Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dorothy, we're not in our 20s anymore

Today is a very exciting day. The season 4 Game of Thrones trailer airs at 8:58pm.

I hate this scene, but this made me laugh.
I, for one, can't wait to spend two minutes watching, desperately try to remember what each cryptic scene refers to from the end of book 3, and then cry because April 6 is still nearly 3 months away.

This weekend has been kind of busy. Like, I didn't even get to fool around on the internet or play Words With Friends at all on Saturday.

Friday night we had big plans to finally watch Silver Linings Playbook, because like the rest of America, we are obsessed with J. Law.

By the time we were both home from work and had been chatting for awhile, it was 8:30. I immediately looked up the run time on IMDB and saw it was over 2 hours and freaked out because that meant we wouldn't finish until after 10:30pm. At that point, it's a race against the clock to see if I'll stay awake to see the whole movie, and my track record isn't good.

I demanded we start right away, and I'm pleased to report I made it (and of course went to bed directly after the last scene). Dorothy, I don't think we're in our 20s anymore.

Saturday was my first real long run of 100 miler training. Last weekend, I did 24 miles (maybe) at PHUNT, but getting up on your own to run requires a lot more motivation than going to a race. Also,  walked a lot at PHUNT, which is fine because I plan to walk a lot in the race.

I was meeting Lily at 7:15 to run ten miles along the harbor before my running store shift at 9:40. I had big plans to get up at 5am and run 7 miles on my own first, but as you may imagine, that didn't happen after my wild Friday night.

Instead, I split my run, doing ten in the morning, and the last 7 after my shift ended at 4pm. I wimped out for the second part and ran it on the treadmill. I was really over the cold rain and especially the 100% humidity.

 Last weekend, I ran for 5.5 hours in deep snow and single digit temps, and was fine. Yesterday, I ran for an hour and a half while it was raining and 40 degrees and was shaking and couldn't feel my fingers for like 30 minutes. The human body is a mystery.

Splitting your long run is not ideal, but sometimes it needs to be done. Next week will be another one of those times. So....yeah.

After that, I had to rush to shower to hurry over to my BFF Carolyn's for game night. I don't want to brag or anything, but it would have been hard for them to start without me. I'm kind of a big deal -  I've developed a bit of a reputation for bringing epic desserts. In fact, at the last two parties Carolyn has hosted, I've had someone come up to me right away to tell me they heard that if I brought a dessert, they had to try it because it would blow their mind. Truth.

I'm happy to oblige. This time, I brought red velvet dip.

It's supposed to be like a cheeseball, but red velvet.

Rave reviews, as always.
Carolyn set a strict rule that we couldn't start with Cards Against Humanity, and I thought that was genius. Obviously, I love that game, but once it starts people get super into it and no other games get into the mix, and there are other fun games.

If you want things to get super competitive right away, play anything girls vs. boys. That's how we started Taboo. I'm sorry to report the women were not victorious here.

Then an old classic came out.

I haven't played this game since I was like, 11, but it was shockingly really, really fun. It made me regret not following my instincts and bringing Twister.

What is your favorite game (other than cards against humanity, everyone loves that)? Mine is this really fun team trivia game called Know it or Blow it, but no one ever wants to play it with me. I'm going to host my own game night and demand everyone play it.


  1. I will play Know It or Blow It.......Carolyn is the hater so you just have to force it on her.

    1. Despite how creepy this sounds, I will do this.

  2. So glad I finally got to try one of your desserts! Amazingly delicious! And you should also give yourself credit for being a walking Cards Against Humanity dictionary :-)

    1. Haha, but I regret it, if I hadn't defined "heteronormative" for you than my hot pockets card would have won! Plus I still wish I had never googled "nipple blades".

  3. challenge jenga (a/k/a drinking jenga). before you stack the tower, everyone splits up the blocks and writes (in pencil obviously) challenges on each block. when you pull a block on your turn, you have to do whatever challenge is written before you stack the block on top.

  4. Mastermind and In a Pickle are both good games. Carcassonne is also a great time and we have recently gotten into Fiasco.

  5. Every dessert I've had that you've made has been fan-freaking-tastic. I mean, you make your own caramel. Who does that??

    Staying up until 10:30 to watch a movie sounds really wild to me.

  6. That dip looks incredible! I think I'm the only person who prefers Apples to Apples to Cards Against Humanity. I feel like AtA requires people to be clever and think about their innuendos and inappropriate inferences while CaH just sort of shoves dirty raunchiness in your face. Not that I won't play CaH (it is funny!), but I miss the thought required to play AtA cleverly. Plus sometimes I have to google things that are in CaH and it's embarrassing that I don't know what they are. :)

    Also I LOVE Taboo. Patrick and I kick ass at that game.

  7. I was just so excited that anyone else has ever heard of "in a pickle" ... then I saw it was commented by a "Michael" and am going to have to assume he's my husband ...

  8. Sadly my favorite game is the grandma classic, "Scrabble." Don't judge me.

  9. What? I'll always play Know it or Blow it with you! Especially since I have about half of the cards now memorized so I'll even be on your team if you want :) I think my new favorite game is Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs 1 and 2.

  10. I feel like I could eat that entire dessert, right now, in one sitting. My favorite game is probably Taboo, though I haven't played it in ages. I'm slightly ashamed to admit I've never played Cards Against Humanity.

  11. I'm kinda obsessed with Taboo. I think that game is spectacular!

  12. I have got to get my hands on Cards Against Humanity...I think I'm the only person in America who hasn't played it yet. I love Taboo, and I really like Boggle, but no one will play it with me anymore. Apparently I get "too competitive" or some nonsense. :)

  13. Glad you made it through Silver Linings Playbook! I liked that movie. Have you seen American Hustle? J. Law is hilarious in that one. You can probably find an early weekend showing of the movie, so that you don't fall asleep :) I can say that, because I have fallen asleep in the movie theater before.

    One of my favorite games is Catch Phrase. It's a lot of fun when you have a large group, and of course you play guys vs. girls.


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