Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Confessions

1. I finally like a show that everyone else seems to like. 

I rarely seem to get on board with popular shows. Not in a hipster, I'm too cool way, just in a "I'm picky and have a short attention span and would rather just watch episodes of The Office than learn new characters" kind of way. It's quite annoying, really, because it would be much easier if other people could just tell me how to amuse myself. But on my trail run Sunday, people were talking about how good this show is, so I watched about half of the first episode while folding laundry that night (would have finished but got a phone call and then it was time for bed).

Last night, I left work just before 7 and suddenly started feeling awful on my way home (which isn't even ten minutes). I got home, made a cup of tea, washed my feet (they were seriously just as dirty as after my trail run), got in bed and watched until bedtime (not that long, but still). 

2. My upper body is so out of shape, my arms were sore from carrying a couple water coolers like a quarter mile on Saturday. 

Sad. Just sad. I know it wasn't from football, either. I followed my fool-proof plan of never touching the ball. I like the camaraderie and excitement of football, I just suck at the actual game. If I can get through all four quarters without impeding my team in any way, it's a win in my book. Although, I didn't quite make that goal Saturday, because I got a penalty for waving my arms in a girl's face while trying to cover her.

3. (This is the big one.)
I'm doing some races this fall.

Thursday, Eric and I signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival (him for the half, me for the full) on October 12. I did  Baltimore for my first half (so did my sister!), first full, and first sub-4 marathon, and it's my favorite race of all time. Plus, the start line is 20 minutes from our door. It's expensive, but I am getting paid to run for 3 Saturdays in a row, so it's like I'm an elite and it totally evens out.

Amazing sign by my parents.
You may have noticed I've been doing some unusual running - hitting the trails Sunday, doing a 10 mile run the day after my long run, signing up for a marathon when I'm clearly quite a long way from being in marathon PR shape. 

Ha, just kidding, I laugh to myself when bloggers say "you may have noticed....". Look, I may enjoy your blog, but I have my own life to "notice", I'm not sleuthing out what every little nuance and subtle hint might mean.

Anyway, I'm doing a 50 mile race in November. And not just any 50 mile race, the race where it all began, over 55 long ass miles back in 2011.

I swore never again. 
Before the race - half asleep and no idea what was coming.
But, I really liked the race - while the sun was out. It was well organized, had just absolutely fantastic volunteers, nice trails, an inexpensive registration fee and most importantly, the best food of any race I've ever been to.

How can I resist this?

 I just hated the surprise extra distance. However, I have it on good authority that last year this problem was fixed, and it was actually about 50 miles. 

This sign better be accurate this time.

I signed up as soon as it opened, not really sure I would do it. It sells out quickly, so I wanted to keep my options open. I'm glad I did, because I'm actually pretty excited about it. Especially since Kara will be running with me! We've only ever run 32 miles together before, so I'm sure she's just as excited as I am about the extra 18+ miles of bonding we will experience.

What did you swear you'd never do again, only to do it again? Shots don't count. That's just too obvious.


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you're out of the closet about Stone Mill! We're going to have so much fun. By "fun" I mean you're going to want to murder me in the woods and leave my body in pieces as a warning to other runners that bother you.

    I swore I'd never let my kid have Disney princess stuff. That's not holding too strong lately (she's currently wearing Ariel underwear)

  2. I swore I'd never have a Twitter account-- like, seriously, never ever ever. We can all see where that promise got me.

    I remember when you ran Stone Mill and I thought, "Good god. It's 50 miles and she had to run extra on top of that?!" Let's hope that there isn't a repeat!

  3. Secret's out! Woo! I mean, you couldn't pay me to run that race with you, but I'm sure you'll have an awesome time with Kara, so I'll be jealous of your together time.

  4. I had a feeling you were probably planning Stone Mill again!

  5. You'd mentioned this to me earlier this summer and I still think you are insane. I would have PTSD from Stone Mill a few years ago! That sounded so traumatic!!

    Are you doing the 100miler with Kara in April?

    I'm really glad I have friends like you and Kara...my running habits look normal by comparison ;)

  6. I tried not to get sucked into Orange is the New Black but it is really good. Hopefully Stone Mill will be much better this time around, no bonus miles included.

  7. I was wondering when you'd get the 50 mile bug again! I actually have never done any repeat races, though I'm supposed to be running the Philly Marathon this year and that will be my second time at the race. I ran Baltimore last year and had a blast. Great course, great crowds, and the weather was perfect!

  8. I have been told Orange is the New Black is good and I've been told not to waste my time. I can't decide on my own, maybe I should just follow the masses who argue it's great.

    The list of things I've sworn not to do again is long, but most recently it was buy coffee at work. OMG it is nasty. But I can't say n o to caffeine...*sip*sip*gulp*

  9. Stone Mill is awesome - this will by my fourth time running it. Last year was so much better than the year you did it. It truly is 50 miles now - and I actually PR'ed last year by over an hour and a half. Great race, great volunteers - last year they had chocolate covered bacon at the Stone Mill aide station!

  10. Ah I'm so excited for you and Stone Mill! I really wish I was running it with you this year, alas, I am far too lazy to have gotten in gear for that. Next year, perhaps!


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