Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy polar vortex!

Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my polar vortex day.

I got back on the wagon, and for the first time in a long time, I was up before dawn to run. On the treadmill. I'm not a fool.

I began my run at 5am, but since a neighboring school district had closed due to cold, I checked twitter and Facebook every so often. About 2 miles in to my run, I discovered we had a two hour delay.

You have no idea how close I was to getting right off and back in bed and finishing the run later. I could have gone back to sleep, too. And if you are disgusted that I would get back in to bed sweaty, judge away, see if I care, you don't have to live with me.

I stayed on the treadmill, because the thought of wasting two sets of workout clothes annoyed me, which doesn't really make sense, but it's how my mind works.

It actually worked out great. I was showered and ready for the day by 7am, and got the enjoy the entire Today show report on the polar vortex. I thought Eric was with me, but despite being up and showered, he fell right back asleep.

The two hour delay was pretty helpful. When I woke up, at 4:45am, it was 4 degrees, feels like -16. When we headed to work around 9:30, it was 2 degrees feels like -16.

Yeah, I know Chicago was so cold that they had the fuel in the planes freeze and it was too cold for even the polar bears and in comparison that's nothing. But according to a local meteologist it was colder in some parts of Maryland than the South Pole, and we are all soft little wussies down here that are used to considering 30 degrees really cold.

Eric drove me to school because my car was in the shop due to yesterday's debacle. At first, the repair shop called and quoted me $138, and I swear that heaven opened up and I could hear angels singing.

Then he called me back, and started to go into a long explanation of further problems they had found. I silently debated if it would be ruder to just tune him out and hold my breath until he got to the new total, or interrupt and tell him that he was welcome to switch into Swahili at any moment and my understanding would not be affected. I went with option #1, and then told him I would have my husband call him.

New total: $570

They called me again at work today while I was on my way to pick up my class. I begged the music teacher to watch them for a few extra minutes and while I returned their call, I was starting to identify with this guy.

Particularly, you know, at that one part.
 Now something further was wrong, which I didn't have time to listen to and couldn't really hear over the instruments and wouldn't have understood anyway.
New total: $690

At this point, I said something along the lines of "are you guys done calling me now?".  I really wanted to just request that they put down the keys and back away from the civic.

So now I'm $700 poorer, but it's important not to dwell on negatives, and money is so overrated anyway.

Positives: I've already ran 15 miles this week, or as I like to think of it on a bad weather week, 3 episodes of Buffy.

I'm continuing to nail my New Year's resolutions. I got not one, but TWO Starbucks drinks in my magical mug today. An Americano, and then the brand new caramel flan latte that came out today (sadly, didn't love it). Both decaf, I'm not insane, I just REALLY love coffee, and hot beverages, especially when it's below zero. It's going to be terrible when this month ends.

I remember when I used to get nonfat milk and no whipped cream. Those were such
sad times.

How was your polar vortex? I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I really like hearing the temperatures/weather from all the different parts of the country! I also really like saying "polar vortex". Between that, and getting to use my other favorite phrase "haters make me famous", it's been a pretty good week, vocab-wise.


  1. If that would have been the first time somebody was sweaty in your bed...well...

  2. My polar vortex day was full of a very disappointed toddler who was pissed at me for the majority of the day. Apparently it's my fault she didn't get to ride the school bus today. MEANEST MOMMY EVER.

  3. My polar vortex was spent huddled in front of a space heater until I had to go to New Haven for a meeting. Luckily, I found a parking spot 5 feet from the building and didn't have to be outside for more than 5 seconds.

  4. Eh, we didn't get the "Polar Vortex" or whatever-- it's almost 50 today! But, we had that cold snap a few weeks back where we were hovering below zero, and it was definitely chilly!

  5. Color me ignorant, but what exactly is a Polar Vortex? I really really like the term... perhaps it can be the title of my next novel?

    I've never heard of schools closing for COLD! You guys really are wussies...

    Or how about a rock band? Polar Vortex and the Wussies!

  6. I am not really happy that the mechanic calls you multi times. Do you trust this guy? My mechanic fully evaluates the car before he calls with a quote.

  7. I don't think my legs could handle the amount of miles you put on yours. You deserve that whipped cream and full fat milk. You just new years resolution up that body, girl.

    This week has been magical in Orlando. Monday night, our low was 30. Last night, it was 40. That's the first time our low has been out of the 70s in awhile. I'm dying down here. Even after reading your miserable 50k recap, I was still kinda jealous of your frostbitten toes.

  8. I like how you think about your miles on a bad weather week :) I've been on the treadmill, too, and so far I've run one Hunger Games.

    I'm glad the loss of your car to the evil car repair guys hasn't kept you from sticking to your coffee resolution. Way to work.

    BTW I live in southwest Virginia, and they never used the word Polar Vortex when they were doing the weather here. I feel so robbed! They did tell us an Artctic airmass had invaded the region, which I found pretty funny since I was picturing little Arctic airmass soldiers marching down the road.

  9. Oh I spent the polar vortex avoiding the great outdoors like the plague. I was literally only outside for the distance between my car and whatever building I was going in to :)

    Sorry about your car...that sucks!!

  10. I personally love your "haters make me famous" phrase!

  11. Oh polar vortex! I know many hated it but it gave me two snow days as I work in higher ed. We NEVER get snow days here in MI but when it says feels like -34 I guess they kind of have to. Fun fact, I was in FL the last half of the vortex and it felt like almost 100* warmer! Crazy! Car problems are terrible - hope the car feels better soon!

  12. Working out in a 4 degrees weather cold? That is amazing! In this kind of weather, some people tend to lie down on their bed and just go back to sleep. But you, you’re really motivated. Now I wish I could have that attitude. How’s your car, btw? Car repairs is really overwhelming. But it's a good thing that despite the experience on the repair guy, your car was repaired.


  13. Whenever there's an "altercation" between your car and something else -- oftentimes your car loses, or there aren't even winners at all. Though that door handle breaking off was really weird. I've never seen that happening elsewhere too. Was this on the same side that hit the garbage can?
    Taleen Kizirian@ JimAndJacks.com


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