Sunday, September 22, 2013

It doesn't take much to make my weekend

You know how laying in bed on a cool fall morning with the breeze coming in and no alarm set is basically heaven on earth? I may have found something even better. Doing that after already having run 10 miles.

Lily and I ran 10.5 miles at the harbor this morning. I came home afterwards, had some cereal and coffee, and then felt pretty sleepy. I was considering laying down on the couch, but then I thought "why half ass things?", and just went all in. Eric was still in bed anyway, so it was like I'd never left.

After spending Thursday night feverish and miserable, I was pretty nervous about going to work Friday, especially since I had to work at the running store Friday night and Saturday morning. I'm all about taking off when I'm sick, but there was no way to do that without totally screwing my coworkers.

Hallelujah, the antibiotics apparently worked their magic Thursday night, and I woke up Friday feeling like my normal self. Good thing too. This weekend is three weeks before the Baltimore Running Festival, which meant all local runners are doing their last long run before tapering. There's a course preview of the full and half marathon put on by a different running store that attracts thousands. So work was the busiest I've ever seen it - like I didn't even have a second to take a sip of water. Luckily, I felt fine, except we were putting away shoes until nearly 10pm, and my lunch of soup, string cheese, and an apple at noon was the last thing I'd eaten. The world was dangerously close to meeting Hangry Alyssa, and that's something no one should have to experience.

Saturday, I was back at work at 6:45 am to host a water stop for the course preview. I managed to lift lots of heavy coolers/tables and to run 4 miles (by far the most physical activity I'd had all week) without dying.

After that, we had a football game, which we lost by like 36 points. That was fine, because it's touch football and the point is to hang out and drink after the games. I am a horrendous player at my best, and I was far from my best yesterday. Usually, no one takes the game seriously enough to care. So, I missed catching a pass by like a mile because I have the worst spatial sense known to man.

Apparently this was incredibly amusing to one of the larger ladies on the other team. She threw back her head, laughed uproariously Wicked Witch of the West style, and loudly proclaimed to all her other teammates "we sure got lucky on that one!". I really wanted to choke a bitch, but they are super strict on sportsmanship in the league, like, if I'd muttered "I f@#$ing suck!" under my breath and had been overhead by the ref, I could have been booted. So I just allowed my anger to take over my brain and make me even worse of a player. Pretty solid plan.

In my last post, I talked a lot about my new obsession, Orange is the New Black. An anonymous comment informed me that the show was actually based on a book, which turned out to actually be a memoir by the main character! I was like WEEKEND MADE.

If you are the goddess who brought this into my life, please step forward.
It was especially exciting since most anonymous comments look more like this.

So helpful!

I don't know if I'm still fighting the bug or whatever but I've been so tired, like to the point where it's a struggle to stay awake. It's really putting a damper on my reading and TV watching. It's clearly preventing me from cleaning, but let's be honest, I'm not actually too broken up about that.
We watched about half an hour of "This Is the End" (the movie about the party at James Franco's house) last night and I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. I demanded we switch to House of Cards, since the last Netflix series I watched worked out so well and everyone says its awesome and part of it was filmed at my friend Matt's house. I'm not hooked after the first episode, but I'm intrigued.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened this weekend was finally getting the ring from the diamond candle that Eric gave me for my birthday.

You know how people try to sell you crap for their fundraiser and you're like "no thanks"?
Eric is not familiar with that response.

Just as I finish this post, the Ravens game is about to start. It's just that perfect.
What was the last show you binge watched? How about the last book you read?
P.S. If you finished this post feeling like "that's just not enough of Alyssa's writing for me!", you're in luck. I have a guest post up on Logan's blog!


  1. I just finished all episodes of OITNB last night and cannot believe the ending. Totally obsessed. I immediately downloaded the book and watched interviews with the real Piper on her website. I'm finding issues with her "Yeah me I'm so wonderful I went to Smith and am super pretty and everyone loves me because I'm so pithy and wonderful" attitude in the book. It falls flat when she goes from insecure to badass on the show moment to moment. I'll finish the book but for once I love the show way more than the book that led to it.

    Glad you're feeling better, hopefully next time we run together I'll actually be able to catch up with you and not fall on my face so much. Glad you were able to run like a gazelle last week given your prodrome to disease state.

  2. Wait, Eric let you get back into bed without showering after running 10 miles? Jeff would call that a divorable offense.

    That ring looks pretty legit. Eric was onto something when he bought that.

    1. Let? The way he sleeps he probably never even knew I left. I'd changed clothes anyway.

  3. Obviously, totally hooked to Orange is the New Black now. I did see that it was a book though and just bought it! Haven't started reading though. Other than that, I'm still in love with Mountain Men. Man, I can watch a zillion episodes of that. I think I need to live with the grizzlies.

  4. I've always wondered about those diamond candles, but never enough to buy one. Thank you for being my guinea pig. Also, Eric and Mike have a lot in common. Do you have to hide his phone when infomercials come on?

  5. OMG, anonymous was me! I don't have a blog nor do I comment often so I didn't feel the need to have an identity. Actually I am still kind of unsure what account I am posting under. But I'm glad I could help and simultaneously achieve my 15 minutes of fame as an anonymous commenter on a running blog.

  6. Ha, that does sound like the PERFECT morning.


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