Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The final countdown

Here we go. The final week. I debated using that title, because I could still be counting down at this time next week, but I'll just use it again because it's not like anyone is really keeping track.

Hear that baby? 0 weeks left!
 I can't believe how relatively good I feel. I wouldn't live the rest of my life 9 months pregnant, if given the option, but it's pretty far from the misery I've been expecting. I can still move pretty normally, my energy is decent, and I'm sleeping ok (I probably just jinxed myself there, let the record show I knocked on wood though). FYI - the baby has officially not dropped. According to my doctor and the current rib kicks I'm feeling. I'm just impatient and dying to meet this baby!

I finally went swimming! Twice actually - once last week and then this past Monday! And even sort of enjoyed it? What usually puts me off swimming is the lap counting, and trying to constantly correct my horrible form. To get myself out of bed and in the pool by 5:30am (the YMCA swimmers are no joke, they take over those lanes early), I decided to ignore both of these. I just did half an hour and didn't count anything, and I let my form be as horrendous as it wanted. My goal for exercise now is basically to get my heart rate higher than it would be laying in bed, and wake myself up for the day, so those can be accomplished while I'm flailing like a drunken college freshmen all over the pool.

Drunken college freshmen is actually redundant. At least in my experience.

Swimming has the added bonus of not having to cram my feet into increasingly smaller sneakers, and it's no impact. Really a win all around, except that I can't watch TV simultaneously. Other fitness accomplishment other than the usual elliptical and whatnot include a spin class last week, and a teeny tiny bit of running. I'm mostly using the treadmill for incline walking, but on Friday I cranked the speed way up to almost 5.0 and both feet left the belt simultaneously. For a few 2-4 minute intervals.

This morning I did a circuit training weights class, and I think it was my last time. It's crazy how high my heart rate gets just from light movement, and I had to do so much modifying that it was annoying, especially since the instructor isn't great about offering options.

I've been lucky enough to avoid illness for so long now, but it got me. One of the hourly times I woke up in the middle of the night, I was barely able to swallow. Anytime I've ever been sick with anything - swine flu, cold, strep, bronchitis, that's always how it starts. Then I follow a predictable pattern of denial (I'll be fine once I get moving and have some coffee!) and attempted ignoring while it gradually gets worse all day.

I'm not a big proponent of natural remedies, I'm more of a straight for the drugs type. (Also see: my birth plan.) I googled what you can take for a cold/sore throat while pregnant. Spoiler alert: nothing. You can gargle with salt water.

I was forced to go the natural route. Anything for the child.

Probably cheaper than Sudafed, and I didn't have to show my ID.

Just what I wanted when it's 80 degrees.
Color me ignorant because I had a spoonful of the honey right when I got home from work and the tea is almost gone and I actually do feel better. Not cured or anything, but I can breathe through my nose now.

Luckily I have nothing on the agenda this weekend, other than The Maze Runner and possibly having a baby, so I can spend some time resting up and hopefully recovering before delivery.

Are you a drugs person or a local honey type? I'm now a honey convert so maybe I'm less skeptical, but I will never, ever attempt acupuncture.


  1. I tend to avoid the meds if I can but if I've tried everything and nothing is working, it's straight to the drugs!

  2. I have to be honest, I've kind of enjoyed your pregnancy related posts. There's another blog that I've stopped reading completely because the girl is pregnant and every post is a complaint about how inconvenient it is. I worry to find out what kind of inconvenience the baby will be for her. You just have the best attitude toward the whole thing.

  3. I rarely take meds so I know all kinds of weird voodoo. Did you know that a tablespoon of local honey everyday will help stave off allergies?

  4. I try to avoid drugs if possible (but got an epidural!) But take them if I feel I need to. Can't wait for you to have your baby!! Any day now.

  5. Hugs, not drugs! Just kidding. I LOVE morphine.

  6. I keep saying I must be setting myself up for the worst labor ever because this last stretch of pregnancy hasn't been nearly as bad as I predicted it would be! That being said, the waiting is driving me crazy! I'm due Sunday, but I have a feeling she will be sticking around until the end of next week.

  7. Though I take a mutlivitamin and calcium pills, I tend to be skeptical of a lot of supplements and natural/"natural" cures because the MDs I've worked with haven't always thought very highly of them. With that said, my grandmother always prescribed a spoonful of honey for a sore throat and it certainly feels and tastes better than any medication I've tried :-)


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