Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day in the life - Working mom edition

I first did one of these when Dalton was 5 weeks old. I thought it would be cool to do one a month or so to compare but now he’s five months old and I’m just getting around to the second one, what else is new. I kept putting it off until I found a more “typical” day until I finally realized if it was taking this long maybe my typical days weren’t so typical. I know these posts are hit or miss, but I like them, so it's happening.

Warning: If you don’t want to read about breasts, mine in particular, stop reading now and don’t get mad at me if you ignore this warning (you know who you are).
Here we go - Monday, January 16, 2015.

12:39am: Dalton wakes up to eat. I bring him in bed. He eats for five min and I put him back in his crib. 
4:35am: I wake up to work out. I'm  trying out crossfit for the first time today, via Classpass.

Meant to do a screen shot of the alarm, but it was 4:35 am and I barely knew my own name.
4:39am: I'm getting ready and Dalton wakes up again. Perfect, since I usually dream feed him before I leave. Unfortunately hearing his crying means milk leaks everywhere. Hope these Crossfit people don't mind me not knowing how to snatch or anything AND smelling like milk. 

5:00am: Leave for Crossfit. My car is covered with ice. FML. We are more than halfway through March. When is that freaking lamb getting here? Dalton didn't eat as much as I would have liked in order to be comfortable for a workout that I was guessing including jumping. I pump in the car (I have a hands free pumping bra and set everything up before moving, safety first!) on the way.

I've pumped in the car, but never in the dark. Tricky.

I also drink coffee and listen to my audio book (Dark Places by Gillian Flynn - AMAZING). 

5:30-6:30 am: Crossfit.


There's enough on the internet about WODs and boxes and snatches already, so I'll leave it at that for now. 

I'm on the whiteboard!

6:50am: Back home with my boys! Eric had just woken Dalton up for the day.

I feed Dalton, and we get him dressed and out the door. Eric takes him to daycare. Saying goodbye to him sucks.

He is. So. Big.

7:15 - 7:45am: I shower and get ready for work.
8:00am: Arrive at work. I like to be there around 7:15-7:30am, but sacrifices must be made for the box (this is what Crossfit gyms are called). This still makes me laugh which is why I could not survive as an actual Crossfitter.

8:10am: Pump, eat breakfast (oatmeal, it increases supply), and get ready for the day. The boiler is broken, which means the building has no heat and it's below freezing outside. This makes pumping even more fun than normal


8:30am: My hands finally stop hurting from lifting the weights.

8:45am: Kids arrive!

9:10am: Music class (my planning time). I run around like a crazy person doing everything I need to do, while I can be mobile.

9:40am: I pump and then I'm chained to one spot, so I need to have everything ready for the day's lesson before I begin. I plan and grade while pumping.

10:00am - 12:50pm: Teach

12:50-1:20pm: Lunch. In the closet, I balance my lunch (chicken teriyaki, black rice, and veggies) on my lap, and eat it while pumping and calling parents. My last parent phone call ends at 1:19, and it's a miracle I didn't spill any liquid gold rushing to pick up my class.

1:20-3:30pm: Teach

3:45pm: Eric and Dalton meet me after dismissal. We have an appointment on the other city of the city at 4:30, so it's a huge time crunch. I was so excited all day to get to see Dalton earlier than usual. Every single day I count down the hours until it's time to pick him up. I feed him in my classroom and we head out.

4:30pm: We are looking to finally start the process on getting a house! Met with a lender for pre-approval.

Dalton doesn't even appreciate what we do for him.
5:30 - 6:00pm: We drive home. Errands are exhausting.

We realized we had nothing planned for dinner, so we decided to stop and get kale smoothies on our way home. Or the Little Caesars deep dish with the bacon wrapped crust. Hot and ready!

Even more amazing than my wildest dreams.

6:45pm: Home! I feed Dalton, then try him out on some green beans.

It’s day 3 for those. He fooled me into thinking he might possibly like them.

After I looked down to refill the spoon, I found this.

 Maybe he’s not so into them.

7:15pm: Exersaucer time for Dalton, pizza time for us. We don’t even need TV anymore. Watching him play and figure out his little world is riveting. New parents are the most ridiculous people, for real.

Love his expressions so much

7:30pm: Bath time, which is the start of Dalton’s bedtime ritual. If we are both home, we do the routine together, because we have no other kids, and what else would we rather be doing? I mean, is there anything cuter than a naked baby? Even with the loaded canon they carry, it’s worth it for the adorableness.

He really likes his bathtime friends.

He doesn't like it when they swim away.

7:45-8:15pm: Dalton gets an olive oil massage (we went to a class on infant massage back in November and have done it every night since, yes, he is a spoiled first born, what of it).

Arm rolls for days. Blurry, because he's a man on the move.

 Then a little more playtime, rolling over practice, and my favorite part of the whole day.

Baby jammies - almost as good as a naked baby

He even made it to his belly once!

The best.
8:25pm: I feed him again. Usually this ends his night, but lately not so much. As best I can tell, it’s because the world is just too exciting to waste time sleeping! I mean, can you blame him? We’re trying to lose the swaddle, but after the 48th time he attacks his own face, I break it out. I have to call in the big guns – the daddy chest. There’s just nothing else that can compete with that.


9:00pm: I wash the day’s bottles (only two, since he got picked up early, this brings me enormous happiness), prepare the next day’s bottles, get my own breakfast and lunch ready, clean up from dinner, and get ready for bed.

9:30pm: I’m up way too late blogging. And eating chocolate.

10:00pm: Find something green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow. I’m getting up early to make crock pot Shepherd’s Pie!

10:15pm: Get into bed and turn on my kindle to read, but I fall asleep before reading even one word.

What's the best and worst part of your average day?



  1. I'm tired just reading this. I'm going to die next week.

  2. Where is the iced coffee and Ellen watching time?

  3. Yay on the house! That's exciting!! (And for the record, I still don't call it a box....it will always be a CrossFit gym to me!)

  4. You are a GD effing ninja for pumping in the car. I want to see you in traffic and give you a thumbs up.
    Also his arm rolls are the best. THE BEST.

  5. I hope Dalton starts eating real food soon so you can cut back on pumping and get to relax at work...or as much relaxing as you can actually do in an elementary school.

  6. He's so freakin' handsome. Love his arm rolls!
    I'm tired reading this and my days are often similar... I just try not to think about it.
    I saw commercials for that bacon pizza and thought of you. I love bacon and LC pizza, but I'm not sure that one is for me. I did break down and buy some mini eggs at the store yesterday. :)

  7. Also, we are making shepherd's pie tonight. I wish I had thought to make it in the crockpot!!!! Kind of kicking myself right now. Oh well.

  8. A house! So exciting! Also arm rolls! I can stare at Nora's Michelin Man arms for hours on end.

    I hereby award you several gold stars for getting up at 4:30 to exercise (and for pumping in the car). I can't even imagine what "I'm getting up early tomorrow" means for your day today :^o

  9. Congrats on starting to house shop- I hopes its easy and you find an amazing house at a great price!

    I cannot believe how big he is! So Handsome!

  10. I can't wait to hear more about the house! I am amazed at how you wake up so early to work out, you are dedicated! And also at how you manage to pump in between your day. How is pumping going? I heard some people have a lot of problems with keeping up supply. But then I know people who are freaking cows, it's amazing!

    1. um and I meant cows, like referring to milk production, not in any way referring to weight or size

  11. He is just too cuddly! Love those big brown eyes!


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