Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random stories that prove I'm old

I am a little concerned about Saturday. This week, I got hit again with my greatest fear - the dreaded middle of the night calf cramp. I reread my old post about them. I wrote it after ten whole years cramp free, and hoped I'd go another ten. That was only last year, so is this what I'm destined to endure in my 30s? I've been chugging water and eating bananas liberally, so I see no reason why my body subjected me to this.

I'm leaving for my race directly after work tomorrow. Around the time I was falling asleep Wednesday night, it occurred to me that meant I needed to get my ducks in a row and be completely prepared before I go to sleep Thursday.

As always, I prioritized. I came home from work and immediately got to work on this masterpiece.

I better be enjoying these Saturday night

I forced myself to part with some so Eric could enjoy them too.
Then I packed. By packed I mean threw everything I've ever owned in my suitcase. Except various running outfits. I am fully committed to shorts and there's no going back.
I'm sure I've already posted enough on race nerves, so here's some random stuff on my mind. It's Thursday, after all.
Saturday night, in Richmond, my besties and I were celebrating our final round of 30th birthdays (we have 2 in June and 2 in the fall). We were rocking out at the club with all the young kids (we kept meeting people born in 1991 - what the heck?!). Some current song came on with the line "here we are now, entertain us". I became consumed with rage and rounded up my friends and demanded we all leave immediately because none of these damn young whippersnappers around us would even know what that line was referencing. (They obviously were in complete agreement).
I heard the song on the radio the other day and thanks to Shazam, I know now what it is, and it's not even terrible. I sure hope you had permission from the Cobains, JT.

I love my husband, but he's a psychopath. I can only wake him up by shaking his foot and even then, I have to immediately move out of range because he always assumes the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us and it's time to KILL ALL THE THINGS. I was in a hurry to get to work this morning and forgot. I paid for it, but at least autocorrect made it funny. 

It was supposed to say "just".

I decided it was time, and I've been so happy that I made the plunge.

There's less than a month between Thanksgiv-nnukah and Christmas this year, and that's just not enough time for me to soak in all the wonderful music.
The forecast for Saturday is making me really happy. I don't think I could ask for better 50 miler weather.

This. How can you not love this? How can someone so sad look so cute?
That's actually how I feel about snow, too.
When do you start listening to Christmas music?
What habit does your significant other have that makes you positive they have one or two screws lose?




  1. OMG his snowsuit! Cutest thing EVER!

    I started listening to Christmas music as soon as it got cold. That's my line.

    I applaud Eric's readiness. When I wake Jeff up, he just mumbles nonsense at me and goes back to sleep. Zombies would eat the crap out of him.

  2. Hilariously, I can't quite tell whether he's celebrating or having a break-down. Thankfully, the caption solved the problem for me. Definite break-down...

    I hold off on the Christmas music until after Thanksgiving; except when I'm out at the mall, because I refuse to wear earplugs in public just to avoid the Christmas music blast.

    My husband is a sharp dresser. Like, way more fashion forward than I am. But he INSISTS that wearing light colored socks with dark pants and dark shoes is totally acceptable. I think he's nuts, but have waaaay more important things to worry about. The man is old enough to dress himself, so I roll my eyes and keep my mouth shut...

  3. Mike always tells me he's not responsible for his actions and words within the first 10 minutes after he is woken up. I've taken offense far too many times because he's simply an asshole during that time.

  4. He is so adorable!!

    And I haven't busted out the music yet, but I did break out the Christmas made-for-TV movies last week when Will was in Jordan. It was extra glorious because no one was here to tease me about it!

  5. Awesome weather!! Thinking good thoughts for you and Kara!

    I busted out the Christmas music last week. You're right - the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is too short this year! We have to start early!

  6. I never paid enough attention to the JT song to notice the reference to Nirvana. Thanks for pointing it out! Also thank you for making me laugh out loud thanks to your husband, autocorrect, and your mom's response.

    I am still holding off on Christmas movies and Christmas music right now. But it's getting more and more tempting every day. My family has a tradition of watching Home Alone on Thanksgiving, and I usually am able to hold out on the Christmas movies until then. The Christmas music starts whenever I find a radio station playing all Christmas music until Christmas... so that could really be any day.


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