Sunday, November 24, 2013

A weekend of young adult bliss but not in the creepy way

Last weekend, I had a glorious experience running all day Saturday through the mud and woods. While it was great, I've really enjoyed spending some time on the opposite side of the spectrum. I've had a weekend filled with young adult novel heaven, paired with pure laziness.

First up: Catching Fire. My friends and I declared ourselves too old for Thursday night midnight shows, so we went at 7pm Friday. I was counting down the hours from the time I woke up.

As I'm sure most readers already know, this movie was epic. Probably even better than the first one. I couldn't stop mentally obsessing over how amazing it was all weekend. The only things that kept me from seeing it Saturday and Sunday as well were the horrible weather, and important plans to watch other YA movies.

Let's talk fashion. It's an area I don't generally delve into on this blog, but I feel Friday night I really nailed it.

Shirt: Bake bread with Peeta, Skinny Dip with Finnick (with golden Trident)
Socks: Flames and mockingjays, made for children (probably), cut off my circulation but it was worth it
Headband: Mockingjay symbols
Hair: French braided
Bag: Big enough to sneak in a Wegmans sub, soda, and candy to the movie theater (the odds were in my favor)
Tights and shorts: Champion by Target, circa 2006

On Saturday, it was time for part 2 of my BFF Twilight sleepover. We used to be able to knock it out in one fell swoop, but that was when there were fewer movies and we could stay up past 11pm. I was concerned that when viewed within 24 hours of the amazing performances in Hunger Games, the Twilight acting/plotline would appear even more terrible than usual. I was right. Does Kristen Stewart ever have ANY expression that isn't "tortured"?

Like everything, the viewing experience was improved with girltalk, wine, and chocolate.

Seven layer Samoa bars. Basically, Samoas chopped up into small pieces and then baked into a giant Samoa.

Terrible picture, but I was really busy eating and watching vampires.
To complete the weekend, I finished Allegiant (the last of the Divergent trilogy). I'm hesitant to say this, because it seems to be at odds with internet opinion, but I didn't completely hate it. I don't want to get into a whole discussion of a book like 20% of my readers have read, but I would like that 20% to all email or tweet me so we can discuss it in detail. Particularly if you've read the Maze Runner series so we can get into parallels.

Here's some things that confused me this weekend.

1.  I got home from the movies at midnight Friday night and it was 60 degrees out. I woke up Sunday morning and it was 16 feels like 11. WTF mother nature?

2. I did 30 minutes of Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones Saturday. Guess which left me more sore on Sunday - that or running 50 miles last weekend? In all fairness, the fact that French braiding my hair felt like an upper body workout Friday night probably should have clued me in to my pathetic lack of arm strength.

While last weekend's race did leave with a bit of a runner's high and wanting to run ALL THE MILES, I can't say I haven't enjoyed this fat drunk week off. Who wouldn't enjoy a week where every single morning includes an extra hour + of sleep? I did run a mile before the movie Friday, and play 3 quarters (27 minutes) of broomball Thursday. Just saying.

Did you see Catching Fire/read Allegiant and if so can we discuss it? If not....just tell me about the last chocolate you ate. Actually just do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to those things.


  1. We already discussed the weather and Jillian so I feel I have nothing left to say on those topics. I'm currently finally finishing my second read through of Alexander and Tatiana, and will finally be back on track with the correct reading-order of the trilogy, so I feel as though I should work on that before I begin another series. It might have to be Divergent though! (I will need your guidance on the correct order to read them in though)

  2. I love your Catching Fire outfit! And I'm so glad that the odds were in your favor so that you could illegally sneak food into the movie theater :) We went and saw the movie on Saturday afternoon at 3. I had to go to a daylight showing because I'm pretty much useless once the sun sets, since my brain decides that means it is time to shut off. I loved the movie and I agree it was even better than the first (which was already epic in my humble opinion). I am tempted to go see it again....

    The Twilight movies pale in comparison, yet I keep on watching them. It's because I love the books. I'm pretty sure if I had never read the books I would have thought the movies were awful (except for the looking at Jacob's abs part).

    Okay. Allegiant. I am about 20% of the way through that book according to my Kindle (ahem.. O'Hare. That's my one word hint for where I am in the book without spoiling anything!). I am struggling to get into it. With the first two I was drawn in almost immediately. I'm hoping I'll get drawn into this one as the story progresses.

  3. Ok, we can talk Allegiant although I feel that I already told you my opinion on it (but maybe that was before you were done?) I've also read Maze Runner; let's chat.

    Creepy sidenote: I was just cracking up at your outfit, which led to me describing it to Will so he knew what I was laughing at. He asked who I was talking about, and I started to say, "That blog girl who runs 50 milers..." and he interrupts me with, "Oh, Alyssa?" Yup, he knows your name bc I've apparently mentioned you enough. Creeped out yet?

  4. Haven't seen Catching Fire yet, but I read the book, and I read Allegiant. I have a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the 'fridge that I've been noshing on...

  5. Your outfit definitely wins the day. You know how I feel about Catching Fire. I want to go back and see it again right now!

    Seriously, Jennifer Lawrence v. Kristen Stewart? There's no contest.

  6. Love the outfit, I haven't seen Catching Fire yet but I did watch Hunger Games again yesterday in anticipation of seeing it. Although I am still cranky she chooses Peeta in the end. Last chocolate thing... I drank some of my sons chocolate milk does that count?

  7. That outfit is amazing. I haven't seen Catching Fire yet, but maybe over Thanksgiving?

    For Patrick's birthday this weekend, I made a coffee-infused, dark chocolate, two layer cake with vanilla buttercream. DELICIOUS.

  8. I'm going to see Catching Fire on Friday and Jeff would not let me dress like that. Or if he did, he wouldn't sit next to me.

    Um, why were those Samoas bars not a post-race option???

  9. Loved Catching Fire (movie and book, obvs) and HATED Allegiant. In fact, seeing the trailer for Divergent made me cranky, because it reminded me HOW GOOD the first two were.

    I had some PB M&Ms from a coworker who apparently has a friend that works at the Mars/Wrigley company in Chicago and just sends him boxes full of candy.

  10. Last chocolate? a giant brownie Saturday night. But I wish it had been those Samoa bars. Between your Samoa bars and Kari's pb pie I now need to make a dessert.

  11. I WANT YOUR SAMOA BAR. Or any Samoas really. Samoas are delicious.

    Not into the movie thing, for pretty much any movie. So...right now, I'm seriously loving on peanut butter cups. They are really hard to find in Singapore, so although I just generally appreciated them as chocolate before moving, now I really, really REALLY love them (absence makes the heart, and all that) - and gobble them up every chance I get, when back in the US....


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