Thursday, March 12, 2015

Don't forget me

Last week was amazing. Three snow days, and one early dismissal day. I think this week we are going to actually work the full five days, start to finish, which will be my first time doing so since September, thanks to my good friend Mother Nature. It's weird because when I would have snow days while pregnant, I would lament the end of snow days meaning sleeping, watching TV, and eating candy all day. I thought nothing could come close to the joy of hearing the alarm, checking my phone, and turning it off and going back to sleep.


He has mastered the duck face at a young age.

That feeling didn't even come close to the overwhelming happiness I feel now. Thinking I have to say goodbye to Dalton (it's still traumatic each morning) and then finding out I get to spend the whole day with him...incredible.

My friend just reminded me that while he was in utero, I had concerns about us bonding. Because what did I know? At that point I had never even met the guy, who knew if we would like each other?

I think I've pretty well documented that was an unnecessary concern on my part. I'm going out on a limb and saying it's ok on his end too. Here's what he does while Eric holds him.

Stares me down. Side note - Babies R Us just had an awesome bottle sale.
He tracks me and then gets mad when I leave the room. I can't even pretend to be upset. I love it. I think about how one day he'll be a teenager and won't even want to be seen with me and want to cry.

This past weekend we took him to the aquarium with our friends and their son. 

He looks around in wonderment just going from the living room to the kitchen, so all week I was ridiculously excited to see his little face react to all the new things.

 It was pretty awesome, although at one point we were trying to get his attention to show him a really cool fish. He was staring intently at something, and we couldn't figure out what. Finally we realized it was the bright red life preserver hanging above the tank. Babies be crazy, amiright?

This is getting way more sappy than I'm comfortable with so lets take a look at my assignment in my evening class last week.

Thank goodness this class is a pass/fail type situation because if we were being graded, I would definitely fail. Actually, then I wouldn't be certified to teach the unit, which sounds perfect. The class is finally over though so I don't have to go through that torture anymore. Yesterday I didn't see Dalton for 11 hours and it was absolutely horrible.

But daddy/son time is always adorable.
One of many stupid things I did this week was go to Whole Foods after an exercise class when I was starving. I embraced the spirit of blogging and spent a ridiculous amount on nut butter. I am ashamed.

But it has caffeine. And is delicious.
An important task I've tackled recently is doing research to determine the order, in terms of addictiveness/taste, of the three kinds of Cadbury mini eggs.

So far, this is the leader.
I need to complete my research with the regular traditional milk chocolate ones but Walgreens was out last night?! I'm out of coffee though so it's essential I hit the store tonight. Dalton's daycare provider tells me someday I'll be happy to let him stay there a little longer so I can do errands like that without the added logistical challenge of a baby/carseat. Maybe, but I'm not there yet. He likes looking around the grocery store too.

My little farmer.
Ok, I've completed a blog post. Don't forget about me.

Rate the Cadbury mini eggs in order of taste - dark, white, and milk. If you haven't tried all kinds, immediately get some, eat them all, then report back.


  1. Milk chocolate is always the best.

    Those denim overalls are amazing!

  2. I didn't even know there were different kinds of eggs!!

    Leif at the grocery store is hilarious. I definitely still love taking him. Now I want to go to the aquarium!

  3. I didn't even know white mini eggs existed! I usually prefer the milk chocolate, which is odd because otherwise I normally prefer dark chocolate. I just told my husband that I didn't think I was going to buy any mini eggs this year (they are my favorite) but now I might have to..

  4. I am not a huge fan of the white chocolate, dark chocolate is my fav. Dalton is one cute little farmer!

  5. I can't judge you for your expensive taste in nut butters. Vanilla espresso almond butter sounds fantastic. Did not know of white Cadbury eggs, or that there are three varieties to choose from.

  6. When and if I rule the world, white chocolate will be immediately banned. The only way to save this foul substance will be if everyone, and I do mean every one, admits it is not chocolate at all, and never calls it that again.

  7. Milk, dark, white. The white are too sweet. The milk are heavenly.

  8. Oh, those Cadbury eggs are evil! I haven't tried the white. My hand just picks up the milk all on its own.


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