Thursday, October 15, 2015

Doing the bare minimum, and a few other fun things

I'm in one of those phases where life is incredibly overwhelming and the thought of doing even simple tasks like cooking dinner exhausts me. 100% of my energy is devoted towards working and caring for my child and that's about all I can manage. My house is being overtaken by clean laundry and toys. Send help.

Although I have declared myself unable to perform basic life duties, against all odds, last week I wore real pants outside the work day and socialized after the sun set. All thanks to picking up a diet coke on my way to daycare after work. Imagine if I tried this little trick called "extra caffeine"in order to do things like clean or fill out that empty baby book in the evenings? That would never happen though. In reality, I used that extra little energy boost to attend my first ever alumni event for my college.

This was kind of a big deal. I went to a tiny state school in a very rural town in upstate New York (SUNY Geneseo! RIP Kelly's) so we don't have huge alumni events out of state. This was the first one we've ever had here in Baltimore, at least since 2005 when I graduated. I was no where close to the oldest one there, and it was enough fun to be worth losing sleep on a Tuesday night.

Less glamorous - Dalton and I picked up a prescription. They had lost it or something (listening and remembering is on that list of things I'm struggling with currently) and had to redo it when I got there. It's not easy to find ways to entertain a one year old in the grocery story for nearly 30 minutes.

Over the weekend, we feasted on the world's greatest barbecue - Dinosaur Barbecue.

It's a staple in my home town of Rochester, NY. They opened up a location in Baltimore last month and this was the first time our group of friends was all free to meet up and stuff our faces with delicious meat. 

My plate.

Dalton has had takeout from Dino before, and certainly ingested some while in utero, but this was his first time actually dining in. Of course, he loved it and devoured everything.

I think I officially have a toddler. 

Once he figured out walking, he was off. He now walks everywhere. Tonight, he even started clapping! 

We've been trying to teach him for months and the closest he would come would be to clap our hands together. It's so much fun but I can't even believe that the baby stage is pretty much finished. 

Would you rather: never have to do laundry again (cleaning or putting away), or never have to do dishes again (same)?

Hard to say but I think laundry because it seems so much more time consuming, and pointless now that one of my child's favorite activities is taking everything out of his dresser drawers.

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