Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love lots of stuff

Although I do think a lot of blog post traditions are stupid (year in review, WIAW, etc), I kind of like the "things I'm loving lately" posts. Which is why I'm doing one.

1. Jennifer Lawrence. Like, seriously, how is she so beautiful and funny and cute? Sometimes I get addicted to those compilation videos of her saying funny things in interviews.

Luckily I'm not alone in my love.

2. This stuff. It's black bean, corn, and red pepper salsa. It's good on everything. Also I love foods that naturally lend themselves to being covered in cheese and avocado.

3. I can't stop listening to this song. Every day when we line up for dismissal I start getting really excited because as soon as the kids leave I blast it on repeat until I go home. I'm pretty sure all my neighbors love that little tradition just as much as I do.

4. Cornbread. Since getting my cast iron skillet for Christmas, I'm about to change my blog name to Cornbread is my life. My goal is to try all the recipes in my cookbook. One of them has bacon grease, and it was all I hoped for and more.
5. Not wearing makeup. I think I'm pretty weird here. I feel most people have a clear preference one way or the other in their day to day life - makeup or not (at least when going to the same place, like work). I go through distinct periods of both - the "OMG I can't be seen without it" or "that's five extra minutes I could be sleeping, forget it". Right now I'm in the second phase. No picture, because although I enjoy not wasting time on it, no need to flaunt my natural beauty.

6. My magic Starbucks mug. I've probably mentioned this like 12 times by now on the blog but the good news is, it's way worse in person so you are spared that. But this thing keeps drinks hot forever. I get them on my way home from work, and even if I run, shower, and cook and eat dinner before I drink it (because I like to get super sweet drinks to have for/with dessert), it's still hot. Like 4 hours later, not even exaggerating. My friend said something about a vacuum seal, I don't know, I'm not a scientist, all I know is that I love it more than anything.

I'll admit, when I first got the mug, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get enough drinks to make it worthwhile, because I rarely got the fancy pants Starbucks drinks since I stopped working there and realized how much they cost. But I needn't have worried - so far a drink per day has been the easiest New Year's Resolution of my life to keep. And I'm only slightly obsessive about it.

It's only the 14th, so I'm ahead of schedule. I doubled down a couple times.
 7. The Poison Study book series. I just finished the second book, and can't wait to start the third on my next run. So glad I got Kari addicted so we can geek out together.

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8. Game of Thrones. The season 4 trailer is out, and in news that surprises no one, it looks freaking amazing.

I don't even know why I just embedded it, like any true fan hasn't already watched it 20 times. I cannot even stand how excited I am to watch.

In preparation, I started Dance with Dragons again. I read about half of it over the summer, but then stopped due to a combination of a section that dragged and apprehension over my emotional state when there was no more to read. Since I can barely remember anything that happened in the previous book, even though I did finish it, I'm starting over at the beginning and highlighting and taking notes this time. I'm not even kidding. Or embarrassed.

9. 100 miler training. It's early days. Really, really early and the mileage is still low. But so far, it feels good to be training again. Last week I hit 50 miles and this week I'll be slightly higher (6 yesterday and 8 today, so far).

I guess I love a lot of things, so for balance, here's two I don't love.

1. My new 2014 Sunday tradition of laying awake all night, till like 3am. That's not really fun. And it happened even after taking Tylenol with Codeine (for my root canal), so ...yeah. Makes it really hard to get up at 5am to run. In fact, I haven't.
2. This. It's my two most hated foods in one disgusting bottle. The thought of it hurts.

What's your stance on makeup?

What's one thing you are loving lately?

Also, let's weigh in on the GOT trailer - the guy in the alleyway getting rushed from both sides - one of Dany's many allies? That's the consensus so far, but I'm not sure.


  1. I'd try ketchup-mayo. It'd be good on a burger.

    It's funny how GOT seems SO far away but the 100 mile race seems like it's coming too fast and there is no way I'll be ready in time. Funny ha ha.

  2. I am obsessed with J Law. I also have a vacuum sealed coffee mug and it keeps things hot for HOURS. Amazing.

    As a general rule, I hate wearing make up...but I pretty much have to for my job. I love weekends when I can not blow dry my hair and not wear make up.

    Things I am loving? Diet Coke. I generally do not drink soda, but I bribe myself with it when I work conferences because they are stressful and busy. I have 5 conferences in the next 6 weeks, so diet coke is going to be pretty key.

  3. Ew. What's the point of bottling mayo-ketchup? Are people that lazy that they can't just mix the two together if they so desire?

    J. Law is one of my favorites, too! I already recommended it, but you should go see American Hustle if you haven't.

    What do you expect your weekly mileage max will be during 100 miler training?

  4. Poison Study-- think it's up my alley? I just read Ender's Game (finally) and loved it, but now that I'm done, I need a new book!

  5. I wont be seen without makeup unless you are running with me. Then I have to look like a dude to fit in so I go with it.

    I am loving......bed time. It's so cold and snowy and gross and every day I love bed time.

  6. Oh my gosh - you don't like ketchup? It is my favorite condiment and I warn people how much I love it before I eat with them. I only like the mayo-ketchup mix with certain items so I probably don't need a full bottle of it. But it was nice of them to take the work out of it! Right now I'm loving Ghiradelli milk chocolate with caramel filling and the dark chocolate with caramel squares. They are very good!

  7. I love this post! Jennifer Lawrence is wonderful :)
    Makeup - I put it on. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it one way or the other. I have super-short hair so it helps with the whole feminine thing to have a little makeup on my face. That said, I still had someone say, "Excuse me, sir," to me at the grocery store. **sigh**

  8. I'm vain and need at least to put on mascara, my sister used to make fun of me with out it and I never got over it.

    Game of Thrones.. YAY!

  9. I've been thinking I need to restart Dance with Dragons. I don't even remember where I left off.

    I really like makeup, but it's a pain and i don't really like feeling like i can't touch my face, so I rarely wear it. Plus, I work from home so no one sees me, so what's the point.

  10. Harrison is the only person who sees me most days and he just has to deal scary mommy make-up-less face. Lately I've been loving cauliflower. No joke. In close to equal amounts of consumption as you with cornbread.

  11. I love J Law! Maybe a little too much? I'm not sure that's possible. I rarely wear lots of makeup, usually I do some mascara and call it a day. Because, let's be honest, I'm lazy and just don't care that much. If I'm going to be seeing people I like (i.e. NOT coworkers) I'll put a little more effort into it. And lastly, I need a much that will keep my coffee hot! I wonder if the other, non magic mugs work as well.

  12. I only leave the house on saturdayblong run mornings without makeup . .. . I do the full get-up on race day . . . .. I love to sit and do my makeup in the morning while sipping my coffee and watching crap tv like the real housewives . . . . That is my "me" time usually (about 70% of the time) before my 4 year old gets up . . . . .
    Lately I'm loving cold stone creamery coffee creamer . . . . Addicting!!!

  13. This is a wonderful list, Alyssa. It’s good to know that you have more things that you love compare to the things you don’t actually like. I just hope that as the year goes, the two things you don’t like will vanish and change it to the things you love the most. Particularly your tooth problem, so your sleep will not be interrupted by the pain.



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