Monday, September 23, 2013

Despite some setbacks, it's a great day

Since I could barely even function after my whopping ten miler yesterday, I started to think maybe I wasn't completely 100% recovered from my illness. After struggling all afternoon to stay awake, I finally gave up and fell asleep at 6:30 pm. I didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. 

I had a lot of work to do, so I arrived at school at 7 (the earliest we can enter the building). I can get from bed to work pretty fast - it's a combination of not caring about my appearance, and only living 3 miles away.

The joke was on me - apparently the key card thingie was broken, so I was stuck standing around outside until 7:15. Awesome.

I figured it was a good thing I'd slept through my run though. Even though my work wouldn't let me in, they frown upon things like falling asleep periodically. I'm proud to report that with my 12 hours, I managed to avoid that!

Before I fell asleep, I did manage to see a life ruining tweet.

26 years. Let that sink in.

I'm not thrilled with already "wasting" my rest day, when it's only Monday and I only ran 14 miles last week. Of course, I'm clearly not too upset either, since I could have ran after work but had absolutely no energy or desire too. I think I'm normally pretty good about prioritizing training, but at some point my health/job has to come first.

Today is a wonderful day (missed run and wasted time outside school aside). First of all, How I Met Your Mother is finally back with a new episode! The first few weeks of school is a horrible purgatory. Summer is over (I don't care what the calendar says, if I have to start dressing professionally, summer is over). Yet my reason for living, aka new episodes of all my favorite shows, is still on hold. It's a very difficult time in my life, and this signals that it's coming to an end. 

Second, an exciting new clothing development. Not in terms of actual clothing, like the type people wear to look good, because I would never know about any new developments there. No, obviously this is in running clothing. I've posted many times about my beloved aspaeris pivot shorts. They finally have extended to the capri length! Just in time for real fall, the weather kind, not school year kind. I got to try them out awhile ago (apparently around my birthday).

That's quite a beautiful post run pic right there.
The capris are amazing. The knees can be quite a problem area for runners, so it's all the awesome thigh compression plus some for your knees.  

Check them out - you can get 40% off with the code CAPRISALE. This sounds like a commercial, but trust me, I'm getting zero kickback, except that this just reminded me that it might be cool enough to wear mine tomorrow.

Here's an important running related question. Lily and I need to do a 20 mile run this week. Our only options are Thursday after work (beginning around 6:30pm) or Friday before work (beginning around 3:30am). Please vote which is the more appealing option.


  1. Seriously, that's a real question? Who on earth would get up at 3:30am to run 20 miles before spending the day in a room full of children? That sounds exhausting.

    I love fall because it means I can start wearing running capris and tights again. YES. Also, my sister told me if I cleaned her house this weekend while she's out of town, she'll buy me a pair of Lululemon running tights...let me go get my mop and bucket!

  2. I vote for after work on Thursday! (new reader but long time runner--enjoying your blog!)
    I only say that because I am in no way, shape or form one of those morning runner types. Ever. Except on race days only because I have to.

  3. A) You are raking in the new readers! Your guest post was awesome :)
    B) Seriously, I'm with Logan. Is that a real question?! I'm all for waking up early but 3:30 is not acceptable, even for early-to-bed Grandma types like me. Definitely, definitely post work.
    C) I like that running tank!

  4. Wait, hold on. I got distracted.
    D) Did you take away your comment verification thing?!

  5. Look, another new reader thanks to your guest post for Logan!

    I'm clearly in the minority...I vote 3:30 wake-up. Starting at 6:30 p.m. means you'll still be running at like 10 p.m. And that, my new friend, is bedtime. But my inner clock is that of a 90-year-old woman, so there is that...

  6. You're actually considering getting up at 3:30?! Does that mean waking up at 3:30, or being out the door and running at 3:30? Actually, either way, that's... beyond dedication. I'm an evening runner myself, so I definitely vote for the 6:30 pm option.

  7. Blerg! Neither of those 20 miler options sounds good. I think if I absolutely had to choose, though, I'd go for the morning? After my disaster of running 16 in the dark, I shy away from that option.

    Why do I feel like I remember every episode of Full House? I mean, there is no way I remember episodes I watched when I was 2...if I even watched them when I was 2.

  8. In general, I probably wouldn't go if it was in the evening so I'd vote for the morning. You've done that kind of thing before, right? Also, I'm very excited to see those capris look like capris on you and now kind of want to try them! When I saw the first ad for them, I figured they would only look normal on non-short people and ruled them out. Maybe I don't have to! :)

  9. Oh man, I have exactly the same dilemma! I need to run 18 miles on Thursday before leaving for a work trip on Friday morning. I think I'm going to go with the ass-crack of dawn option.

  10. I would go with the ass crack of dawn. I HATEHATEHATE running after work. I can never get my stomach to work right. Getting up early blows, but at least it gets done. Plus the weather is better.

  11. After work....I usually run at 5 am and at times that is almost impossible. I can't imagine waking much earlier than that. Plus, how would you stay awake at work? I think I would succumb to the 2pm desk-snooze.

  12. All I can say about running 20 miles at 3:30am is WHYYY?!? (to be read as: Carrots don't grow on trees. WHYYY?!?)

  13. This may be completely personal but what size capris did you get. I'm waffling between a med & large...

  14. obviously friday before work! i've gotten up at 4 to run, so 3:30 doesn't seem so bad. if you do it on thurs night, you'll think about it all day on thurs (with dread) and will have to watch what you eat.


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