Monday, November 9, 2015

I just love food

I wouldn't say I'm king of the world or anything, but I'm officially in the second trimester as of last Friday and the fog is finally lifting. I think I'm remembering what it's like to be human again. I even managed to do housework during naptimes on Saturday AND Sunday (rather than napping myself). I did contemplate giving up exercise for the rest of my pregnancy while I was pushing snooze for the fifth time this morning, and then realized that after this pregnancy, I'll have two kids, so that really meant giving it up forever. Which I was ok with. Baby steps.

I had an ultrasound on Thursday, and it was really exciting because the baby actually looked like a baby! The dating one we had was at 7 weeks, so other than the heartbeat (which was glorious) there wasn't much to see. This time, the kid was moving, sticking out its tongue, and actually being a person! I can't wait to feel the movements. I keep thinking I do, but it's still early.

I celebrated all weekend. This weekend was especially epic for someone who loves food and eating like I do.

We kicked it off with a Friday evening stroller run. Somewhere in the 15-20 minute range (I forgot my Garmin, like it matters anyway), as per usual.

Then, since Friday was oddly, yet wonderfully nearly 80 degrees, we got in one last grill session for the season. Salmon and veggies. Kicking off a weekend of stuffing our faces with one healthy meal.

Saturday morning, we met our friends for baby story hour at the library. A far cry from back in the day when we were roommates downtown and spent our Saturday mornings together.

Yup, just posting this because I look good, my kid isn't even looking. Sorry not sorry.

He loved the rattle. Delicious.
It's fascinating to me that my (every?) toddler picks up every item he sees, and makes an instant decision: put in mouth, or hand to a parent. There are no other options. 

After story time, we all went home for respective naptimes. Then we met up again at our house for a baby dinner date. Obviously, going to a restaurant is laughable at this point in our lives, dinner dates mean takeout at 5:30pm. In this case, from an amazing Mexican restaurant near our old apartment (El Salto). I made oatmeal fudge bars for dessert.

They held hands WE WERE DYING.
The boys got super messy so they ended up taking a bath together. Naturally I'm not posting those pictures but just imagine the most adorable toddler nakedness that is so cute it hurts your eyes. 

I have an obsession with the Today show and I absolutely have to have it on at 7am every day (8 on Sundays). Pretty ridiculous since we leave about 7:15 for work so I barely see any but I seriously LIVE for days off just so I can actually watch. On maternity leave I would just lay on the couch while Dalton snoozed on my chest during the entire show. Those were the days. Anyway, we saw on the local news portion that there was a Greek festival this weekend and decided to go. 

I went for a run (3 miles!) around lunchtime on Sunday and I could barely even listen to Undisclosed because I was so busy salivating over the delicious Greek food in my future. It did not disappoint.

Dolmathes, fried calamari, and a gyro.

He was obsessed with the dolmathes. Actually with everything.

"Don't mind me, I'm just devouring the weird part of fried calamari with all the legs sticking out."
As usual, our little adventurous eater/trash compactor eagerly gobbled everything up. We seriously can't believe we got so lucky with how well this guy eats so far and fully expect our unborn child to only eat kraft mac and cheese for 3 years or something (although by that logic, baby #2 should be an amazing sleeper). 

Luckily I saw a sign for baklava sundaes on the way in, so I saved room.

Just as glorious as it sounds.

There was so much to look it, he wasn't even trying to eat my sundae in this picture (but I did have to share). 
Our BFFs came and met us again. It's so perfect how our boys are so close in age and we can do everything together!

Nathna's coat KILLS me, too adorable.

This time, I can fully appreciate how much I need to take advantage of "eating for two" in the second trimester, before the baby gets all big and takes up all the room in there. It was wonderful to be able to eat massive amounts of greasy or sugary food this weekend with no horrific consequences. In fact, we've even scheduled a second Eating Tour of Rochester, Part 2, and applying this lesson, it will take place around 20 weeks, during Christmas break. This is our inspiration and anyone in Rochester during that time is welcome to join.

The Greek festival was so good, we even got extra gyros to take home for lunch the next day. Having that instead of my usual healthy lunch really started off my Monday in the right place.

Although I was exhausted from all that eating, I managed to prep dinner for the following night. Mondays are rough, coming home knowing there's a piping hot delicious dinner in the crock pot really helps me push through. I decided to take a break from this weekend's all fried, all the time meal plan and went with a cream cheese chicken chili that even included veggies. 

Who else LOVES the Today show? I have such a girl crush on Savannah. 

What's your favorite ethnic cuisine? Greek moved up a bit this weekend, but so far nothing I've tried has been better than Ethiopian.

When did you first feel any and all of your babies move? Dalton was 19 weeks, but I've heard second time moms can feel babies as early as 13 weeks (which I am now).


  1. I thought restaurant week was awesome here, but that food looks glorious.

    I felt Leif move for the first time at 17 weeks I think.

  2. Indian Indian Indian. And I felt Nora at 11 weeks, for realz.

  3. That Greek festival sounds amazing.. and I'm now thinking you were holding out on me. You invited me to story hour but not to delicious Greek food? I kid. But seriously, I might have considered that.
    I don't even remember what week I first felt Jude move. Umm... 18 weeks maybe?

  4. I felt movement at 17 weeks. My step mom says that's our should count five months from the first movement you feel and that's when the baby will come. It was only off in my case by two days.

    I had fantastic Ethiopian food in San Francisco four years ago and have been dreaming about it ever since. In the boonies of NH we don't get much ethnic cuisine.

    I love Matt, Savanah is okay. She's so tall. Whenever she's standing up I can't get over how tall she is compared to everyone else.


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