Tuesday, April 29, 2014

That time we lied on the radio

I've gotten SO MANY nice supportive comments in various social media forms, so I bet all you wonderful people are here to check for a gender announcement. Well, joke's on you, we still don't know!

Funny story, we got subs for the end of the day (as in, people to do our jobs, not sandwiches), went to the lab, got called back, and then were informed that we couldn't get the ultrasound. My doctor's office doesn't do them (it's a really small practice), so they refer out.

I spent some time considering how to find a way to make the reason why they wouldn't see us interesting enough to share, but honestly, it's really not. It's no one's fault, just a miscommunication and an overall major fail.

I'd like to say I took it all in stride and laughed it off as we headed out the door, but that's not really my style. I felt like a big giant dummy for telling literally everyone I know (um, we were on the radio this morning announcing it, no joke) and then having to be like "hey, just kidding about that!".

4/29 Whole show part 2 - our radio d├ębut - it's at the 50 second mark

Also this happened:

I tried really hard not to, but I ended up wallowing in disappointment and guilt for like 45 minutes before I was able to get my big girl pants on and get over it. Disappointment because I am the most impatient person EVER and I WANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW. Guilt because logically, I knew this was no big deal and it was ridiculous for me to be upset about, but I couldn't seem to stop.

I blame my reaction entirely on boasting. Just last night, I was bragging to Kara how I stayed completely dry-eyed during a really sad Buffy episode (Prom). I believe my exact words were something like "I'm normally so emotional and prone to crying but not at all during pregnancy!". You win, universe. I ate my words on that one.

Eventually though, logic prevailed and I was able to act like an "adult" again and get over myself.

What I should have done with the extra time: work on my grad project, due in six days.

What I actually did: watch two episodes of House of Cards with Eric (we're still in season 1 - no spoilers!).

One really cool discovery I've made this week is that asking people about birth advice brings tons of lurkers out of the woodwork to comment, which I absolutely love. I really enjoyed hearing about everyone's birth stories! Full disclosure - natural childbirth sounds awesome, and I'd like you all to read that in a non-sarcastic tone of voice. I think I'm still going with the epidural if at all possible.

We have another appointment next week, and if all goes according to plan, I'll still share whatever adorable little blue or pink outfit follows!

Are you a crier? I generally shed tears for the most pathetic reasons you could imagine, happy or sad.


  1. Fun fact: If I had a third baby, I wouldn't be able to get an epidural after all the business with my spine. Good thing I'm done with procreating. :)

    Now I'm just going to have to pace around and wait until next WEEK?! Well, I already know she's a girl, I just want to be able to say I was right and I was right before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon :)

  2. I am so sorry you couldn't find out today! I totally would have cried...I cry when I'm mad, frustrated, disappointed...you name it, I cry about it.

    I am super excited that you got on the Kane Show! I love them.

  3. That stinks. I thought you were going to say you got the sonogram but the baby didn't cooperate. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you. I found out today that I get to try again at 31 weeks, so only another month!

  4. I'm with Ashley. I'm not much of a happy crier, but I will cry because of just about any negative emotion, especially frustration.

  5. Also, I will be checking your blog for the big announcement!

  6. I specifically came for gender announcement and am so bummed! I'm also like really sad for you, I could tell how much you were looking forward to it. I am not even pregnant but can't imagine how I'll make it 20 weeks without finding out the gender. Just keep yourself very occupied....and bake some desserts!

  7. Oh man, I am such a crier-- it's ridiculous and annoying at the same time! Hallmark commercials? Yup. Weddings? Oh, yes. Will gave me an incredibly thoughtful gift the other day and I sobbed for a good 15 minutes. Sometimes I can't stand myself! AND I totally listened to you on the radio, just to hear what you sounded like. Creepy?! Probably....sorry about that :)

  8. The older I get the more I cry during movies and tv shows. It is annoying and makes my son think I am weird. Sorry you couldn't find out, what a bummer.

  9. You know, I've always wondered what kind of people call into radio shows :).

    Lately, I've been tearing up over EVERYTHING. It's getting pretty ridiculous. Luckily, I'm aware that it's insane otherwise I think Mike would be very worried.

  10. I cry during everything. I even cried in Speed when Keanu finally got Sandra out of the bus and he was asking if she was ok and she's all like, "noooo." And I'm like, "I'm not ok either!" I also cried during most episodes of House when that was on. I have to be stealthy about it though because my husband gives me so much shit for it.

    Can't wait to see that PINK outfit! ;-)

  11. I was in the waiting area AT my ultrasound appointment when they told me it had been canceled and somebody forgot to call me about it. Fortunately, they were able to fit me in so I didn't have to go home in tears, but yeah, I can absolutely sympathize with you. They really shouldn't be messing with a pregnant chick's emotions like that.

    1. They really shouldn't! We were also at the appointment and got called back by the technician, only to be told "no, not happening".

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  13. Then I still have time to get my vote in-BOY! I would have been disappointed too

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