Saturday, November 27, 2010

My favorite things

Some random things I'm thankful for, in no particular order (this is not late, it's still Thanksgiving week):
  • My family - someone recently just asked me if I'd "put in my time" when I saw my family last weekend - I was really sad for that person! I love spending time with my family, every time I feel a little down I know I'll feel better afterward, and it makes the good times even better. I wish I could spend more time with everyone, but I look forward to even talking on the phone.

  • My husband - not trying to get all "I married my best friend" mushy but I lucked out big time with this one.

  • Coffee - the smell, taste, caffeine, feeling of the warm mug on a hot day, choosing which one of my 8 million mugs to drink out of each morning: seriously what's not to love?(busted out the Christmas mug today!)

  • Running - therapy, endorphins, friends, sunshine, medals, music, it's the best sport out there, in my opinion (although granted not the most exciting to watch)

  • My Garmin - makes running even better!

  • My library card - because without it I would go broke buying books

  • This computer - I use it for such important tasks each day such as checking my Facebook and reading blogs of people I have never met (us getting the computer for Christmas 2008)

  • Ross Dress for Less - without that store I'd be wearing even more outdated clothes from pre- new millennium then I already do
  • My Ipod - staying strong since 2005, Apple has released like 20 newer/fancier versions since I got mine but it continues to play music for me while I am running or at the gym or in the shower so I love it even if it doesn't know what an "app" is (and maybe neither do I)

  • Bananas - because they taste delicious and prevent cramping

  • Books on CD - they prevent road rage like no other

  • My new pots and pans, immersion blender, apple corer, ice cream maker, and the many random kitchen gadgets that I didn't know I couldn't live without until I received them as gifts - I love cooking and I love gadgets that make it more fun and shave off .42 seconds from the time it takes, because I love eating even more than cooking and I 100% lack patience

  • My husband taking over all money issues in our family - haven't paid a bill since I paid off my car in June - true story. I'd rather clean the toilet any day.

  • Wegmans – makes a fun task (grocery shopping) into a super fun one (I know this isn't exactly points towards my “I am normal!” account)

  • Pumpkin – seriously eat it every day – so delicious

  • Breath mints - I just have an addiction for some reason, plus I am happy when others use them

  • Every time I use something that was a gift from someone else - isn't it just more fun to drink wine out of pretty glasses from a friend? And put on earrings your sister picked out for you? Grinding the coffee beans that your mom thought you would like? I love using something and thinking of the person who was nice enough to give it to me.

  • Pajamas - because real clothes like jeans are only for when you are leaving the house to go somewhere fancy, obviously, and they make for a great Christmas Eve tradition

  • My hair - because it's awesome

Wow this list got long fast - most of my family and friends (especially my husband) could probably confirm how I can get VERY excited over VERY small and inconsequential things. I think its a good trait though, it brings me some happy moments anyway, and amuses others, so it's really a win win. I forgot to add chocolate to the list, but come on, that's obvious.

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