cast iron skillet but I almost never use it.
    I would rather run in the cold, I hate hot weather with a passion

  9. ohhh make me something crocheted! thanks.

  10. I am so jealous of your treadmill right now. I'm sitting here, staring out the window at a "feels like 7*, 16mph wind" day and I'm supposed run 16 mi. UGH.

    I really prefer running in the heat. I don't overheat too easily but I FREEZE in this weather. I have Reynauds so I generally can't even feel my hands/feet until mile 4 or so.

    Now the question is - 16mi on the treadmill???

  11. I have been logging far more miles on the TM than I care to talk about!!! I prefer outdoor running but I do appreciate my in-home TM so I can still get my miles in despite terrible weather (and without leaving the warmth of my home).

    Can't wait to see your first crochet creation. .. . I am a fellow crochet'er . .. And knitter. People are surprised when I tell them I'm not 76 years old. . .. I think they're just jealous of my mad skills!!! ;)


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