Sunday, October 23, 2011

I don't take submarines seriously

If I haven't talked about it enough, I'm obsessed with my family and wish every weekend could be like this one. My mother and stepfather are visiting. We originally had grand plans of doing all sorts of touristy things, but, then we realized, we all are busy all the time, and really just wanted a few days to hang out together without running around from place to place. And that's exactly what we've done. If Eric hadn't been glued to the computer writing two papers for grad school and/or working at the bar the majority of the time, I would have experienced a near perfect weekend. 

Activities have included a lot sitting around, drinking coffee, and catching up on the DVR. Friday, we went out to lunch and then did a ton of shopping at Towson Town Center, a huge local mall. And by shopping I mean getting free massages at Brookstone and playing with stuff no normal person can actually afford.

Head Massager?

Does it count as a couples massage if some random sits down next to you?

Saturday we went to Trader Joes. I got my weekly grocery shopping done, and they got to browse, because our hometown is Joe-less. Win win. See what I mean about a relaxing visit?

We went to visit Eric at Howl at the Moon on Saturday night. After the bar, they wanted to go out to eat. It was nearly 10pm, past my bedtime, so I dropped them off at a sports bar and went home to sleep. Nothing like not being able to party as late as your parents to show off how cool you are.

Since Vince (my stepfather) was forced to endure my mother and I exclaiming over how cute everything was at both William Sonoma AND Crate and Barrel, we took him to a microbrewery to check out some local beers.

But, it was actually a tactical move in my favor, because the brewery was just a few doors down from my favorite frozen yogurt shop, Mr. Yogato.

Today, we went downtown to the Inner Harbor, and explored a submarine. It was a historical relic - the last American ship that sunk an enemy warship in WWII!
The Sub - big gray thing in front of the colorful building
As with any opportunity where the options are to learn and be serious, or take pictures that make us laugh, we choose the latter. 

Sometimes my mom and I dress like twins - by accident


I could not handle this bed for six months.

Can you guess why we took this picture?

I even got some running in! Yesterday, Lily and I met downtown for ten hilly miles (average pace 9:18) and I felt great. This morning, we met at the NCR trail for 16 miles (average pace 9:23, on a completely flat trail) and I felt rough! Maybe because it was freezing at the start, and I didn't warm up until mile 12.5. We were supposed to run with a group,  but didn't see anyone at the start. Around mile 6, a guy named Erik caught up to us, and we finished the run with our new friend, who makes fine chocolate for a living. Best new friend ever. Plus, we had someone else to tell us funny stories to get us through a tough run, because we've already told each other most of ours. 

In other exciting news, it turns out that the Myrtle Beach Marathon will be my fifth marathon, not my fourth as originally planned - because I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon in one week!

 I've been looking like crazy for a bib on Craig's List, and it turns out I'm not the only one, because apparently bibs are in high demand. I was only able to snatch this one up by texting the injured party within an hour of him putting up his ad (I was totally not obsessively checking or anything). He said he was getting tons of requests, but seems really nice and held it for me since I was the first. 

Marathon #4, and my second marathon with Kara - I cannot contain my excitement over this.


  1. Nothing like a little last minute marathon! Your mom and stepdad sound like mine. When they were here last week they kept offering us booze and trying to get us to stay up later than 9:30.
    Also, I don't know how Brookstone stays in business. Do ANY people actually buy anything?

  2. I had no idea that they even sold bibs on Craigslist! I'm such a novice runner ;)

    I miss the inner harbor! I worked there for a while but the commute was killer from Woodbridge, VA!

  3. Does your new chocolatey friend have the hook up for sweets for you?

    NICE job on getting a bib. Now I have another reason to be jealous of you guys. Stop running together!

    Submarines freak me out. I'm claustrophobic.

  4. I love Brookstone so much! I embarrass the crap out of Jeff when I want to try everything, haha.

    That sub looks awesome. No wonder guys turn gay after 6 months :)

    This weekend is going to be awesome! The weather for MCM right now is sunny with a high of 58...perfect!!

  5. Gah! Jealous you're running Marine Corps - have FUN!!!! And that sub looks super sweet - looks like an awesome day!

  6. so jealous! MCM is my favorite. you girls are going to have a great time.

    those beds are ridiculous. i would hit my head all the time.

  7. Um LOVE that you did the "Iceburg! Straight ahead!" quote. I may or may not just randomly say that for no rhyme or reason.

    Girl, go get your 4th Marathon!!

  8. I went in the USS Bowfin and I wasn't that seemed cramped and scary as hell to be in a submarine. You guys looked like you loved it though lol

  9. Glad you are getting to run the Marine Corps Marathon-lucky girl snatching up a bib like that!

    The submarine pictures are great. Allan and his brothers seem to make all those same faces when I try to take serious pictures of them but the crazy ones normally turn out better anyway!

  10. My favorite part? The couples massage. Dude was really into it! Also, I want a head massager. Did it feel awesome or just weird?

    Good luck with the MCM! Who knew there was such high demand for bibs!

  11. Woah, that random seems to like you a lot more than you like him! Good luck this weekend and have fun!


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