Friday, October 14, 2011

Everyone is a winner in Carb Loading

Before I even get in to the post - all my comments on my last one were on cake vodka! I know you can get the Pinnacle brand vodka, which has all sorts of wonderful flavors, like whipped cream, at pretty much any liquor store (at least here). And yes, it was literally vodka, that tasted exactly like cake.

Two signs I am going to win the marathon tomorrow:

1. I carb loaded enough for Ray Lewis (huge football player, sorry he's one of the only ones I know) last night
2. I signed my mom up for text updates of my splits, and she had a dream that I was in the front of the pack of regulars, right behind the elites.

Last night, Eric and I went to the Baltimore Running Festival expo, met Carolyn, and got our bibs and shirts. It's Eric's first time as a BRF runner, Carolyn's second, and my third!

Eric will be wearing this exact shirt in the half tomorrow. No joke.
 I'm not impressed with the marathon shirt. It's the exact same design as last year, in the exact same color as my half marathon shirt from two years ago. That won't stop me from wearing it all day after the race, however.

Then we headed over to my fellow running friend Mike's house. He was nice enough to host our second annual carb loading party, along with his wonderful wife and adorable grandson.

Did you know you are actually supposed to carb load two days before the marathon? Something about not wanting to wake up race morning all gross and bloated....

I forgot to take pictures of the actual food, but I did get pictures of some of us trying on Mike's backpack full of 40 lb bricks from this crazy overnight 24 mile race he just did. He had to wear the bricks the entire time.
I can do this race.

It's easy if someone holds the bricks for you.

Why on earth would anyone pay for this?

Confession: I don't "carb load" because I don't understand it, and my diet is generally probably considered "carb loading" year round. Anytime I read an article about it, it starts out telling me about percentages and ratios, and I feel like I have enough on my plate (haha! I'm funny) without trying to figure out the exact carb:protein ratio in my lunch.

So I just continue with my normal way of eating, and call it carb loading, and feel good that there's a reason for stuffing my face, for once.

But this dinner was a true carb load, actually the type that those articles typically recommend against, which was why it was amazing.

Two kinds of spaghetti, my veggie lasagna, bread with butter, and giant pretzels, all washed down with Gatorade. Lily was supposed to bring salad but she got stuck in traffic, so we didn't even eat that. All I have is a picture of the demolition, when it was all over.
Jill is doing the no dessert challenge (which is over in less than 24 hours!!!) and was nice enough to bring cookies for the others, and still didn't even eat any. Don't worry, what I missed in cookies, I made up for in cheese.

My friend asked me if I was going to eat chocolate immediately after the marathon. Um, try during. I know I've gotten M&Ms in the race before. The best thing about Baltimore, is that tons of random people not affiliated with the race hand out random crap all over the place, and it's the only day everyone totally disregards that "Don't take candy from strangers especially when you are trying to run 26.2 miles" thing.

Tonight Kara is coming to sleep over, and then tomorrow it's 26.2 or die.


  1. Go get 'em!!!! Kick ASS out there tomorrow!!! WOOP!

  2. I have to admit, I'm scared to take candy from strangers in Baltimore. :)

    I woke up super excited for tonight and tomorrow!

  3. I feel the same way about carbo loading, I'm pretty sure that's my diet year round.

    I'm so excited you guys are racing the same day as me. What time is yours? Mine starts at 8.

    I can't wait for treats!!! I already have cookies made!

  4. Have a great race tomorrow! I'm running 26.2 in Indianapolis, so we'll be running together in spirit. :)

    Haha, I also hate the nutrient ratios and seem get enough carbs in my redular diet. It looks like you guys had a great carb party!

  5. FUN! Have a great race tomorrow - you will kick ass, I can guarantee it! I love that Baltimore has their race on a Saturday too.

    Enjoy plenty of treats post-marathon :)


    (A friend of mine said that gummy bears are at some course aid stations at Baltimore. Don't know if it's true. I do know it's true at Richmond, which I am doing in a month, perhaps this is a sign that you should, too.)

  7. A backpack of bricks?? No thanks, give me the carbs!

    Good luck to you tomorrow! I hope the winds are at your back the entire time. Six-minute miles! :)

  8. I think I might be able to handle no sweets as long as I was still allowed cake vodka!
    Seriously, any and all baked goods are going to taste AMAZING after your race tomorrow. Good luck!!

  9. Ohmygosh! Good luck! Your meal sounded delicious and like it will fuel you very well! Can't wait to read your recap!

  10. Never tried cake vodka! or the whipped cream kind. I've never officially carb loaded either, but I don't know if I need to for my distances. That shirt looks good for night time running. I have a friend running the half. A backpack of bricks is crazy... isn't running 24 miles overnight enough?? Hope you have a fun sleepover with Kara. Good luck to you, your hubs, and Kara tomorrow!

  11. 1. congratulations on kicking baltimore's butt yesterday.
    2. i can't believe this is the first time reading your blog.
    3. don't be mad at me because of #2.

  12. 40 lbs of bricks-my word that sounds crazy but totally something my husband would do!

    I'm excited to read the race recap (I'm a little behind on blogs this weekend if you can't tell)!!


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