Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ok NOW the baby can come

I've said that we are as "ready" as possible for the baby, but I guess that was just true on the home front. I woke up in the middle of the night with a fake/BH contraction and started having a panic attack because my sub plans for maternity leave weren't done. I vowed I wouldn't leave work today until they were.

I kept that vow.

In case there's confusion.

So now I don't have to lie awake at 4am hoping my labor goes slow enough to text my teammates all sorts of teaching details for whoever takes over for me. I could still be pregnant for four more weeks though. I remember when it was 12 more weeks and I was like NOT ENOUGH TIME HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! And now four more weeks seems like forever.

I learned the hard way that if you want to text a friend where your maternity leave plans are, it's important to be REALLY clear that it's just a pre-emptive preparation, and you are not in labor that moment. Oops.

I had a lot of Braxton Hicks that kept me awake last night, but not because they were painful or even really uncomfortable. Actually, half the time I couldn't even feel them unless I pressed on my belly. But then I was freaked out because my doctor said they shouldn't be lasting more than a minute, and I was like HOW DO I TIME SOMETHING I CAN'T EVEN FEEL OMG IT'S PROBABLY BEEN A MINUTE ARE YOU OK IN THERE.

Maybe this is the dumbest most naïve pregnant lady thought ever, but I feel it will give me at least some tiny peace of mind to be able to SEE this child.

The thing is, we've all seen movies and TV or whatever and the water breaks and the lady has contractions and it all seems obvious. But what no one tells you is that there's all sorts of weird stuff that happens to your body and no one can really describe what it feels like and you'll actually have no idea what is happening when and just constantly feel confusion and second guess yourself. At least that's been my experience.

While I was exhausted over the summer, I thought it would be pure hell actually having to return to work. It's actually been pretty good. I hated the first week of meetings and set up, but I always hate that week. I do much better with a routine and strict schedule. Yeah, I get that it's ironic that I post that right before embarking on the newborn phase, but whatever, life's tough sometimes and you have to man up. Anyway, I've felt decently energetic, or at least no more tired than normal for the second week of school. My back and feet get sore and all that but really it's minimal, and the biggest complaint I have right now is that I'm looking at melted ice cream that I seriously couldn't finish. It's shameful.

I feel like maybe I'm reaping some benefits from doing some sort of weight bearing exercise about twice a week since January. I'm actually able to lift more weight when it's just upper body stuff. It's not like crazy CrossFit madness or anything, it's more like I can do a workout DVD with the 5 pound weights instead of the 3 pound weights. Considering I'm getting slower and less fit in all other ways, I'll take it.

I also finally got my hair cut, which will hopefully tide me over until god knows when I can go again. I'd totally take a selfie but when it's 90+ degrees out with 900% humidity, my concern with my hair is that it needs to be off my face and neck and out of my life, not looking good. I also don't wear makeup because it would just melt off my face. #sobrave Maybe next week if it actually drops into the 70s as promised, I'll do something about that. Or not.

Thanks so much for all the compliments on our nursery! I passed them all along to the one who deserves the praise, my husband.

What's something surprising that you've learned recently that you wish someone had told you ahead of time?


  1. Mike and I timed so many bh contractions. It's always like "ok this time it's got to be it!"

  2. I really wish someone had warned me that if a child decides they want to potty train themselves, they will find a way. Even if that way involves sitting in the toilet in their clothing.

  3. I cannot wait for fall weather!!! I'm so excited for you two!! And the baby. :) I think I shall spend my afternoon getting caught up on your life. Lord that makes me feel like a creepy stalker.


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