Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day weekend without the labor

This labor day weekend has been just how I like it - filled with very little labor, and a whole lot of couch time. And that's really only if you consider basic household chores "labor", which I don't, because I'm not pathetic.

It was really another shining example of an introvert's paradise, but that was mainly because here in Baltimore, everyone is obsessed with "the beach" (Ocean City) and leaves town on holiday weekends. Also, Eric got the flu or something and was deathly ill.

Friday, I was practically peeing my pants with excitement over my evening plans: silence and sleep.  I had nowhere to be, no one to talk to, nothing to set the alarm for, and it was glorious. I'm actually getting a little concerned typing this because I feel positive that I once had a social life, but now I have no more desire for that.

Saturday morning, two of my students on opposing football teams were playing against each other, so I went to the game. It was pretty awkward trying to cheer for both teams at once, but otherwise fun. In retrospect, it should have been a sign that Sunday's race was going to be a hot mess when my clothes were soaked with sweat after just five minutes outdoors while standing still.

Saturday afternoon I went to work, got sent home from work, and then enjoyed another evening of sitting around. Life is wonderful.

Sunday, I ran the race, then went to Wegmans for like 2 hours. It could have been a quick trip, since everyone was out of town for the holiday, but sometimes I just like wandering around, looking at stuff. My upstate NY friends will understand.

Did you know it's Hatch pepper time? Apparently there is some super special kind of pepper only grown in New Mexico that are only in season for 5 weeks a year! Wegmans only gets them for one week! At least that's what the lady working there told me.

They were sampling all sorts of stuff with Hatch peppers, and it seemed pretty good, and ok they sucked me in with the "only available 5 weeks a year" part. But you could buy them already roasted and I'd already planned a recipe for Thursday's dinner that required roasted poblano peppers and the lady assured me that Hatch peppers were better so it was just that perfect!

Ok, seriously I need to get back to a social life.

Today, I met my friend Jen at 6:30am for a run at Loch Raven reservoir. We became friends through daily mile. I heard a rumor that there are ways to make friends besides the internet and running, but I've yet to see proof of that.

I didn't take any pictures, but I found some from a previous run there.

Loch Raven is a notoriously hilly running route. Can you tell?

The picture above shows the hill at mile 4. Let's not even speak of the hill at the end. It was so intense that I didn't even care that we ended our ten mile run at only 9.7 miles.

The humidity was still out in full force and Jen is super speedy so even though she took it easy on me with an average 9:40 pace, that run kicked my ass.

After a race, I always love having a nice salty bagel the next morning. I even had a dream that a Brueggers opened up locally! (Another upstate NY reference - sorry everyone else). Obviously that was too good to be true, but I was still excited for this amazing bagel place by our house.

After all that build up, it was freaking closed for the holiday. The worst part is, the same thing happened to me after my race Memorial Day weekend. I don't learn.

I managed to rally and still enjoy a pretty awesome breakfast.

I need to always cook my eggs in bacon grease.
I could tell Eric was feeling better because he asked for the rest of the pack of bacon, along with eggs and toast for breakfast. The pack was 1.25 pounds, and I'd only eaten two pieces. Like I explained yesterday, we are big proponents of "go big or go home" when it comes to eating.

Not to brag, but I made an amazing dinner too. Sweet potato and chorizo (but really Andouille, because Wegmans didn't have chorizo) enchiladas.

With special salsa cheese

 They aren't nice and rolled up because I like corn tortillas better than flour. And not in that "I just like almond milk better than real milk, it's totally not because it only has 30 calories!" way, corn tortillas are just way better. (BTW, if you do claim to drink almond milk for any reason other than it's low in calories, I want a doctor's note. I do drink it, and I like it fine, but that's the ultimate reason).

I would really like to say I'll get out in the real world next weekend, but I just can't promise that.

Does anyone else prefer corn tortillas like me?

What's your strategy for running with someone way faster than you: ask them to slow down, just skirt death and attempt to keep up, or fake an injury? I asked once to slow down but I was too embarrassed to ask again so I just sucked it up and in the end it was probably good for me. It's just really not fair that some people are born naturally fast.


  1. I don't believe that Wegman's didn't have chorizo. Wegman's has everything. You obviously didn't look hard enough. 2 hours wasn't enough!!

    When I'm running with a faster person, I just concentrate on going my pace. Chances are that they'll slow down to my pace and I don't even have to ask. No one wants to own their pansiness.

  2. The bagels at Wegmans aren't good enough, you need a Bruegger's?

  3. HATCH GREEN CHILES! It's true and I love them so much :) Lots of sellers come up to CO from NM and I get so excited when I see their booths on the side of the road!

  4. Good thing my 30th is coming up to get your introverted ass off the couch - you might want to start prepping your small talk skills and your liver throughout September ;)

  5. Good thing my 30th is coming up to get your introverted ass off the couch, you may want to spend September practicing your small talk skills and prepping your liver ;)

  6. I grew up in New Mexico and I love chile season! People roast them in these huge outdoor roasters and the smell is unbelievable. Hope you enjoyed them. :)

  7. There aren't other ways to make friends. It's a lie.

    I prefer flour tortillas AND almond milk, but only the vanilla kind and I don't actually drink it, it's just in cereal.

  8. I am pathetic because I complained about doing chores for most of yesterday, but I am proud because I own it and carry it well!

    I haven't run in a long time, but whenever I did run with people, I usually huffed and puffed trying to keep up with them, so that they felt bad and would slow down.. It saved me from asking (because I could barely breath, talking was not an option). I am really pathetic damn it!

  9. I prefer almond milk bc I can get unsweetened vanilla AM = vanilla in coffee is delicious, but no extra sugar.

    I've always made enchiladas with corn tortillas, but we layer them like lasagna. SO much easier than rolling!

  10. The trick to rolling corn tortillas is to warm them up first as you go.

  11. I love everything about corn tortillas...the texture, the flavor...but my husband hates them for some reason. I also didn't realize they were low in calories, they taste pretty dense to me.


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