Thursday, November 7, 2013

Girls Weekends

I wanted to mention in my post today for the zillionth time about how I don't agree with the "I'm married to my best friend" crap that goes on. Coincidentally, I saw this blog post on my Facebook feed and it pretty much summed up my feelings perfectly.

I'm not anti-love. In fact, I just worked together with my beloved husband to tie our broomball game Monday night. That's right, tie. Aka an improvement from our last game, which was a total loss. (In case you were wondering, in both games our team scored a grand total of zero.)

But right now, I have two epic girls weekends coming up, and I'm pretty excited about it.

To give you a little history lesson you didn't ask for, in 2005 I moved to Baltimore from upstate NY with these two crazy kids to change the world as first year teachers.

Our house got robbed our first week, and the good times didn't end there as we navigated the bright, scary world as first year grownups in a new big city together. I yanked my high school BFF Casi into the mix the following year and we never looked back.

Nicole (in the wedding dress in the bottom picture) now lives in North Carolina, while the rest of us are still in Baltimore, so we decided to meet in Richmond, which is in the middle-ish. We're splitting a room at the fancy Crowne Plaza (4 girls, 1 room, $28 per person!). 

It's going to follow a pretty typical girls weekend format, eating, walking around the city, taking advantage of the hotel hot tub, gossiping, pillow fights, all the usual elements. If we're really lucky, our friends Olivia, Jessica, and Maggie will be joining us for a night out on the town. 

Do you know how hard it is to prepare for a night out at age 30? I used to have all sorts of appropriate going out clothes, but now I'm really down to one or two suitable outfits, and I have to either vary them according to different groups of friends, or just do my hair differently and hope no one remembers. The important thing is, it's new to Richmond. 

The next weekend varies a just little bit from the patented girls weekend formula. Kara and I will be meeting at the also super fancy Gaithersburg, MD Hilton, courtesy of her rarely-seen-on-the-blog husband and his important job/travel points. If I can't be successful in life myself, at least I can take advantage of all my friends who are, right?

From there, it's still pretty similar - eating, drinking, hot tub, etc, the main difference is that on Saturday we'll be running 50 miles through the woods. NBD. 

We've been emailing quite a bit about it, and it's become clear that we have pretty different priorities and outlooks on this race. 

I'm all "I called the hotel, they have a hot tub! Think of how relaxing that will be before the race! And there's free wifi, we can relax in bed and blog our recaps on Sunday! They don't have fridge though, so how are we going to chill the wine?"

She's all "look at the weather report! We can't get in the hot tub before the race, because DEHYDRATION! What are you packing in your drop bags?" and so on.

I might be screwed.

What's your favorite girls activity that you just can't enjoy with the opposite sex (let's keep it clean)? I'm going to have to say gossip. Guys just can't be ruthless like we can. Pedicures are a close second though.

PS oh yeah running - 6 miles this morning - good times!


  1. I'm so glad this captured some of my insanity about the weather. At least our race isn't in the Philippines, amirite?

    Someone told me that our 50 mile weekend was "like a girl's weekend, but really lame" so we have to prove them wrong.

    1. Really lame? They were just jealous of how bad ass you are. Running 50 miles through the woods would probably be my dream weekend. I'd settle for like 20 miles though.

  2. all of my girls' weekends involve my cats.

    one of whom is a boy.

  3. Wait until you're trying to do girls weekends at 40! Some people think they can party like they're still 20. Others are just over late nights and booze and want it lower-key. Ugh!
    Have a good time with your friends!

  4. Um, I love that engagement post so much.

    I am jealous of both of your weekends, especially since I have to work next weekend while you're galavanting through the woods with Kara. Life is so unfair.

  5. Both of those sound awesome! And I think you're right on the gossip thing. Admittedly, I'm not a huge gossiper by nature which is likely why I have like 3 female friends total, but Angel and I can chat about anything and she doesn't think I'm crazy :)

  6. Please let Olivia make an appearance!! Then tell me all about it. I hope it involves dancing with the World's Sweatiest Man.

  7. I am so jealous of a girls' weekend that involves 50 mi of running. I would SO do that right now! Have fun!

  8. Those sound like fun weekends! I need a girls weekend. Favorite girls activity- watching some form of TV/movie marathon (Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, chick flicks, etc.) and eating junk.... and then talking through said TV shows/movies.

    I hope you have a good race next weekend! November 16 happens to be the date of my first full marathon. I promise to send you good race vibes if you'll send me good race vibes :)

  9. It sounds like you are going to have a GREAT time! I just thought about the possibility of planning a destination girls weekend for my sisters-in-law and I. Planning it around our 9 kids, 4 jobs, 4 husbands' jobs, and life made me decide that I couldn't hack it. Maybe I need to toughen up!

  10. Favorite girls activity...I'd probably also go with pedicure. Especially if it's one of the places that rubs your calves too. But I'd also go do that on my own.

  11. Chit chat is always better when it's just girls. I feel like we can talk about nothing for hours and my guy friends are too good about staying on topic.

    Enjoy both girls weekends!


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