Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Important race preparation

My legs are a little sore and tight from racing this weekend. Not to the point where I am moaning and groaning and walking down stairs backwards or anything. In fact, not even to the point where I would think twice about it, if I didn't want them to be perfectly nice and fresh for the half ironman. 

My fellow HIM racers and I had our final open water swim planned for Monday night. When I pulled up at the lake with my wetsuit, the water was super choppy and scary looking. I generally run an approximately 47% risk of accidentally becoming lost at sea even on the calmest day, so I vetoed the water immediately. Jackie and Lily were super troopers and still did some sighting practice while swimming in the super shallow part. 

Our other training buddy Elysia and I used that time to get some extra bike miles in. We ended up cycling 23.5 miles and running 2 miles. Now today I'm taking completely off and wearing compression like it's my job.

Of course my real job is teaching, and in honor of teacher appreciation week, here's a little glimpse into a teacher's life.

And there you have it.
I was lucky enough to get four fun sized candy bars in my mailbox yesterday! The appreciation is overwhelming. Not that anything was really necessary, the generous paycheck that enables my lavish lifestyle is more than enough.

This week I can finally attend to the most important part of race preparation. Yes, I will be baking an amazing dessert for after the race, but believe it or not, something even more important exists: sleep. 

Eric was out of town for a graduation this past weekend. Naturally, I couldn't mention that on the blog. I am positive I have at least 12 stalkers, and that would clearly be their long awaited opportunity to swoop in and steal me.

Don't we all?
 Now that he's back, I can return to sleeping through the night (except for getting up for a minimum of 3 pee breaks). When he's gone, I wake up more like 400 times throughout the night, and every time I'm more positive than the last that the sound I just heard is a killer burglar coming to destroy me. We live in an apartment building on a busy street with thin walls, so there's no shortage of noises.

Just look at how I cling to him while he tries to escape.

 Are you scared to spend the night alone or are you normal and brave, unlike me?


  1. I hear that teachers down here get FULL size candy bars, so you should totally consider moving.

    When Jeff is gone, I always think someone is going to break in and all of the neighbors are too far away to even hear my screams. He claims that Peanut would protect me, but I really doubt that. I always sleep better when he's home to tackle imaginary criminals for me.

    1. I've been down there. It's not worth it.

  2. For the first four years of our relationship, the husband was in the Navy and gone for weeks and months at a time. That pretty much cured me of panicking about imaginary criminals or I never would have slept.

    I did used to text my friends when I ran at night and he wasn't home. I was afraid of being attacked while running and no one missing me for DAYS.

  3. Ha, luckily I'm not scared to spend the night alone since I live by myself :) I do like having Tals though, especially if I watch a scary movie or something!

  4. I hate sleeping alone, but with Bungee, it's a little less terrifying.

    Your lavish lifestyle makes me feel inferior. I want to be you.

  5. I can barely sleep when my husband is away too. I wake up all the time with paranoid thoughts. Of course, being able to stretch completely out in the bed is pretty nice too.

  6. must admit - i sometimes sleep with the lights on when dan is out of town so burglars think someone in the house is awake...yea, i know, i have a problem.

    and did i read something about you baking desserts today for this weekend? I'm instaneously hungry thinking about it :-) can't wait!!!!!!!!

  7. Since I've been living on my own for a year now, I'm pretty used to sleeping alone. But when I first moved to my one bedroom apartment, every creak and noise would bother me and wake me up. I was super paranoid and used to check all the closets before I went to bed. Now I am a lot more relaxed.

  8. ugh, yes. Christian goes to China for work for weeks at a time, and the entire time he's gone I'm terrified that someone will break in and kill me. So much so that I won't leave the window open. And one time, our super locked himself out and ended up on our fire escape right outside the window and was banging on the window for me to let him in and I almost had a heart attack right there.

  9. I let the dog sleep in the bed when husband is gone for that very reason. But, it's possible I may have loaded the gun after a scary noise during the last trip.

    I'm almost as excited to hear about your desserts as the race.

  10. I'm terrified to spend the night alone. Although, I was also terrified to wander downstairs late last night once I realized the front door was unlocked. Obviously someone had come through the door in my incredibly safe neighborhood and was waiting to gut me when I opened the refrigerator door. I should not be allowed to watch horror movies.

  11. Staying alone totally freaks me out! Especially since now I live in the boonies and I can't see any other houses in any direction. I kind of enjoy the full bed though, and when Tim comes back I'm bitter I have to share again.

  12. Peeing four hundred times a night? Are you having sympathy pregnancy with Kara?


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