Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby's first police car ride

Not that anyone cares, but I have a whole list of excuses about why I haven’t posted in so long. So many I think I can milk those into a separate post. For now, let’s check out what the world’s cutest baby is doing.
A four month checkup. The doctor asked if he was eating well. I was like excuse me do you not see the thighs on this child?

A whopping 14.8 pounds!
His next appointment is for 6 months at the end of March which means I'll finally get to have an exciting spring break - starting solids!

Sometimes your kid inherits traits from you and it's really cool. Or so I hear, so far all I've noticed is that he stretches like me and pees a lot. Also, my mom has all these awesome skills that I don't. But anyway, sometimes there are things you pray they don't inherit and for me one of those is my crippling fear of needles. This was Dalton not 30 minutes after his shots, so I would say we are on the right track.

Now don't get all "just wait" on me, I've heard the 3 year olds screaming in the doctor's office and I know the battle is just beginning. But still.

We went to one of Eric's basketball games (he coaches middle school boys). I've been going since '06 and I always just sit with the spectators, wave, and leave. Now I show up with Dalton and it's all "oh, sit with the team!". I see how it is.

Sports are fascinating!
Mascots are not.
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit! And, shockingly, apparently we only took pictures of Dalton. But it was so much fun having them here. They came to visit me at work and did a photo shoot in my classroom while I was out at dismissal.
Baby's first time getting caught not reading? He looks guilty.

Last Thursday we had another fun baby first! Baby's first time in a cop car!


I had just picked up Dalton from daycare and we were on our way home with that glorious “I’m free!!!” feeling when you are about to spend the night in pajamas no longer having to answer to the man (or in my case, 50 children).

Then BAM. I hit this.
I did not win. Two flat tires.

I pulled over, called AAA to come tow the car, changed a diaper, and then I was sitting there trying to figure out what on earth to do. The extra fun part of this story is that Eric was at an away game, so it would be hours before he was even on the bus back to his car.

Two other women came and knocked on my window. They were pulled over with two flats too from the same stupid road break, and from there the party just kept growing. Before long, 7 cars had joined me. Someone called the police and we waited while they filled out a report.

The good news was that AAA expedited my call because I had an infant and we won the towing race with all our fellow screwed new friends. The bad news was that I hadn’t fully thought things through. The tow truck guy offered me a ride home, but I didn’t know how to install the car seat without the base, and I wasn’t sure youtubing it on the side of the road all jacked up on cortisol was my best bet, safety-wise. So I sent him and my car on their merry way. That left me on the side of the road with a baby, car seat, pump bag, work bag, and diaper bag. It was 25 degrees out and getting dark.

Luckily the nice officer let us hang out in his car until my amazing friend with the same car seat base saved the day and came and got us. I wanted to get a better picture, but unfortunately, it turns out the back of police cars are extremely tight and cramped, and not at all designed for photography. I’ve learned my lesson – I need to immediately purchase a selfie stick and never leave home without it.

Have you ever been in he back of a cop car? Share the story!



  1. Ok stop what you are doing- buy a 2nd base and leave it at my house. Now next time you are stranded I can come get you and get a baby crush fix in the process! Win Win!! I love love love the pics of him with the books. You have to frame them or submit them to some educational magazine or something- I see baby model in his near future!! LOL (p.s I am serious about the 2nd care seat base)

  2. Did you immediately learn to install the carseat when you got home? That would have been me.

    Good luck with solids! It took leif forever but now he eats more than a grown man.

  3. Good news! It's really easy to install an infant car seat without a base. Really easy if you're not under stress, not on the side of a road, not with a baby that could get fussy, though. I'm sure that after practicing it a time or two at home, you'll be a pro!

  4. Wowza, the road took out that many cars?! Crazy! I've ridden in a bunch of cop cars but it's only because ALL of my guys friends are cops (literally). I even had one of their buddies arrest a girlfriend on her bachelorette party since that's how I roll :)

    PS Welcome back!

  5. I feel like I was lied to by the title of the post. The baby didn't actually go for a ride in the police car!

    Kidding aside, it is great that your friend was able to come get you! That pothole reminds me of another reason why I hate the winter.


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