Monday, May 7, 2012

Half Ironman Week!


It's here! In just 5 short days I'll be getting in the water and starting my race. It was one of those things that started out as "hey, maybe someday we should do a half ironman!" "ya, that would be crazy!", so I really can't believe it's almost here. Expect all posts this week to be on the same topic.

So far, the forecast is 75 and sunny, so we all need to cross our fingers this week that it stays that way. Jackie shares my love of excessive organization in the form of lists and made us all a detailed spreadsheet with a packing list divided both by category and by person. It brought me so much joy I almost cried.

My legs are feeling just a tad tired from my weekend of racing, so my workouts during this taper week will be super easy and short. Perfect, since this gives me extra time to obsessively check the weather, work on the packing spreadsheet, and bake amazing brownies to eat after the race.

Did I mention that we all rented a house in Lake Anna (where the race is) and it's so beautiful I'm probably never coming home? It has a grill, Foosball table, pool table, private dock overlooking the lake, and, most importantly, a hot tub. Much like during the Myrtle Beach Marathon, I'll be using the image of drinking wine in the hot tub while wearing my medal to get through the race. Bonus points for a private one with no weird men talking to me.

I think there are more of yesterday's half marathon pictures floating around, but here's one that the running store posted on Facebook. If you zero in on my face, it really sums up my feelings on the race.

What crap do you tell yourself to get through Monday morning? I repeat "I'm lucky to have a job, I'm lucky to have a job" over and over in my head. 


  1. I'm glad to hear that you have a house at Lake Anna! I thought you might be driving the almost 3 hours there on race morning. :)

    I love that race picture. You look hardcore and angry...and so compressed.

    On Monday morning I usually don't have to tell myself anything to get through the day because I don't have to go anywhere :P

  2. HAhahahahaah your mantra kills me.

    This morning I"m just trying to stay awake after the weekend. Too bad I actually have a crap ton of work to do.

    I can't believe the half ironman is almost here!!

  3. Man, I'm excited to hear how the HIM goes! I think they will be my challenge next summer, although your massive amounts of training have kind of terrified me :)

  4. I'm so excited to hear about your total domination! That lake house sounds fabulous. I'm also an obsessive list-maker/weather-checker. it's my cray way of staying sane.

  5. Yea!!!!!!!!! its race week! i can't believe it!

    my mantra for this week will be: "in 5 days and 8 hours we will be sitting in a hot tub drinking wine and celebrating the fact that we just finished a half ironman!!!!!!" yea!!!

  6. A lake house sounds great - and the hot tub even better!

    Today my mantra is "If the kid wants to be a dog, I'm okay with that."

  7. That house post-race sounds so perfect. I'm always jealous of your race getaways - I need some jacuzzi/booze/junk food motivation post-race too!

  8. I've been telling myself I'm lucky to be home, but Monday is terrifying because I'm alone with a totally dependent tiny human after having help all weekend. This week will fly by and then you will have a great race this weekend!

  9. The house sounds cool. Have fun!


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