Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anger leads to the best speedwork

Anyone who is or has ever been employed can related to that (I wish only one, but usually so many) person who makes your job exponentially more difficult, and is often incredibly rude while doing so. While I was waitressing and working at Starbucks, this person was, more often than not, a customer. It's amazing how many people in America don't understand that a waitress's job is to bring food and a cook's job is to cook food, and if you don't like how your food is cooked or how long it takes to cook it, it's really not my fault. 

Anyway, as usual, those special people out in the world were pissing me off yesterday, so I couldn't wait to get to my group run, because I knew it would be a good one. I am really not used to being at the front of any group, I'm much more of a middle of the packer, but somehow it worked out tonight that, except for two super fast guys who I couldn't even see, Lily and I were the leaders. My anger fueled me in such a way that an 8:30 pace felt slow, and the 9:30 pace we started with seemed like crawling.

The first four miles flew by, and completely cheered me up, since the group was chatting and joking around the whole time. For the last mile, one of the guys decided to push it, and I stuck with him until about 3/4 of the way in, when I passed him and sprinted back to the starting point. That mile was 7:31 which is freakin fast for me. My timed mile was 7:18, which leads me to believe, that had it not taken place within 24 hours of a pirate cruise, I could have done it faster.

Here's some things that are coming up this week that are going to be torturous but (hopefully) pay off in the end.
1. Bikram. Tonight. I'm ready to hate life for 90 minutes and then feel amazing the next morning.
2. A meeting on Thursday that guaranteed to annoy me (really, does anyone go to meetings that are not annoying?). Hopefully I can not react at all to whatever happens at the meeting until mile 20 of the Marine Corps Marathon, then unleash all the anger on the course. This is a much more effective marathon preparation plan than carb loading. If you want more marathon prep tips from Alyssa, check out "buying a bib exactly one week prior".

Here are some fun and exciting things coming up this week.
1. It's almost Halloween, so we are going to Fells Point on Friday to see all the costumes.
2. Kari's bake sale! She is raising money for a great cause, and I am being a terrible friend by still not deciding what to bake. Maybe just my oreo/PB/brownies again? Check out the bake sale previewof what you can buy! Dessert + helping people = win win.
3. Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) with Kara on Sunday.
4. Eating greasy Mexican food with Jackie and Lily if I am still alive after the MCM. 
5. My first broomball game the day after the marathon - wait, maybe that's more of a fail. 

Sorry there's no pictures, so please, share what pisses you off about your job in the comments!


  1. Nice run, Alyssa!!! You just keep getting faster and faster.

  2. WOOP!! Nice job on the workout!!! You're getting awfully speedy! :)

  3. WTF is broomball?

    That is a hella speedy last mile. Don't pull that shit on Sunday or I will cut you.

    I'm excited for the bake sale too, except for that baking part. :)

  4. Great job on the workout! Something that really pisses me off at my job (which happened this morning actually) is when I'm really into something at work and someone just comes in starts talking about something. I would never do that! Jerks.

    I'm with Kara. What's broomball?

  5. Great run! I can totally relate and don't you just feel so good after one of those types of runs after a difficult day?

  6. Working from home means a LOT less to complain about, but I do get a lot of clients who want me to write something, and then once it's completely finished, let me know they want to "take it in a different direction." Technically, I am supposed to charge them for the first one, but sometimes I'm a baby and just do it over. And then bitch about it for hours to my husband. So, win-win!

  7. What is broom ball? I want to play

    I think you should run another timed mile because you are clearly not living up to your potential. I'll send you mean texts to fire you up beforehand.

  8. ugh, co-workers are the worst. the way they talk - all those buzz words - path forward, business need, bandwidth...ugh! shut up!!!!! speed work is a great way to hash out your irritations.

  9. Great run! Your week looks like it's going to be packed but full of fun events. I'm with you on annoying customers-they are the worst!

  10. Broomball? sounds like something from Harry Potter haha.

    I apparently I'm not an angry enough person. I couldn't run a mile that fast even in my dreams!

  11. Oh i can't even BEGIN with what pisses me off about my job....

  12. amazing run and final mile! too much annoyance at work. makes me question why i chose to work with people. maybe i should find a job where i play with numbers all day on a computer instead. one annoying thing: coworkers not complying with deadlines when they are given multiple notices along the way, and then are still unprepared for a meeting up to 10 minutes before that meeting starts (when they had about 60 days notice as to when that meeting would be!)

  13. I am so winning your oreo brownies. Those looks amazing! Nice workout, especially that last mile (crazy)!


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