Friday, May 4, 2012

I love lists

You guys sure put me in my place yesterday, pointing out that moving everything out of my kitchen was a small price to pay for no cockroaches. Yet another reason I love having a blog - perspective. From here on out, I will no longer be complaining. 

Dealing with this after work beats roaches a million times over
For some reason I feel that every time I fit in swimming, biking, and running in the same day is cause for celebration, and yesterday was one of those celebrations. After work Lily and I did our usual BWI trail loop (about 16 miles) and a 30 minute run. 

I wanted to get all three in yesterday so today could be a rest day, because I have two races coming up this weekend! A 5K Saturday morning, and a half marathon Sunday morning. Spending my last weekend before the half ironman racing twice wasn't my plan or anything, it just sort of happened. I love racing though, so it's no hardship.

The half marathon is a deferment from one I couldn't make last year. The 5K is to raise money for ALS research, and I was invited to join a team of a friend of a friend who suffers from ALS and still runs the race! 

I finally broke down and ordered the famous CEP compression sleeves, and they arrived in the nick of time yesterday. Between those and my Aspaeris Pivot shorts, I'll be good to go even with double races on the schedule. Ew, that sounded like a commercial, but I promise it's the truth.
Now I'll always be wearing pink in races!

My friend Jackie called the half marathon I'm running on Sunday "the most demoralizing race ever". Here's the elevation chart.

The key is to build the hills up so much in my mind that the actual race seems easy. My usual neighborhood route has me climbing around 150 feet in most miles, so at least it will be familiar. 

I started having half ironman nightmares last night. In the dream, Eric decided he wasn't coming, and was all casual about it, like "man up! I'm not going! Get over it!". That was far from the worst part though. The scariest part was when I was trying to pack at the very last minute with no list. I am completely disorganized with paperwork, household items, closet arrangement, etc, but when it comes to planning I'm as anal as they come. When I packed for my 50 mile race, I started an excel spreadsheet weeks ahead of time detailing all the items I needed to bring. 

In fact, I'm starting my HIM list tonight. And I'm looking forward to it. Wait, today is Friday. Maybe I shouldn't admit that.

Are you organized? Do you love making lists?


  1. Have you considered the idea of Laka Anna being covered in goose poop film? Maybe that should make an appearance in your nightmares :)

    I hate making lists. I never pack with one. I think I had a few things written down for the 50 mile race, but that's as fancy as I get. You'd love traveling with me.

  2. I always make check lists for work and for school-- like, literal lists with boxes in front that I can check off :) It's the only way I can organize the chaos in my brain!

    Good luck this weekend!!

  3. I live in pivot shorts and CEP sleeves all the time. Now we can be twins even more for Hartford.

    I'm not organized, but I am clean. They are very different.

    That half terrifies me, but you're totally going to rock it!

  4. Bottles of water for your ride that you've tested if they're usable for peeing in.

    six-pack of beer to make money selling to miserable looking competitors slogging along, to help alleviate cost of event

    bubblegum -- because who doesn't want to try to see where it goes if you spit it out fast during the bike part

    headcam for live video streaming

    umbrella, in case it is sunny

    rain poncho, in case it is rainy

    dress and heels, in case there is a formal event along the way


    You're welcome.

    1. You forgot the pantyhose. You can't wear your dress and heels without hose.

  5. that race was demoralizing for me but it was also like a week or so after my first full marathon. plus i'm a wimp when it comes to hills. you own hills so i'm sure you will rock it!

    I'm a list freak as well - I started making mine last night, before the on call gods so rudely interrupted me. we can compare lists to make sure we have everything :-)

    and nice compression socks! you know i'm a sucker for pink

  6. I think your dream is sympathy for my situation 2 weeks ago.


  7. Well I am good with list for some stuff but not everything I am glad I have my running friends to make list and share :-)

  8. I love making to-do lists. I have a special planner for it and everything. Freak up in here! Anyways, I think I'm glad the half marathon map won't load because other people's comments make it sound plenty scary.

  9. I demand the elevation chart! I love making lists, even if I don't get around to doing everything on them. Which reminds me...I should probably go do some of the stuff on my list for today.

  10. I don't just make lists. I make excel spreadsheets. Maybe we were meant to be friends??? I think you should share the list.

    I'm with Sarah on the elevation chart - especially after already seeing your DM post on the race.


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