Monday, June 22, 2015

My head is famous now

People say you have less free time once you have kids, but that's not always true. I used to start searching for the perfect cake recipe weeks before my birthday, and spend time planning exactly what would make for an absolute perfect day. This year, I didn't have to waste time with any of that, because I have the secret ingredient for a perfect day right under my nose.

This smile.
To make things even more perfect, my mom and stepfather came down to visit Thursday night.

My birthday was the first day of summer vacation, so I got to spend the whole day with my boys in air conditioning. Life does not get better.

We did a lot of eating and drinking. Well, I did.

Birthday pizookie (sp?). Good, but we left most of it and went home for better things.
Strawberry lemonade poke cake

I set the bar pretty high during my 31st year. I got my master's degree, which wasn't very exciting, but it does mean I am sort of done with homework and got an extremely nominal pay raise. As a result, I began purchasing the mid level boxed wine, which was an upgrade for me. #treatyoself

I finished up ten years of teaching, and made it to the end of the school year still breastfeeding (sounds easy, isn't easy)! 9 months tomorrow and so far haven't had to buy any formula. I'm putting away the money we're saving to stock the fridge for when he's 15, because if his appetite now is any indication, we are screwed.

 He definitely inherited my hanger.
We bought a house. It's been about 5% pain in the ass and 95% freaking awesome.

And, obviously, nothing in life even comes close to how much happiness this little man brings me. 

I think my 32nd year has the potential to be even better, since this guy will be around for the whole thing.

The excitement didn't stop with my birthday. We've lived in our house for two full months and just made the first IKEA trip. My parents got me this awesome chair as a birthday gift. 

Because I love sitting.
Saturday night there was a tornado warning. I used to kind of glance out the window for those and be like "eh, I'm sure it's fine". Well, things have changed, and now I couldn't get everyone to the basement fast enough. Dalton seriously thought it was the BEST THING EVER. I've never seen anyone so happy.
Until it was time to go back to bed. Then he was not so happy.
Luckily everything was fine.

We celebrated Eric's first Father's Day.

He was bartending, and we attempted to surprise him at work. Too bad we went to the wrong bar. We eventually found him though.

Last but not least, my big TV debut. My school, and a student I taught for four years, were in a documentary on the Discovery channel! I was interviewed and everything, but they cut it (I'm really not joking about how awkward I am in person). Still pretty cool though. It's called "Rise, the promise of my brother's keeper" and it's on all week. Our school is Halstead, featured at the end. My class is in it and if you look closely you can see my head several times. 

We watched it at Eric's bar. Except Dalton. He just watched me.

He likes to make sure I don't escape.
And now I'm back to working full time. Yay.

What's your claim to fame?


  1. Belated Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a terrific day. I love how happy Dalton always looks in his photos.

  2. I was once on TRL!

    That ikea chair is awesome! My parents have them. IKEA is glorious. We go, wander around, and have lunch.

  3. Congrats on being a homeowner :) and having a famous head.
    When our surgery center opened I was on the billboards advertising it all over town, and I am on some of the pamphlets in the doctors office. I didn't even know about that for like three years. and when I was in high school I was interviewed by the BBC for something they were doing on ranch life in Montana. and I was in a video they made celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the surgery center being open. I was interviewed and videod walking down the hall with my favorite surgeon. and I was on the news twice last year talking about cattle things.

    Probably done being famous now forever

  4. So does he actually never cry, or do you just not take pictures of those moments?
    Also, it's no Serial, but I am happy that your school is on the Discovery Channel!! (Actually, it's probably a lot better than being featured in a podcast about a gruesome murder.)

  5. I'm still trying to comprehend how you left a pizookie for a cake with fruit. Fruit has no business on dessert! Anyway, Happy 32nd!

    1. I honestly was not that impressed with the pizookie or BJs in general, other than the fact that they picked s hilarious name.


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