Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sub - 4 Wednesday

I liked Amanda's idea of including sub-4 in the title of every post this week, so I can continue to brag about it, so I'm going for it.

Monday night I went to Bikram. I really didn't want to (it's at 7pm, way too late for this Grandma) but I was meeting Lily. I was so tempted to cancel but I forced myself to do it. After 90 minutes of sweat soaked hell, I went home, passed out, and happily discovered that stairs didn't hurt the next morning. 

You would think the marathon would be the worst pain, but the foam rolling and Bikram used for recovery hurt more. And I didn't even include an ice bath this time.

Last night, Carolyn hosted a run through a meetup group when are both in. It was mostly people who had participated in BRF (Baltimore Running Festival) over the weekend, so we could all suffer together running again just 3 days later. I didn't take any pics, but here's Carolyn and I before the marathon.

I did five easy miles with my friend Deidre and another guy in the group, Sean. I was surprised that despite a little soreness/tightness in my quads, my legs felt fine. After other marathons, sometimes when I run or even do the elliptical, even if my legs feel fine, my heart rate is much higher than it normally would be at that level of exercise. I didn't wear a HRM, but I didn't have that feeling, I was easily chatting and felt good.

So in other words, I didn't look like this
This pretty much sums up the first 20 miles of the marathon. Kara looking adorable and happy, and me looking like "WHY?".

After last night's run, the group met back up and went out to dinner. I used to be opposed to social activities during the week, but recently I've started loving them. Something about actually enjoying my life and not just hammering through five days to get to the only two that don't suck.

I was supposed to meet Mike to run this morning, but he canceled when it was pouring rain. I was going to do it on my own, and do grad work after school, but then I realized I could do grad work while it was raining, and run after school. Great plan, right?

I'll happily take a rainy Wednesday for a clear weekend though.

I don't have much else to say, so let's look at more marathon pics. My bib was on a race belt, and kept sliding to the side, so that must be why I have only ONE terrible picture to enjoy. The others were found my looking up Kara and Eric's numbers.

Arriving at the race - exhausted and pretending to be excited
Look how happy we are!
 I was shocked when I saw the background of this picture. The lake is miles 20-21, and I specifically remember hating life at that point. For once, I got it together for the cameras. It didn't last though. I'm pretty sure Kara didn't hate me at this point yet because it was way too crowded to go too fast, and Celine and I weren't having our love affair yet.

 And there's the picture that indicates I may have a future in modeling.

Alternate title "What crossing the finish line in under 4 hours looks like". 

Another option "The only finish line picture where Alyssa is not pausing her Garmin".

Strangely enough, Kara and I specifically remember crossing the finish line together, yet, where is she?


  1. Ha, so weird about the finish line! I wonder why you thought you finished together? Only sub-4 in the titles for a week? You could easily ride out October....

  2. "just hammering through five days to get to the only two that don't suck." <--Welcome to my life :)

    Maybe Kara's that piece of an arm to the right of you in the finish line picture? You should totally model. Is it weird that this picture is from above? I feel like no one would be a model from above. I wonder what genius thought that would be a good idea.

    I'm still amazed at your sub-4 hour time!

  3. I am very impressed by your week night activities. Mike and I had to go to the grocery store last night (because we had no food and were too lazy after the marathon to shop) and I kept thinking "good lord we're out late!" and it was only 7pm.

  4. Emily's right, I'm totally that piece of arm. I see my Bud Light band!

    I love how everyone thinks I look so happy in the pictures when I remember being miserable and in pain. :) We make sub 4 look good!

  5. Also, I'm very glad that we have a least one picture of me with my pre race coke. I'm such a freak. :)

  6. I love the last pic!!!! you look like your smoking that finish and where is kara indeed! Can't wait for your next sub-4 post ;)

    PS: to kara for your above comment - after the marathon in toronto I passed some people that were like "where is the coke" - "I know I need one" - "don't worry they'll have coke" ....I saw no post race coke

  7. Haha - I love looking at race photos. Mine always turn out terrible. :)

  8. I don't think that's the finish line....peeps in front of you are still running. Probly the 1/2 point or something. That's usually where those mats are (also no timing-chip hump in the pic).

    Love the title. keep it up, lets see how far this can go...

  9. i'm always pausing my garmin across the finish line. such a bad habit.

    i love your alternate title too! keep milking the sub-4...i would!!!

  10. Wait, what time did you finish your marathon under? I forgot. ;-)

  11. The pictures are great! I love your comments under the photos-priceless!


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