Friday, October 21, 2011

Cowboys and Hills

Wednesday was a wonderful day. I spent an hour driving three miles round trip to the post office to mail Kari her reward for completing the No-Dessert Challenge. It took me an hour because Baltimore is such a super fun place to drive around.

But when I got home, my reward from her was waiting for me!

Cowboy cookies and banana bread muffins. Kari's banana bread is amazing, but it doesn't stand a chance when competing with her cowboy cookies. Added bonus: most of the cookies broke into pieces during shipping, so you can eat a ton of little pieces that may have originally been 3 cookies, but consider it one cookie, or even less. Totally worth 24 dessert-less days (but who was counting?).

I was about to head out for a run, and somehow managed to avoid devouring half the cookies directly before. I ran five miles in the rain at a surprisingly quick 8:50 average pace - those afternoon runs are just always faster than the morning ones.

Mike wanted to get some hill training in, so we met for a 5am run at Loch Raven Reservoir. Here's some pictures I took on my last run there.

Beautiful, right? Doesn't running there watching the sunrise sound like an incredible way to start the day?

I wouldn't know, because I was already in the shower when the sun was rising. At 5am, it is 100% completely pitch black. Needless to say, I was wearing my knuckle lights, which did an impressive job of lighting my way, but I was still terrified. I thought I wasn't scared of the dark because I run in the dark all the time. Turns out there's a big difference between running in the suburbs dark (streetlights, car, and tons of fluorescent lights on fast food places) and in the woods alone hopefully with no killers dark. When a deer slowly ambled right by my car while I waited for Mike, I nearly went home. A orb of light directly in front of my feet is not enough for me.

Despite all that, we managed to get a pretty good run in. In seven miles, we climbed over 1,300 feet, and in my opinion, that's a lot of hill climbing. My average pace was about 9:33, and I was pretty pleased with that. I thought I'd be running much slower after the marathon, but so far, other than the first two runs, I'm more or less back to normal.

My week just kept getting better and better. After some yoga Thursday night to loosen up, my mother and stepfather arrived for the weekend! They are visiting until Monday. So far, the activities have been drinking wine and watching Modern Family, and drinking coffee and watching the news. Essentially laziness amplified by wonderful company. Life is good.


  1. They all broke?! I figured if I packed as many cookies as humanly possible in the thing they'd be safe. Better rethink packaging for the bake sale.

    Glad you guys liked them. I can't wait for our treats! Maybe they'll be there tonight!!

  2. errr, still waiting for my knuckle lights to arrive. i hate running in the dark. i swear a mouse ran under my foot the other day (or it could have been a small leaf?). it was too dark to tell.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend ahead for you!

    I'm jealous of your knuckle lights. They're on my Christmas list. I'm also jealous of your cowboy cookies! Congrats for making it 24 days. I wouldn't have made it.

  4. Those goodies look so yummy! I love cowboys and cowboy cookies! :)

  5. lol you are so funny. that sucks that the cookies broke....I love that view sounds like a great 7 miles! SWEET PACE

  6. Have fun with your parents this weekend! You know--I almost always have a faster pace in the afternoons than the mornings. Why do you think that is? I used to think I'd be more fresh in the morning, but nope!

  7. Oh yum.. those look awesome!!!

    Have an AWESOME weekend!!

  8. I always run slower before the sun is up. I'm solar powered. The funny thing is that I always FEEL like I'm sprinting when it's dark, even if I'm slower than usual.

    Man, I wish I got cookies in the mail. Not that I would give up dessert for it, I just want free cookies.

  9. Cookie crumbs? Just add milk and call it cereal :)


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