Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yesterday was full of ups and downs. Actually really just one of each, but they were major.

I got an email on my lunch break that resulted in me dropping my sandwich and running down the hall screaming with joy. It was from my instructor informing us that he was sick, so my grad class was canceled that evening. After briefly considering using all the extra time to do something like re-organize the bedroom, I remembered how lazy I am. I caught up on some grading, folded a load of laundry, then watched numerous episodes of Saved by the Bell on Netflix.

Is that or is that not the best wordle you've ever seen?

Apparently the real estate gods overheard me bragging about how awesome renting is in order to convince myself I don't hate it. They got me back with a lovely notice on the door when I got home from work yesterday. It informed us that by Friday (keep in mind, it was posted Wednesday) we would need to remove everything from our kitchen for cockroach treatment. Everyone out of the cabinets, closet, and below the sink. Tell me that doesn't sound like a huge pain in the ass.

With a stupidly designed cabinet like that,
how could it not be a cluster f$#%?

In their defense, I've only seen cockroaches at work, and I would like to keep it that way. Eric made some sort of remark about how now we can reorganize everything and make it better. I had to remind him that if that's how he feels, he chose the wrong wife.

Here's a lesson I learned while working on this post - do not search for cockroaches on Pinterest unless you want to see some disturbing images. I had to close the window immediately, so you're lucky that you're not looking at one of those images right now.

After my two open water swims this week, swimming at the YMCA this morning felt wonderfully nice and warm. I used a masters swim workout from a website that Ashley recommended. It was a great workout, my legs and arms were burning after the kickboarding and pulling parts.

Today is a big day in terms of internet stalking. The day of the half ironman is officially in the ten day forecast. I'm not going to get excited yet, but I like what I see so far.

How annoyed would you be if you had to remove every single thing in your kitchen after work tonight?


  1. If I had one thought that a cockroach could be in my kitchen, I would pull everything out and burn it all.

    Also, this phrase "after work" is confusing to me.

  2. Is there a reason you have a picture of you guys taped inside your pantry?

    I've seen cockroaches in real life and they are AWFUL.

  3. OMG Yesterday I walked past our copy room at work and there was a huge cockroach crawling through the room. There's also a huge dead one that everyone is pretending they don't see. I'd remove everything from my kitchen in a heartbeat to not have to experience that at home! When I was in middle school there were flying cockroaches in the school. This is making me want to die.

  4. I'd be super annoyed - but I have to do it twice a month for our Jamaican exterminator anyway, and our kitchen is the size of a shoebox, so its not too big of a deal. And the exterminator is a hoot - he always comments on the size of one of our cats ("thats a BIG PUSSY!!!") and then asks for a shot of Jack. Usually at around 10 am.

  5. I'd be pisssed but then I'd be pissed if I saw cockroaches too!

    That's not a bad forecast. I hope it stays that way!

  6. I'd be pisssed but then I'd be pissed if I saw cockroaches too!

    That's not a bad forecast. I hope it stays that way!

  7. Cockroaches are disgusting! I'd do anything to make sure I don't have them. YUCK! I didn't say that I would like it. I simply don't like nature inside my house at all. Outside = treehugger Shelly. Inside = not so much. This might stem from the hornets that have come through...yes, through as in their nest fell through my ceiling...TWICE. Not a fun night.

  8. if it keeps cockroaches away, ill clear out my entire house :-) and i am LOVING that forecast!!!! can't wait - gonna be a GREAT weekend!

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  10. Cockroaches are disgusting!

    I'm not a big fan of clearing out the cabinets, but even less of a fan of needing to because of cockroaches!


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