Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life keeps me humble

I usually get a pretty strong finish line high after a big race and start feeling like I'm super special and awesome. This week has reminded me that I'm actually weak and pathetic.

Exhibit One: 30 minutes of Jillian Michaels completely kicked my ass.

I know I already said this but it continues happening, so I need to continue talking about it. I did the workout Saturday, and I could still barely move on Monday. Like.....everything hurt. In comparison, after Stone Mill, I was walking around and even sitting down Monday like nothing happened.

Exhibit Two: I don't get ID'd anymore

The broomball season is 6 games, and last night was our fifth. We finally scored our first goal, and proudly ended the game in a tie! We are now at zero wins, 3 losses, and TWO TIES. 

Of course, we went out after to celebrate.

Team Orange. We were never given a name.
I was feeling pretty cool, heading out on a Monday night at 9pm, even if I was going to just get water. Until we approached the bouncer and he said "I was going to ask for ID, but then I saw you guys." Ok. Message received, bouncer.

Exhibit Three: I've grown into a soft, wussy Marylander.

I grew up in the tundra of Rochester, NY, where people don't even blink or turn on the news to check for cancellations after getting a foot and a half of snow overnight. This post by Holly has some fun facts about how truly terrible winters are there, if you care. In Baltimore, temperatures in the low 30s and flakes is enough to shut the whole city down.

Well, now I'm right there with them. When I left work today it was 35 and raining. I had stupidly worn flats that might as well have been made of cardboard, and forgot my gloves that morning. 

I thought I was going to die.

The second I got home, I cranked the heat, threw a mug of water in the microwave for tea, and turned on the hot water in the bathtub. I tried to put my feet in, hoping to regain feeling, but they were so cold that it hurt. 

Can you see how white my toes are?

Now I'm still in flannel PJS, a robe, and a heavy blanket and shivering.

Exhibit Four: Running is still hard.

After a full week (8 days, in all honesty) off, I returned to running. Even though the temperature never left the 20s yesterday, I braved the cold to run outdoors after work. Since we had broomball (aka 40 minutes in an ice rink) anyway, I figured I might as well get cold ahead of time.

I did 5 miles, and it wasn't bad, but I never really seemed to warm up until I was almost done. This morning, I cried uncle and ran another 5 on the treadmill. Running outside in the cold is bad enough, trying to leave a warm bed to do it....well, I have the treadmill now, so it's an unnecessary evil! 5 miles felt...tiring. More than I thought it should have. But at least I'm back in action! I'm trying to psych myself up for more Jillian - so far it hasn't happened.

What's recently knocked you down a peg or two?


  1. I did a Jillian Michaels workout yesterday and I'm still recovering! You are not alone. We had that nasty just-above-freezing rain all day today, too. I don't think it matters where you grew up- that kind of weather, especially when combined with the wind, is just downright cold. But it does help if you wear footwear that's appropriate for the current weather conditions :)

  2. We did pistols at CrossFit this morning and those suckers are always so damn hard for me. I finally managed to eek out one on each leg, just to watch my coach do 15 in a row. Humbling, man!

  3. Sleep in your running tights! Not exactly sexy, but it does give you a jump on being warm for your morning workout! :)

    My Dad's cooking has knocked me down a peg or two since I've been home (but in a delicious way). I always fancied myself the second best cook in the family, behind my Mom. But in the last 2 years, my Dad has assumed many of the cooking tasks at home, as he is retired and my Mom isn't. He could always handle himself in the kitchen, albeit slowly and awkwardly. But nowadays, he zips around like nothing. This morning, he asked if I wanted french toast. I said yes, and was going to help him - but in about 10 minutes, there were 2 steaming, crispy, goey-inside pieces sitting on my plate. I may have lost my place as second cook, but the overall result is pretty delicious....

  4. Pretty much every single workout I've done in the last week has been a blow to my ego. I've just started thinking of recovery from last week on, because it's too depressing to think back to September when I was totally kicking ass.

  5. Running with Bungee now is a pathetic show. I used to have to drag her along because she's so slow. Now she runs next to me or in front of me the entire time and then gives me a look when I make her stop to walk or finish before she wants to stop running.

  6. I'm glad that my extreme soreness after Stone Mill (I wasn't carrying groceries up 3 flights of stairs...even if I wanted haha) is balanced out by being able to do weights and not be that sore. I think it's because I lift weights all the time...and they are Wiggle Weights which are even harder than Shake Weights.

    I had grand plans to run a fast 5K in a week and I'm thinking that's going to be a big slice of humble pie.

  7. You are my Jillian inspiration! Also, is Kara referring to doing weights as Jillian's weights? Because there is a difference.

  8. Glenn and I were doing Jillian's 30-day shred shortly after we ran our Marathon in late October and I can TOTALLY relate. The day after the marathon was painful... don't get me wrong. The day after Day 1 with Jillian? Every. Step. Hurt.

  9. I don't get ID'd anymore either! I've never tried any of Jillian's workouts, but it sounds like I might need to. I could use a good kick in the butt.


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