Friday, May 25, 2012

Monkey balls

I got back from Dallas Tuesday night, and after a doctor's appointment this morning, Eric and I are off to the Outer Banks for a beach weekend. Gosh, it's hard being a world traveler.

Oh, wait, no it's not. Getting to go on all these cool trips is awesome. In my humble opinion, anyone who complains about having to travel too much should be shot. And that's coming from a major complainer.

It's like a 9 hour drive to the beach, but Eric is finally ready to listen to Mockingjay, so it will be 9 hours of Katniss and Peeta bliss. 

I'm actually a huge introvert/homebody, so I thought I might feel just a tad overwhelmed with all these trips, but they were too perfect for that. For both our triathlon weekend, and this coming weekend, we rented huge, gorgeous houses on the water. So it's just like being home, except a bunch of your friends are there, you're in a "home" that's a million times better than your actual home, and you still feel like you are on vacation and give yourself permission to drink accordingly. Best of both worlds.

While I did have to return to work on Wednesday, I didn't have to actually teach or anything, thank goodness. It was time for our big field trip to the zoo. 

I dated myself by screaming "Pumba!! Pumba!!" here. The kids were all like "What's a Pumba?". Does no one watch Disney movies anymore?

As if the zoo itself wasn't exciting enough on it's own, in the monkey enclosure we struck pure gold.

Try to imagine seeing this surrounded by 18 screaming children.

While it was great not to have to teach for a day, when I stumbled home exhausted, dehydrated, partially deaf, and with my blood pressure at an all time high, I wondered if teaching reading would have just been better.

I start training for JFK on June 18th, officially, according to my made up training plan, so I'm trying to enjoy this period of not training. I always look forward to not having to train and doing any workout I want like crazy while I'm training for a race. Then when it finally happens, I feel lazy and unfocused and can't wait to start training again. 

In Dallas, I set my alarm to "no sound" so that when I pushed snooze, I would be woken up by vibrations but my roommate wouldn't feel the need to kill me. On both Wednesday AND Thursday I couldn't figure out why my alarm hadn't woken me up. Genius, right here. Therefore, I was forced to work out at night both days, and I feel I deserve a medal for getting to the gym after that zoo trip.

Not much to write home about on these workouts.

Wednesday - 25 minutes on the elliptical and Body Sculpt, a weight lifting class.
Thursday - 45 minutes on the trainer with Felicity and day 2 of our ab challenge, which sounds so easy but takes almost a half hour and makes me want to cry. My abs hurt at dinner.
Friday - spin class and ab challenge again - we are aiming for three times a week so that means I'm done until Monday! 

I just have to share that I am enjoying this wonderful Ross Dress for Less find right now, and it IS as wonderful as it looks.


  1. So you're going to find more of that coffee and bring it with you in October, right?

    I love not training, maybe that's why I don't race much unless it involves no training at all.

    Holy Monkey Balls!

  2. excellent post title. and holy crap!

    have fun this weekend. i love the outer banks!

  3. You're starting training over a month earlier than I did!

    I love that you sent that picture to your husband. He must have really appreciated that.

    I'm jealous of your weekend. Drink an extra adult beverage for me!

  4. I feel like zoo trips are awkward field trips because there's always that kid who will ask a question about monkey balls or animal sex and what do you really say to that?

    The coffee looks delicious. I may need to make a trip to Ross on the way home to see if ours has any.

  5. those monkey balls look like they'd be more at home on the back of a pickup truck in rural Maryland.

  6. Nothing like Chocolate donut flavored coffee. It's the only kind I drink!


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