Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Treat yo self

This weekend it was time to treat yo self.

My BFFs and I were supposed to do a mani/pedi date to celebrate two of our birthdays in JUNE, and it finally happened this past weekend. It was definitely well worth the wait, though. We even went for a run first to make sure our toes were sufficiently disgusting. I'm not sure I've had a manicure since my wedding. It's been four days and it's surprisingly still mainly intact! I've been wearing flip flops no matter how unseasonably cold it is to show off my toes.

I love my time with my friends, and getting a pedicure is always super relaxing. Especially with those glorious massage chairs. There's just something different about it now though, where even if I'm in heaven, drinking coffee, getting my feet rubbed, and chatting with my girlfriends, I still miss this face.

Even though he was napping for a good chunk of time I was gone....I still missed some awake time with him. It's probably for the best though, as Eric has requested some father/son time. Apparently I'm somewhat of a baby hog. #shocking

Yes, I'm still calling him a baby even though he is officially wobble walking everywhere. There's no stopping him.

We went to get our pumpkins Sunday morning. Maybe I'm just out of the holiday circuit, but have pumpkins always been so expensive?? 

Ours were slightly smaller.

Dalton had a great time and was obsessed with the wheel barrows. He ran after one full speed and was thrilled when Eric let him push ours. 

He could actually push it, no help needed.
I got a hot spiced cider, which sentenced me to a nonstop attack of bees. A fate worse than death, and yet I refused to stop drinking it.

Bee all up in my cider.
We were all excited to let him check out the pumpkin guts while we carved them and he was completely uninterested and just wanted to bang the big metal spoon we were using to scrape out the insides. Babies. They know nothing.

Despite his lack of interest, I'm still really excited for Halloween this year. It's our first time as adults living in a home where we can actually hand out candy to trick or treaters (we didn't get too many in our previous third floor apartment). Dalton is sort of old enough to participate (if you can walk, you can trick or treat) and yet young enough where I can dress him however I want and eat all his candy without protest. 

Last year, he was five weeks old on Halloween. While that was adorable, it didn't lend itself to celebrating much.

Not to be the holiday police or anything, but when did Halloween start like the second week of October? My Facebook feed is filled with people in costumes already. And I heard that trick or treating can take place all sorts of random days that towns decide now? What is this insanity? I can get on board with holiday parties happening earlier, and I'm certainly not saying I would be turning them down myself, but trick or treating needs to be reserved for the 31st. 

In a tiny bit of non baby news, I finally started listening to Undisclosed, which is a podcast that has more information about the case of Adnan Syed, from the Serial podcast. It's no Serial, but I've been getting pretty into it on my runs. 

I'll end with a random picture from our trip to the playground Sunday evening.

Because that smile.
Thoughts on trick or treating on various dates throughout October? I'm not talking about trunk or treats or those zoo events or anything like that. I'm talking about door to door, getting candy. Seems especially unnecessary this year with Halloween on a Saturday.

Anyone else listen to Undisclosed?


  1. Trick or treating is October 31st end of story!!! The ONLY exception would be if it would be too rainy or stormy to allow for T&T and then Nov. 1st will suffice! LOL I heard something about other places changing the date too and I don't understand. Maybe because it falls on a Saturday this year? IDK craziness!!

  2. Trick or treating should be on the 31st! That is ridiculous to hold it any other day (and I say that living somewhere that is decidedly not trick-or-treater friendly!)

  3. We live in a place with trick or treaters, which was awesome until Leif. Now they wake him up with doorbell ringing and shouting. So last year we hid inside with the curtains closed and pretended to be out.

  4. My friend told a story about how in late elementary school he was sick on Halloween but complained so much the next day his parents took him trick or treating on Nov 1st and everyone gave him all the candy they had since they didn't want to eat it and didn't have to worry about more trick or treaters showing up.

    Pumpkins are super expensive this year.

  5. I would definitely be against trick or treating on any day that is not October 31st, nor would I give anyone candy that came to my door on any other day :)
    So far, have you learned anything on Disclosed that has changed your views on Adnan's innocence or guilt? I'll see if I can get Travers on board since we listened to Serial together.
    Two other random comments: The pic of Dalton pushing the wheelbarrow is awesome- now that you guys own a house you can get him started on yard work! And, wearing flip flops in winter is totally something I would do if I got a pedi, although usually my runner toenails are too embarrassing to expose others to, if they are are toenail professionals.

  6. If a trick or treater showed up at my door today, I'd be so unprepared. I refuse to buy candy until the day of because I'll eat it all otherwise! And I haven't heard of Undisclosed but I'm glad you mentioned it-- I need some new podcasts now that I'm running again!

  7. I was not even aware of Undisclosed. I might have to check that out. Is it the same narrator?

    I am in full support of Halloween lasting the full month of October. I would totally dress up on October 1. And here, I probably could because Halloween Horror Nights starts in late Sept.

  8. Look at him with that wheelbarrow like a BOSS! I love the drunk baby walk! Sounds like you guys had the best time, I can't wait to see his costume!!

  9. I'm already tired of Halloween. I'm tired of seeing pictures of people and their kids in costumes, I'm tired of hearing people complain about having too much candy, etc, etc. Halloween is a ONE DAY Holiday! If it rains on October 31, bring an umbrella! If you can't suffer a little bit for your free candy, then you don't deserve it. Kids these days...but really, seriously, I'm so tired of it. And I see people doing "trunk or treat" which to me simply teaches kids that people really do have candy in their cars...and if you are doing that, plus regular trick-or-treating, plus parties, it's just ridiculous.
    *rant over*


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