Thursday, May 7, 2015

I need a nap (story of my week)

It's been one of those weeks where Tuesday night I couldn't believe it hadn't already been a month. But is there anything cuter than a baby in a Guess romper?

First of all, on Friday of last week, we all finally returned to work and daycare, back to being pictures of health. So we thought. Then Dalton's daycare lady said she thought he had pink eye. As soon as she said it, I was like OF COURSE. I'm a classic stupid first time mom all week thinking "weird he has green stuff coming from his eyes, I've never seen a cold do that, babies are so strange". DUH. But in my defense, he had been to the pediatrician and they hadn't mentioned it.

Obviously, as a teacher, you can't just peace out even if your kid does have pink eye. We had a fun conundrum where I was able to get coverage, so I could leave, but Eric had the car, and no coverage. Eventually he was able to work it out and left at 11:30 and got Dalton and the doctor called in eye drops and by Saturday his symptoms were gone and we even figured out how to administer them with zero crying.

On Saturday we finally test drove some cars. But we had to take turns driving while the other person sat in the back seat of my car with Dalton, so testing two cars took like half the afternoon and then Dalton was over it and we had to go home. Pretty effective. Originally we had planned to ditch him with friends so avoid that whole issue, but, pink eye. Although leaving him even more upsets me anyway so I wasn't mad.

We also won a kickball game and I also got on base which might be a personal best. Eric's friend invited him over for the fight and he was all like "nah I'll watch it at home" because he felt bad leaving, Baltimore was still under curfew so if he went over he would have to stay all night. I was like "um it costs $100 and if I hear one more word about this stupid fight I'm done see ya in the morning don't let the door hit you on the way out".  I watched reruns and went to bed at 9 and then ended up sleeping all night in bed with Dalton because he was coughing so bad and waking himself up every ten minutes. I felt so bad for him, but again, not mad. I love the cuddles.

Sunday was awesome. Dalton and I did a 7 mile stroller run with our friends Katharine and Zoe. It was perfect. Then we went to my happy place, Wegmans. I spent all Sunday afternoon cooking adult and baby food and unpacked zero boxes while Dalton passed out on his dad for FOUR HOURS. He needed that nap so bad.

When he woke up, he tried chicken for the first time. I mixed it with carrots, basil, and a good amount of garlic and paprika. Loved it.

Monday night we had an evening event at school, so that was a long day. I brought my tiny BFF, because really if I don't see him after work I have nothing to live for. He likes looking around at all the people anyway.

I drove him around the grocery store in this and couldn't stop laughing at how cute and hilarious it was.
Tuesday was our big fifth grade field trip! We went all the way to Philly on a coach bus and did a walking tour. The kids loved it and it was so much fun. Obviously I would never post their pictures but I wish I could because they were adorable.

Betsy Ross house

Liberty bell. Obvi

Pretty tulips outside the liberty bell
My friend at work lent  me her pumping backpack so with all my gear I felt like I was back in GORUCK on the walking tour. I pumped on the bus and in the bathroom by the liberty bell. Good times.

Also, I was on the radio again (about halfway through).

Wednesday I came home to this.

We have a leak, to say the least. It's loud. We can't actually talk on our main floor now, because that's all we can hear. And it goes on until Saturday. At least! Then they start ripping the entire floor up in our kitchen, living room, and dining room! Home ownership! Yay!

In order to carry on a conversation, we ate on the porch. The weather was gorgeous. Dalton shared chicken masala and naan with us (pre-made from Costco, no way I'm cooking in that mess). I was surprised he liked it so much because it was a bit spicy! 

He's crying because I'm not feeding his majesty fast enough.

He also had some spring vegetable soup with leeks, carrots, cabbage, and basil that I made him on Sunday. So far, he is his mother's son with his love of garlic and strong flavors. 

Would you rather take 70 ten year olds out of state, or have water from your kitchen flooding your basement?


  1. I'll take 70 ten year olds flooding my basement!

  2. That sucks you are dealing with a leak! We had something like that happen last year when I was pregnant. During one of those super cold spells in January one of the pipes in the wall of our basement froze and burst because previous owners hadn't insulated it properly. We had those fans in our basement for a week (after we were finally able to get someone to come! A lot of burst pipes that week caused a shortage). It took us a few months to deal with insurance and restoration companies and finally a contractor to get things back in working order!

  3. Definitely the field trip! What is up with the house??? That sucks!

    Poor Dalton and pink eye! It's so sad when they are sick and miserable.

  4. Oh no! What happened to your house??

    I think I'd take a leak. I can hire someone to solve that problem...doubt I could do that with 70 ten year olds!! And we had this happen last winter and actually Patrick fixed it in like an hour. He's a genius.

  5. I love field trips. We went to the zoo last week. I agree with you on not posting pics of the kids. I have a FB friend who is always posting pics of her students. I'm sure she thinks FB is safe if it's blocked for non-friends, but I'm not all that confident of the security. I hope this is the end of your house issues and you get to sit back and enjoy the place!

  6. It's so awesome that he's loving all these great flavors- great job, mama!


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