Monday, November 16, 2015

Best day of my life

Welcome to the best day of my life. Here's what happened.

First of all, I actually got up and ran. The distance isn't important. Don't worry about that. The point is, I was on the treadmill, moving, prior to sunrise.

Then Eric called me when I was on my way to work. My first reaction was panic, because the last time that happened, it was from an ambulance, after his car was totaled, with Dalton in tow. I heard him say something about an ear infection, so I assumed Dalton needed to go to the doctor. But finally I calmed down enough to understand that he was telling me that Dalton's daycare provider had an ear infection, he was fine, and Dalton just needed to be picked up before 11 (she had help until then).

It was Eric's first day of basketball tryouts (coaching, not playing), which is a big deal, so I stepped up and took one for the team. Left work a half day on a beautiful, unseasonably warm fall day to spend the afternoon with my son. We went to the playground, had lunch together, then he took a nap and I actually cleaned and did laundry! Then we went to Aldi and got all our Thanksgiving non-perishables. (I'm not sponsored, I just like dirt cheap groceries so I can save my money for daycare and have more kids.) It. Was. Glorious. I was seriously so happy to have an extra 5-6 hours with my little man.

I realize this makes me sound like a total asshole, capitalizing on someone else's illness and playing hooky, but I promise she's fine now, and I felt awful for her, and there was really no other option, I can't leave my kid there unattended with someone too ill to care for him. And, I'm selfish and like things that work out for me (preferably not at someone else's expense thems the breaks sometimes). I especially needed today after my last post.

This wonderful Monday (such an oxymoron but true in this case) followed yet another epic weekend of eating and kid activities. I used to be worried that after having a child, I would miss my past lifestyle of nightlife (my early 20s) and insanely long runs and races (my late 20s). However, I can honestly say that going somewhere full of brightly colored, loud musical toys and full of toddlers is something I look forward to now just as much as I ever did with racing or nights out.

On Friday we met up after work to go to Storyville (a free book themed gigantic play place at the library). I've been dying to go since Dalton could walk and try out the Toddler Bay.

Always blurry, can't stop won't stop.
It lived up to expectations and we all had a great time. That night, I thought we nailed dinner.

 I need all the Papa John's sauces on my plate. 
Looks delicious, right?But, it was inferior to the pizza we had later on this weekend. You'll see why.

Saturday morning I used the Port Discovery annual family pass that our generous friends got us for Dalton's birthday (Port Discovery is a really cool children's museum). They had a member's only preview of a new exhibit, before they opened to the public for the day. Naturally this made me feel super important and I'm not even lying when I say I was looking forward to it all week.

The exhibit was customized for my nephew, who's obsessed with Holsteins. I can't wait to bring him when he visits this winter. I was lucky enough to have two good friends, Carolyn and Kandi, and their little boys join me. 

Milking contest. Only Eric was able to beat the machine!
#1 priority of this post: Harrison's reaction to this picture.
World's most adorable cashiers.
Next up: a water table/playplace that takes up an entire room.

My little water baby.

We finished up the morning at Tot Tails with the giant light bright.

Notice the change of clothes after the water garden.
Kandi lives kind of far from the museum so I lured her in with promises of Shake Shack for lunch, and I had to deliver. Eric was devastated, of course. I'd never eaten there, only gotten a shake once (it's relatively new to Baltimore) and my burger and fries were heaven. The boys each devoured their own burger, of course. 

Sunday was Carolyn's birthday and she had friends over for lunch. Here's where our Papa Johns was put to shame. Her husband ordered her favorite food, deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's in Chicago, and they apparently ship it right from the restaurant all the way to the east coast on dry ice. Best birthday surprise ever, and best November 15th surprise for the rest of us. 

So delicious.
And that's the story of another weekend of amazing food and fantastic toddler activities. I have all these fantasies of doing fun stuff like this nonstop on my maternity leave while I just wear and snuggle the new baby...I suspect it's a lot easier in my fantasies than it will be in reality. 

For anyone concerned about my cholesterol/ability to live till 40 based on my diet, I promise we do spend the non-blogged about meals eating things like veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins. But I have to capitalize on eating for two while I can. 

What do you look forward to and enjoy now that in your past life you wouldn't have been caught dead doing?


  1. I really enjoy having a minivan. I'm pretty cool

  2. Going to toddler gym class at 8:30 am after being out until 2 am....the 2 am part was overrated but couldn't handle not taking her to gym class!

  3. We have a place like port discovery here and Leif is obsessed with the giant light brite thing. So fun.

    Toddler swim lessons are my weird favorite thing.

  4. When my husband and I met our future daycare provider and she said that maybe once a year she needs to take a day off because she's sick or needs to go to the dentist I was so excited for the "sick day" I'd be able to take with our son. I even said "I hope the days that happens are nice sunny days" so I'm even more or a jerk for capitalizing on someone's illness.

    He's only four months so we haven't done much in terms of kid stuff. Last weekend I took him to an indoor therapy pool to go swimming for he first time. I probably would have thought that was lame previously but loved it.

  5. Staying home on Friday nights. It's like our favorite thing to nestle on the couch, watch How I Met Your Mother, and go to bed by 10pm. Love.

  6. I love Lou Malnati's. Just seeing this picture makes me want to go there tonight for dinner. There is a Shake Shack in Chicago now and I can't wait to go there either. I live for good food.

  7. This sounds awesome! There have been a few times my kiddo has been "sick" but really just has a temp but feels fine, and we've ended up making a fun day of it. Also that museum looks awesome and a lot like one near us (Imagine Nation), which is our favorite local kids' museum and also has the giant Lite Brite thingy and massive water table. So fun!

  8. Surprise days of can be the best when you're feeling great! I'm a little sad that there were no Shake Shack photos but it's probably a good thing as I don't know if I'd be able to contain my food envy!

  9. Isn't Storyville amazing? We haven't been to Port Discovery yet, but I'm prepared to be blown away. In my pre-baby days, I'd never be caught dead singing (unless I was super drunk at karaoke night), but now I love belting out songs in music class and even (!) in the grocery store.

  10. We had such a great time at Port Discovery with you guys! Thanks for letting us tag along. Jude had a blast! Shake Shack was a nice bonus.


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