Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baby food - six months in

Now I've become the stereotype of the "it goes so fast!" parent. Every month I'm a broken record "I can't believe he is x months old already!". But it's legit. Tomorrow he'll be six months old. 

I'm risking jinxing myself to publish that a few hours early. When I googled trying to find it (I've seen a lot of moms post it in my working mom BFing facebook group), I read that it might not even be an accurate statistic. I feel like a fraud posting it. Really Dalton gets the lion's share of the credit for being such a good eater.

 But he doesn't have a Facebook because I'm not a weirdo so I'll post for both of us. He was born with a tongue tie (I was going to try to explain that but just google it, it can cause issues with feeding and speech), and both his pediatrician and the ENT we saw when he was a week old were shocked that he wasn't having major trouble latching and was actually gaining weight. Like his mom, he doesn't let things stand in the way when he is hungry. 
He even helps us grocery shop!

I just lucked out that I could help him out with that. Although I have spilled milk on my work clothes pretty much daily, so there is that. 

He's in a heteronormative shirt so we put him in gay pride leg warmers. I only know that word from cards against humanity.
Dalton has now tried 3 vegetables. Green beans, avocado, and broccoli. After 31 years of finding pictures of babies with food on their faces gross, I did, in fact, find it adorable on my own kid. But for the internet's benefit, I'll only post the one after he was all cleaned up.

Post broccoli
The green beans just seemed to mystify him, but he was going nuts for the avocado on the second day. He was a fan of broccoli too. He hasn't quite caught on to the spoon yet, and can only really eat if I let him eat off my finger. Is this normal? His doctor's appointment isn't until next week so I need to crowd source.

I'm not nuts about making his food like GOD FORBID my child eat from a jar. I like cooking, so if it works out, I'll try to have us eating the same thing and puree some for him. If we're having a busy week, I'll get some jars. Or just do whatever he seems to prefer. It's only a few months before he can just eat regular food, anyway, so I'm not too concerned.

A few other random non baby items. 

1. My fashionable friend Casi came over to help me clean out my closet. We set up a What Not to Wear situation, except less mean. It was amazing. I accepted her word as gospel and along with Carolyn's help corralling babies, we had two giant bags to donate in like 10 minutes (actual time, many baby breaks). We even had signs like in the Sex and the City movie.


                    Don't leave me, friend!

2. I really don't miss my old life at all, bars, sleeping in, marathons, I don't care about any of those things. Except for TV. I need some way to re-introduce this back. Every single show that we have on our Hulu favorites has been untouched since January. Literally everyone and their mom is watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt. We have less than a month until Game of Thrones comes back and I am NOT PLAYING with that. I WILL watch every episode within 24 hours of it airing and I don't care how much coffee I need to drink the next day.

3. I tried the Pioneer Woman Crazy Coffee

It's coffee with coconut oil and butter, just read it, sounds disgusting but it's actually good and she explains it much better than I possibly could. Apparently it's also some Paleo "healthy" thing, which I didn't know until later but it seems fitting since I went to Crossfit twice this week. I'm not sure how adding straight up butter to your coffee is healthy but I'm no scientist. My mom and I had a virtual phone date to try it together.


  1. Give yourself credit for breastfeeding! I'm from Norway and was wondering why the breastfeeding rates back home are so much higher than here in the U.S., but after reading your post about pumping at work, I've concluded that it's in large part due to the 10-12 months of maternity leave...because holy hell, pumping at work sounds exhausting. I'm in awe of those of you who stay strong and follow through. So huzzah, celebrate!

  2. I heard Garbage on the radio today (90s weekend) and it reminded me of you and Casi!

    Dalton is adorable!

    That coffee does sound kind of gross but I'm intrigued enough that I just might try it.

  3. That grocery cart pic of Dalton, he looks exactly like Eric!

    The easiest way I've found to make food for leif is to get frozen veggies and steam them on the weekend so there are food options for the week. Then you aren't scrambling on week days. It's way cheaper than jars too.

  4. I definitely see he looks like dad in that shopping cart picture!

    It's nice to hear you don't miss the old things. That means you're doing it right!. Also, I am 3 episodes into Kimmy Schmidt and I am not impressed. I'm hoping it gets better. My husband just dropped out of the running for watching the 4th episode but I'm going to hang in there just a bit.


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