Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 things thursday

Tuesday I had one of those soul crushing runs. I couldn't get out of bed, and when I finally did, I barely made it through 3 miles. I'm not even sure what I did could be called running. I guess doing a 20 mile race Sunday and running 10 miles of tough hills Monday hadn't done my legs any favors. I had this idea that since I used to do that stuff all the time (aka - a year ago) I could just jump back in with no build up. Clearly I was wrong.

Wednesday was a little better but not much. A funny podcast got me through six miles and then I timed things poorly and got back right as Eric was getting in the shower, so I went back out and did another mile. No Garmin which was probably for the best.

It's also tough getting used to this whole working full time thing again. It is exhausting. I want to whine that I've worked at least 10 hours most days but most of my friends work 50 hours a week OR significantly more and would consider that a light week. So I can't even complain.

Ok here are my five things (running stuff doesn't count because it's a running blog).

1. Grad class started up again last night. It was pretty exciting though because it turns out the instructor is a fellow SUNY Geneseo alum (my alma mater, aka the greatest college known to man). It's kind of a big deal because it only has about 5,000 students and most people haven't even heard of it 400 miles away. My excitement took a dive though when he told me he graduated a year AFTER me. AKA I'm officially old enough to be in a graduate school class being taught by someone younger than I am. Ew.

2. I somehow lost my good, insulated camelbak water bottle and it's ruining my life. I've either been going without water or using a tiny fuelbelt one that broke before I even used it ten times. So yesterday I was carrying just a regular, cheap plastic reusable water bottle and it was making my hand way too cold. I know, first world pains and all that, but it was really annoying me and I was already not feeling the run to begin with. Just before the two mile mark I hid it in the bushes and wrapped the water bottle holder around my arm (it's a "fancy" ironman brand one, aka more than 50 cents to replace) and the run really improved. Miraculously, the bottle was even still there on the way back and hadn't been poisoned or anything! I like to live on the edge.

3. Does anyone else feel like twitter is trying to trick them? Several times now I have found myself following something I don't even remember clicking "follow" for, and I could swear I've never even heard of it. I've ruled out sleep twitter following, so I blame twitter itself.

Here's an example. I found myself following "healthyfoods". At first I thought, well, ok, I like to make healthy meals to balance out my dessert addiction, that's fine.

Then they posted this.

Excuse me? Fruit is not cake even if you shape it like one.
I left a comment saying that if someone gave me that on my birthday I would bitch slap them and immediately unfollowed.

4. I got really cocky the other day and was bragging in an email about how I didn't get burned the entire time I was in the Caribbean. The universe put me right in my place and I burned my finger taking dinner out of the oven. They sure showed me and now I have a blister.

Well, I guess it doesn't show up well in pictures, but it's there.
5. Much like I did with Mockingjay, I'm taking my time on the fifth Game of Thrones book because I don't want it to end. I mean, technically the end of the 5th book isn't the end, but it is for the foreseeable future.

This is actually from GRRM's twitter.

Luckily, to give myself something to live for, I just booked a trip home to Rochester. The officially reason is to get fitted for my maid of honor dress for my sister's wedding! And of course the unofficial reason is to hang out with my family and stare at Harrison as he runs around (not hold him, at least last time he was having none of that from me).
What was your alma mater, and on a scale of 1-10, how much did you love it? What was your favorite thing about it? Mine was everything, but you can't use that.
How many hours a week do you work? Please only answer if you are actually employed.


  1. Does George R. R. Martin have an official twitter? I couldn't find it.

    I went to Hope College, which no one has ever heard of and everyone likes to make jokes like "oh, you HOPE to go to college!?" The campus us pretty phenomenal and I had some awesome professors. Is that really nerdy?

    I don't actually know how many hours I work. I don't really work set hours, so who knows!

  2. I would also be quite upset if someone gave me a fruit cake for any celebration. Also, savor that last book, at the rate he's going, he might never come out with the rest...

    My alma matter for undergrad was a small school (around 5-8k) in Virginia and I was pretty over it within the first year, mostly because I think the state of VA is lame. I played soccer, though, so that was fun. For grad school I went back home to Colorado at the University of Denver, and I have wicked state pride, but that seems to outshine my general school pride...I guess I never got that bug.

    I generally work 40 hours a week actually in my office and then probably another 5-10 from home (mostly answering emails my bosses send me at absurd hours of the day while they are supposed to be on vacations). That being said, I can take running lunch breaks when I want, we have a gym, a bomb cafeteria (seriously, the food is SO GOOD..and cheap) and we have awesome photography, art and museum exhibits, so really I probably spend half of the day playing ;).

  3. I almost fell out of my seat when I read that you were a Geneseo alum; I am too! Small world...

  4. I almost fell out of seat when I read that you were a Geneseo alum; I am too! Class of 1993 :)

  5. University of San Diego and I loved it! The campus, the architecture, the teachers, the other students...I could see Mission Bay from my freshman dorm room.

    I work 40 hours/week. Sometimes I work more, but then I'm allowed to take off later in the if I work 48 hours one week, I can take the next Fri off. It's pretty sweet. The actual work is boring, but the scheduling is awesome.

  6. I agree on the mystery Twitter following and I've seen those fruit cake things and just laugh, would be so angry if someone tried to pass that off as dessert. I went to MTSU. I was still too awkward in college to consider it a good time.

  7. I attended UT Austin - one of my best life experiences. My favorite thing about it is the passion others have for the school and how proud people are of attending. pride? They also have an amazing alum network and made our brief years of living in the midwest a much better experience. I also completely agree - cake made from fruit is not cake. And work, right now it is around 40 hours a week. But, from Jan - April and a few other times during the year it can be as much as 65-70 hours a week (I have a salaried position but am paid what would be my hourly rate for any time worked over 40 hours a week).

  8. I see this stupid fricken watermelon cake on pinterest constantly and every time I see it, I truly get mad. I would be so pisssed off if someone brought that shit to a party. That is NOT cake...stop trying to fool anyone. Everyone is simply going to be pissed.

    1. People shouldn't be calling that a watermelon cake - it is a sculpted watermelon, that's it!

  9. CU-Boulder girl for undergrad, and Regis for my Master's, although I doubt anyone from outside the state would have ever heard of the private school. I get feisty about CU on Labor Day weekend when they play CSU, but other than that...meh. Can't really be bothered :)

  10. I too went to the best school on earth - SUNY Geneseo!!! I was just passing through there a couple of weeks ago and had to drag my friends to eat the best subs on the planet, Aunt Cookies!! There are too many things to list about how awesome it is. But I probably graduated a few years before you.
    Working 50 hours a week is the norm. It is only annoying when trying to train for ultras.

  11. I too went to the best school - SUNY Geneseo! You need to make a quick trip when you are passing by to get some Aunt Cookies - YUMMY! There were too many awesome things about that place to list - I still have the best times when I go back. I probably graduated a few years before you...
    50 hours working is the norm. It is only annoying when I am training for an ultra.


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