Thursday, February 26, 2015

The best thing in life

Another blog post brought to you by another snow day!

He was mainly indifferent. 
I have some actual topics I would like to discuss, although granted they are mostly mommy stuff. But first I need to share my weekend. Because cute things happened all over the place. Hopefully those posts will happen someday.

First of all, on Friday night, Dalton finally got to meet his baby buddy, Calen. Dalton and Calen were born ten weeks apart and his mom and I have taught together since 2005!

Like everything else placed in front of him, Dalton felt this other baby needed to be in his mouth.
So much fun. I can't wait until they are old enough to really play!

We had a wild ladies brunch this past weekend. I really enjoy hosting events and requiring people to wear pajamas. Because wearing real clothes should be strictly a Monday through Friday thing. If I ever become president, I'm outlawing even that.

Make a note. Bubbles will amuse kids of all ages. I can vouch for this up to 2.5 years.

Then things really got crazy. Baltimore got hit with snow hard and fast. This is a city that shuts down for an inch, and we got like a foot. Everyone was screwed getting home, and Carolyn and Nathan got stuck with us.

Luckily for them, Nathan is only a size up from Dalton in diapers and we had plenty of 3s for him. Also, Santa brought Dalton some baby food in his stocking. Since Dalton is holding out on real eating for now, he shared some with his buddy. 

We followed his good example and shared our bacon wrapped meatloaf with his mom.

"My dad can eat more bacon than your dad."
Since Dalton is a growing champ, Carolyn had brought us some bigger jammies, because between his chunky thighs and love of peeing on things, we didn't have enough to carry us through each week. When we looked through our larger clothes to find some pjs for Nathan to borrow, we found the same pair. This allowed us to experience one of life's greatest, cutest joys. Babies in matching outfits.

Is there anything better in this world??

Nathan is the happiest person I've ever met. 
In other news, I am continuing to attend class Wednesday nights to learn how to teach the fifth grade health curriculum (unpaid yet required). My saving grace is that Dalton's daycare is on the way to class, so I can at least stop in and squeeze him for ten minutes. Otherwise I wouldn't see him for twelve hours and then I'm pretty sure I would die.

A direct quote from a handout in this class "If a student asks what an orgasm feels like, tell them it feels different for different people." Everyone else in class is acting like this is normal. I would rather stab myself in both eyes with a fork than discuss that in school. I want to have a very open relationship with Dalton and hope he asks me or Eric any questions he has. I just don't want to answer these questions in the classroom for other people's children. I feel comfortable bringing this up on my blog because (as I've learned) it's a Maryland state law that we teach this unit and all parents are allowed to view it at any time. The bottom line is, if you hate your job today, remember I have to say "penis" to a room full of ten year olds.

What's your "I don't get paid enough for this" moment? 


  1. Do 10 year olds know what orgasms are? Is that something you have to teach? Seems an unnecessary thing to teach in basic sex ed? I cannot imagine your life.

  2. Cutest photos E.V.E.R! I don't envy you teaching "health."

  3. Ontario's new health curriculum just rolled out and includes things about consent and the LGBTQ community starting as early as grade 3 I believe. I'm more on board with that than one that teaches grade 4s about orgasms, although I suppose it's better to get this information from somewhere other than the grade 6s :) God knows what those bad asses are saying about orgasms.

  4. Here you go!

  5. My ten year old did not even know what a "Period" was until I made the fatal mistake of asking her if any of their friends had their period yet. ORGASM?! How would a 10 year old know what that is?


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