Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving dinner and maternity yoga pants. 


A match truly made in Heaven. It legit makes me want to go all Duggar and just keep the kids coming for no other reason than eating for two during the holidays. I looked back at my blog from last year and I actually stated that an advantage to having a September baby was not being pregnant for the holidays. HA. What was I thinking?

Before the yoga pants, I wore some running capris. I haven't done a turkey trot in a long time, because I love lazy mornings, but our friends Katharine and Zoe (in the stroller) convinced us that it would be fun (and they were right!).

"Were they really, Mom?"

The weather was chilly, especially for my little buddy who insists on bare feet at all temperatures (like seriously I can put his shoes and socks back on 20 times and then see a bare foot sticking out of the stroller). I've never done a race pushing Dalton so it was a new experience.

We had to start in the back and the first mile was pretty slow moving, even for this prego #motherrunner. Eventually we got far up enough to be with runners and then life was much better. The race was very hilly. That was quite a challenge considering I've done the majority of my training (ha, that was a joke) on the treadmill or flat trails. The thought of pushing a double stroller next year is a bit intimidating.

We had our good friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. I've been best friends with Casi for 20 years (!?) and we used to be roommates, so she's pretty much family. I was going to include a picture but then I realized I only took baby and food pictures. And pictures where I pretended to be all Martha Stewart. 

Apps. The only thing those plates mean is that I wasn't trying to do more dishes. Although I am pretty sure it's a boy. 

Any more than four adults and we are in trouble.

Eric made his famous fried turkey. 

He even had some help marinating it this year!

If you've never had fried turkey, you will never go back once you try it.

The spread

Part 2. Plus creamed corn in the crock pot.
I tried a couple new recipes, seen above - cornbread stuffing and homemade green bean casserole (no fried onion or soup from a can). Both were very well received.

We tried to snap a super fast family picture before he dug in.

All those delicious fatty carbs, and he starts with a carrot.

My plate #1
After dinner, Casi, Dalton and I went on a walk while the boys laid on the couch and watched football. Classic.

For dessert, Casi made amazing pumpkin meringue pie.

Dalton was a big pie fan, and also a big homemade whipped cream fan.

Notice the outfit change.
I'll go ahead and state the obvious since this post is titled "Thanksgiving". I'm beyond thankful for these two wonderful guys in my life, and that we have a new addition joining us soon (but not soon enough!). And a lot of other things, clearly, but that's the #1. 

Eric wanted to show off his food baby.

I'm thoroughly enjoying these four days with them and on Monday, I have a doctor appointment so I'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat (never gets old!). 

What's your favorite Thanskgiving food? This year, I would have to say my mom's spinach ball recipe that I made for an appetizer. I just was obsessed with it, in the moment and for leftovers. Random but good.

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  1. I might actually enjoy thanksgiving food if I ate at your house. Mostly I just live on buttermilk biscuits.


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