Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red velvet oreo review and romantic Valentine's Day

Finally, we have a snow day.

Waiting until temps get to the double digits for an outdoor picture.
This is my tenth year in Maryland. I used to think snow days were a glorious, magical gift from the gods. Now, I feel entitled to them. It's a problem.

Here's what's been up with me.

1. I found creative, stupid ways to injure myself.

Bacon burns. Don't ask.

When walking was too hard.
I really thought I broke my toe here. I took my leftover meds from giving birth (granted it was just giant Advil, but still, a pain med) and I was still limping. So I asked twitter and googled. You know how you know if you broke your toe? You don't. You know what the difference in treatment is for a broken toe vs. just a bruised toe? Nothing. Wait it out. So it doesn't really matter if its broken or not. I took two days off running/exercise and then felt better.

I also bit the crap out of my lip. I have a lot of practice eating, but, I guess not enough to do it properly.

2. Valentine's Day
"Heartbreaker". Truth.
I like Valentine's Day but not in a "lets go crazy making it the best most gushy romantic day of my life" way. Typically Eric and I don't do much and I have some sort of fun girls date with my BFFs to watch Nicholas Sparks and eat chocolate or similar. Last year we celebrated by “seeing Dalton” for the first time at our first ultrasound so that was pretty awesome.

This year is even better, obviously.
"I will steal your heart". He did.

He was really into the balloons.

We celebrated with a trip to Virginia to finally meet one of Dalton’s BFFs, baby Nate!

They were both fascinated by the other baby.
Romantic dinner. We had heart shaped homemade pizza!

His mom and I have been friends since middle school and these boys were born just 8 days apart.

Since then, we have exchanged approximately 700,000 texts trying to figure out baby sleep/eating/etc. As you can see, Nate has an older sister, so this dashed my hopes of being a baby expert next time around.

She called Dalton “baby Dolphin”. Tell me that is not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard.

I don’t know how but babies somehow communicate. Nate has been breaking out of his Halo swaddle lately (they have the exact same one because when I let experienced moms create my registry and it worked out well). Dalton never had. The very next morning, here’s what we came in to.

Yes, we still swaddle him because sleep.
3. Sunday we had friends over for a game night. My takeaway: I think I need to just accept that we fail at cleaning, so we need to have guests over weekly to force us to get off our bums and do it. I’m hosting ladies night Saturday, so my goal is not to let this place turn into a disaster in the next five days.

4. One of our friends brought this and I turned it into beer bread.
It was as wonderful as you might imagine.
5. We tried red velvet oreos.

The timing was an issue. I had just made red velvet cookies for our game night, and they are basically crack. So already the bar was set pretty high. Eric took a bite and threw the rest away. I didn’t care for my first bite, but then it was better. I probably wouldn’t buy them again though. The package is smaller yet the same price. Lame.


Don't judge me for wearing a tank top during record lows, I still have crazy hormones that give me hot flashes.

On a scale of 1-10, how romantic was your Valentine's Day? Justify your answer please.


  1. I expect the Oreo sponsored post to come along any day now.

  2. My Valentine's Day was a 10 on the romance scale!! My Valentine (me) bought me a box of chocolates which I ate in my Pjs and robe while watching Parenthood on Netflix and drinking red wine. Then I watched the movie Sabrina with Anna in front of a roaring fire. Aside from a crazy Sunday and weird eye reaction I haven't been out of my Pjs and robes since. So pretty win win in the love department!

  3. I worked on Valentine's Day so, zero romance unless you count the doctor that brought me an enormous breakfast.

    I would still eat those cookies.

  4. This year was a 0-level of romance. We flew to San Diego to celebrate Will's dad's 60th birthday so it was a family affair :)

  5. Negatives on the romance scale. I'm single, so there's that. If not for giving out valentines at school on Friday, it probably would have just passed me by unnoticed.

  6. No valentines here, I'm sorry to have to report. However, the next day, I found a card addressed to me on the kitchen counter. My roommates are a young married couple. My first thought was, "Ugh, they gave me a valentines day card because I'm an old spinster and no one else would." I was mortified. But when I opened it, it turned out to be a $50 gift card to the Macaroni Grill (score!) for watching their cat the week before.

    I used it up that same night.

  7. Dude. I STILL wake up drenched in sweat at least once a night. I wash my sheets more than I was my running clothes. The human body is an extraordinary thing, but there are some major flaws IMO.

  8. Man, I totally loved the red velvet Oreos. Especially the cream cheese middles. I'd say they are in line with the Pumpkin Spice ones which I also really liked. You need to keep eating them until your opinion changes.

    We don't celebrate Valentine's Day so I'd give it a 2 on the romantic scale. I'd give it a 2 instead of a 1 because we spent it together. We went to a comedy show. Not because it was VD but because we wanted to see and it happened to be on that date. Then I drank too much and he had to take me home and feed me pizza. Ok, maybe it was a 3.


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